Thursday, September 8, 2011

Starf ofa compaleetalee ran doom

You shall only read this post once you have figured out what the title says, no cheating. HAH.

I think you are probably rather bored or... maybe mad, when I start apologizing when I haven't blogged in ages...

Lots happened... I am not sure if you consider it a lot because I get over excited over little things (I enjoy being over excited over little things, if you wait for really BIG things to happen your life may get rather dull waiting for them so I rather get over excited over little things cause lots of little things happen and it makes me... Well, happy! Even though some people may call it as mad, ahh... Oh well.)  so yeah, lots of things happened!

Here's the list of what I can remember:
1. I got a beautiful Canon EOS DSLR for no reason. I have always wanted one since I took a few billion pictures with one that wasn't mine and every picture turned out supah clear, oo la la.

2. I had a beautiful (I think I need to stop using this word but that seems to be the only word that can describe them! Isn't it a very good excuse for not wrecking my brain for a different word since I am err... Drugging it with a overdose of kapoop.) platter of my favorite sizzling steak for dinner (One of my favorite typas dinners in the world, I don't mind having it for lunch too actually but somehow it seems to be a dinner thing, doncha think so? I don't think I mind having it every day, I can never get bored of red meat. I am guessing you know why I am not vegetarian, I like my meat, HAH.), for no particular reason.
Referring to "1. and 2.": It's always nice when you wish for something just for fun, forget it then get it.. So wish but not too hard (On that day we went down to KL for some ship wreck thing in Museum Negara... SO.SO.SO boring.. There wasn't even an ACTUAL ship wreck, only bits, by bits I REALLY mean bits, like you can COUNT bits, of porcelain china that we POLISHED and CUT, I would have rather gone into a china shop... BUT.BUT.BUT, I found a REALLY, I am pretty sure you don't want me to repeat my words trice again, with full stops in the middle, beautiful piece which is kinda the inspiration for my entry's cake topper, WHOOT! Oh right, where was I supposed to be..? Right, right.. Praying too hard. The boys wanted pizza for dinner and they we jumping like mad in the car and going "PIZZAPIZZAPIZZAPIZZAPIZZA!!", their harmony sounded beautiful... And as still as a night sky... If you were deaf and perhaps blind too because they weren't all that still... Oh wait, I fast forwarded too much. Papa said what do you human beings want to eat inside Sungai Wang?! you know the boys reply, mine was: I don't want to eat INSIDE Sungai Wang, perhaps.. Outside.. Across the road.. In a "Ship.. Wreck".. Sneaky grin*)  because even if you don't get it you probably won't mind and if you do... MWA.HA.HA.HA

3. I (I think I overuse this word too.) got myself addicted to another kapoop group (It's Dong Bang Shin Ki if you were wondering.), it happens to Machika's favorite, I (HAH! Again!) finally understand why...
One of the main reasons why I got into them (Minus their vocals, they make SHINee sound like babies.. Now, I just wait for a angry mob of Shawols to come murder me...) is because.. Because.. They remind me of my childhood (I think you are probably wondering why I speak so much about it, I just think it's important that I try to remember it because I was a pretty happy person, until I started school but I did enjoy my schooling years I suppose... During the weekends when there was NO school and it was just me and Mommy, shopping and librarying. Oh right, I ACTUALLY remember hearing those DBSK songs.. I have a good memory, for certain things... I can't even remember what I did last week, seriously.) in Singapore.
Poo, it took me half my life to realize I was a kapoop fan.
Now DBSK is broken into two separate groups, one which still carries the original name and the other well...
Decided to do some research on why they did after like... Half a dozen years.
Over exhaustion.. Low pay (I always thought the rolled in money..).. Now I feel guilty.. For supporting such.. Stuff....

4. After that scrumptious dinner we walked around Sungai Wang a bit and went into MPH (Still remember those kids that say it means "Mental problem hospital"..)...
The first thing that caught my eye was the "90%" off sign on one of the tables then...        
THIS BOOK (Playing with my new toy camera again..):

Me: HORSEHORSEHORSEHORSE! (Remember how I said that I get over excited over little things? Must be embarrassing taking me out of my cake room..) Hmm... And the cover is blackish... Worth a read... Picks book up and reads description*
"The story of Rain-Dream rider, born warrior and queen-to-be. 
Rain is a girl with a certain destiny, living in an ancient time of blood, raised on mare's milk, nurtured with the strength of a thousand Amazon sisters. A girl of power, stronger than fifty men, she rides her white horse as fierce as a demon.." 
Oh may I add... She's thirteen too.
WHO WOULDN'T BUY THIS BOOK?! (It was RM 10, they were moving out I think... Bought the only one that was in good condition, the rest looked quite bad.)
Well... I understand if you aren't horse crazy... Love how they talk about her, the horses and other animals but mainly my favorite animal in the world (Officially!)- Horses, I am still baffled by the fact that they have "Thousands of Amazon sisters" but not a single men.. They still have such a huge population.. Oh well, haven't even gotten to even the middle yet.
AND... (Exciting music playing*) They sold my favorite series, the most expensive was.. RM 6 and I got a novel from one of my favorite authors for RM 10!!
The books are usually priced at RM 50 ish... Scary right?

5 (I.Feel.So.Sleepy.So.I.Shall.Stop.Here.JEONGMAL MIANHAE.). Bla, Blah, Blargh... Papa says Fai should learn how to read and write already since he is going to be 8 next Febuary and I was appointed the teacher.
It's funny how all my childhood dreams (See? That's why it's very important to remember as much of your childhood as possible.) are pretty much coming true but not in the way that I thought it would be like..

1. I wanted to be a giraffe (It was my favorite animal.) when I was I am not sure how old, I think I am pretty much a human giraffe now (The first thing people say to me is usually something about my height... Around 90% do, I am pretty sure.), not that I mind, I enjoy towering over people very much, thank you.

2. Archaeologist... I was dinosaur obsessed, I remember loving my.. OH GAWD I forgot the name of my favorite dinosaur! The one that has... Has... Starts Googleing* Oh yaaa! Iguanodon! Loved it so much that when it's hand broke I plastered it with my Tweety bird plaster and would change it everyday, I wonder if Mommy got mad... Speaking of making Mommy mad.. I remember pouring half a bottle of talcum powder into my clothes drawer and adding water into it and stirring it with my hands to wash my clothes! Hahaha! That was fun... I should do it again some time. Well, this is one I haven't became yet I suppose...      

3. Builder and designer (At that age when I LOVED my Legos, paper dolls and Barbies.), I think you can consider building a few tier cake, building, right? And designing = Cake decorating.

4. Modelling, another one that I haven't done yet. Something that has got to do with the "human giraffe" thing, almost everyone says that I should take it up but I think there is more to modelling than height...
It takes some confidence and I don't exactly call myself all that pretty! Although.. I may pursue in it, one fine day..

5. TEACHER (Always wanted, still do, to become one, I just.. Simply enjoy teaching, hence the random tutorials on my blog. One of my biggest dreams right now is probably become a sugar teacher, travelling around the world, teaching, EATING, travelling.. What a beautiful life.)
I think teaching Fai is going quite well, on our second day and I made four sentences from the twelve words random spelling words (I would show him the word, ask him to try to pronounce it, write it down, make him memorize them then do a quick spelling test after... 5 Minutes, pretty surprised he got half of them right!) I thought him yesterday and today and he could read all four (Each sentence contains about.. Roughly 7ish words.) sentences WITHOUT my help, I would just say if it's correct or not.
At the end of the day (Oh right, I teach, make life sized English gum paste roses and listen to kapoop at the same time, it's quite fun since I enjoy multi tasking. Especially when your little brother sings random parts of the song with, say "THAT" part in in SHINee's Jap Replay sounds like "Bak kut teh", I fell off my chair laughing and nearly smashed a rose, says his favorite songs are Lucifer and Mirotic..) we started with spelling numbers and letting him construct his own VERY short sentences with the numbers he knows like: One green cat.
Don't ask.. You may not even want to hear about the sentences I constructed from the random words!
Well here is one in case you need a bit off a giggle: The ray has a big spot on it's nose.
And perhaps another: The lion has a leaf green comb.
HAHAHAHAHHAA I can't believe I am literally dying of laughter while typing this out!
Poor Fai, he has to put up with such a crazy teacher.

I think I bragged too much in this post, hope you lived up to this sentence.
-Krazy Karrot Kake