Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to: (Rather) Fancy Gum Paste Bow In 10 Easy Peasy Nice And Cheesy Steps.

I am back! I am back! 
And this time making my very FIRST gum paste bow and my very first caking tutorial! 
It is pretty much just for fun, I snapped a couple of photos while I was making the the bow for my 13th birthday cake. 

Okay! Lets start!
First you will need...

A non-stick rolling pin
A pizza cutter
Some gum paste 
A cake icer
A orchid leaf veiner (Grease it with some vegetable shortening. Not too much!) 
1 kitchen towels (Cut into 6 strips, rolled up and sticky taped.)
Some icing sugar in a shaker
A non-stick mat

You will need 4 templates!
Cut these out myself.
YOU Do the same, the length and width is written on the template, you could use the store bought ones if you feel rather lazy today, eh? 

Step 1: 
Roll out your gum paste.
The thinner the more realistic it is going to look.
Dust some icing sugar on the mat before you roll to prevent sticking. 

Step 2:
Cut out 4 strips of gum paste with your pizza cutter using template 'A' and 2 strips with template 'B'.

Step 3:
Place the strip of gum paste on the vainer.
Use your rolling pin to lightly roll on the gum paste.
Remove and repeat with the 5 other strips (Mwa hahaha!).

Step 4:
Take one end (Actually both.) and fold into a sort of an 'M' shape.
Repeat with the other end and the rest (I feel evil..).

Step 5:
Join the 2 'M's' together with some water and place the roll of paper in the.. the.. middle?

Step 6:
Dry for 5 hours or so. 
It should be bone hard and ready to assemble by then.

Step 7:
Oh right! I forgot!
To make a nice 'stitch-y' effect, use your cake icer to 'poke' the sides of the ribbon after you finish veining in.

You are wondering why I didn't use my embosser, eh?
Well I lost it and I found that the cake icer was a good replacement!
Tolja I liked creating my own tools!

Step 8:
Cut out 1 strip of template 'C'.
Repeat step 4.

Step 9:
Wrap around the 2 smaller bows.

Step 10: 
Cut out 2 strips on template 'D'.
Vein and 'poke'. 

Yippee! You are done!

This was my finished bow! 
P.S Hope you liked my first tutorial! Comment on how you found it, please?


  1. Brilliant.
    from Auntie Jill
    United Kingdom

  2. Karen I am a friend of Rosalines,I am not at all anonymous but I dont have any of the options as listed.

  3. Thank you, thank you! Do you do cakes as well?

  4. You are very welcome!
    I am glad I could help!
    Your cake pops are beautiful BTW!