Friday, September 28, 2012

Just another thursday

You may need to skip the next 6 paragraphs or so as they reek so badly of over Karen randomness/silliness.

Eyeliner and lash glue out of my eyes, check.
Handful of bobby pins and half a ton of hairspray out of my hair, check.

Since my haare is damp and I mag nicht baking my head with a hair dryer, I shall blog (I would probably be asleep till abend tomorrow and that's another reason why I should blog at this ungodly hour. Om.) till it dries, even though my eyes feel heavy from carrying those false eyelashes for most of the day.
Obwohl, it could be because es ist ein uhr einundfunfzig.
Do excuse random Deutsche (Also changed my FB language to Deutsche, it's quite awesome deciphering the words. You may want to try it one day. Actually deciphering isn't needed as I am such a fantastisch human being. Oh gott what I am typing.) moments, it's to prevent me from falling asleep on the laptop.

Okay, let's proceed.

Ugh, Ich hasse mornings wenn I have a "special event" (E.g Kuchen competition schnuff. I highly doubt that German but it's a cute wort and du hast my permission to use it.)  on as I always get this squishy butterfly feeling in my stomach, no matter how many times I tell myself that there is nothing to be anxious about and all those "butterflies" that builds up inside of you prevents you from essen breakfast properly, somehow.

So I basically did one page of German and a spoon of that fruhstuck schnuff, it worked.
Mm. You are probably wondering whats up with all this german schnuff (Hah. That word is fantabulous.), so ich soll clarify I am not exactly going insane aber I just randomly wanted to pick up a nue language und more or less take the Olevel paper for it next jahr.

And you should know that reading (I could read some random e-book about two random sisters after a day.) in German is so veil easier than writing. Oder, trying to understand sie spricht German cause literally all you hear is "djedjaknmnoromadjdfh? uwiermxdffhjhghrgaec." because they speak so blutig schnell. Ack, Meinen kopf.

That was rather random, I think I'll continue in English. Heh.
Side note: Schweinfleisch is a wondrously, barbaric word to say. FLEESSHHH. Lamfleischee, schinnnken, fisssche. Ah, I am hilarious. .. And maybe just a tad hungry. Woooosh. ICH HABE HUNGER, PERSONEN.

I should be banned from blogging when I'm tired as I have a well known tendency to type as though as I have gone insane, somewhat.
Mffp, it 2pm and I've just woken up. Boy, does it feels good to be lazy.


After a somewhat longer than usual drive down to KL, I had finally arrived in Zebra Square and just so you know, its specially catered to events where you more or less book the entire "Square" and there are absolutely no shops or eateries within, only a fashion academy and vast empty spaces.

The moment I set foot in the SCCA fashion academy I was shown my *cough* lovely green and yellow mermaid chiffon dress with beads sewn in everywhere, it basically looked like your typical "Baju kurong".
Then I was led into the "Fitting room" by my designer and around ten other models with theirs to basically try the dresses out to see if it was in need of any last minute altering.

Till the day itself I had no idea it was a competition/graduation and just after six months of fashion designing "School"! Which I may be enrolling in soon since they are offering scholarships for fashion designing, artistic makeup and body painting! ..Hair dressing too but I am not exactly fond of cutting hair, heh.

It was basically a dress designing competition with two categories, traditional and modern "Lady Gaga" kind of dresses which were made from snake skin with a corset back to shiny blue vinyl dress, complete with metal belts and cut-outs!

My dress was obviously from the "traditional" category! Fsstph.
At least my dress was pajama comfy and I had a really smiley, bubbly designer!

 You could say it was rather awkward meeting the "Senior" models, more or less because most of them were a frigin head taller than me and I felt like some sort of a scrawny midget (I am actually a really petite person who got pulled a little lengthwise a bit but the rest are actually "Big boned" and well, are GINORMOUS FEMALES. Seriously, what do those people eat.) that didn't speak Chinese.
Yeah, I guess that could somewhat describe how I was feeling yesterday and maybe I now know how others feel when I tower over them.

Thankfully not long after the meet and greet, I met another human that didn't speak Chinese, had awesome pink ombre hair, was around my age and it was also her first runway.

 Just so you know, yesterday was an INSANELY long day as I probably sat around doing practically nothing for about six or seven hours. Who knew just sitting around was so draining.
I think you get paid to wait, not walk.

Before lunch we taught the choreography and did a little "trial round" on the stage.
I was the last model out and well, being the last one out makes me rather jittery somehow but being in the middle would have made me feel a whole lot more secure. I have a strange brain.

The moment I stepped out felt really good, even though my heart was pounding so much I thought it may have exploded but the music and vibrations were so loud that it dimmed the sound of my heart beating!
Overall it was an alright practice around even though I was a little more than nervous about remembering the choreography!

After a few jillion hours of awkward trying to speak to people (EVERYONE had a iPhone, there were also those with around three phones and two tablets. So, me being someone with a phone that only calls and sends texts- Eh, basically I just wanted the ground to swallow me up whole. Side note: I should have brought around 10 books to read.), came the hair and makeup which well.. Isn't as interesting as it used to be when I first started since it was only your basic smokey eye and hair bun! .. And I happen to dislike hair buns quite a lot as it probably makes me look thirty, or forty.. If I'm extremely "Lucky" on that day.

So with my makeup on and in my dress, I looked like some Malay "Makcik" on her way to a wedding, or something of that sort.

It's either that or a bush, a nice skinny green, shiny bush.

About a decade more of waiting.. Oh yes, extremely glamorous waiting.
At least dinner (FREE REFILL OF SCRUMPTIOUS, CRUNCHY POPPADOMS WHILE STOCKS LAST. Not to mention the beef rendang wasn't all that bad too.)  was provided this time, I forgot to bring my wallet but I managed to rake a few bucks out from random pockets in my bag to get chicken rice for lunch and that's why everyone needs a messy bag, just in case of heart stopping (I thought I was going to starve and die. Sobs. Not to mention the fact that I was running out of water and I couldn't possibly beg a model for lunch, being the shy person I am.) incidents like so!

At least now I VERY well know exactly what to bring to future fashion shows and what to expect!
Learning everything the hard way is amazing. Not. But at least all the information gets drilled very deeply into your skull.
And I should probably learn how to speak Malay and Chinese fluently like a normal Malaysian lass.

Then came the impromptu photo shoot after the makeup artists applied a new coat of nude lipstick, you could say I had quite a bit of fun during the rather short period of twenty minutes doing some wonky couture poses in my baju kurong!
Mmm, photo shoots are rather enjoyable.

Another century of waiting, roughly translated to around three hours.
Oho, the very glamorous life of a model.

Speaking about the glamorous model life, most of everyone around me seem to be chain smokers and have had some plastic done "Somewhere" or are planning to.
When all along I thought models were supposed to be "Healthy people" and I had no idea plastic surgery scene was so big here.

It kind of scares me how if I continue modeling, would I be coaxed into doing so and so in the near future?

Anyways, the three hour wait was torturous, the added false lashes and heavy eye makeup made my eyes want to close even more! To be honest, I had just wanted the day to get over and done with.

Fighting the urge of dozing off was tough, luckily the clock struck nine and we were told to make our way backstage, passing a group of paparazzi snapping photos of the famous guests and designers.

Right after the group of "Orang asli" dancers that were wearing an "I heart PM" and a grass skirt, accompanied with a pair of grass maracas (?), it was finally our turn to walk and my palms were sweaty mess, as I turned around an shared another huge nervous smile with my designer before making my way to the stairs.

The moment I walked out, cameras were flashing like crazy, spotlights were shining and the mist machines were doing what they do best, MISTING.
It all happened relatively quick and not long after we were called out to the stage again, hand in hand with our designers to know the results.

My dress didn't take place sadly.

The ministers were called on stage to present the three winners their humongous fake cheque and a bouquet of pink roses, more smiles and camera flashes.
We slowly made our way back stage, one model and her designer at a time.

I slipped off my dress, put my cozy coral colored skinnies and tank top back on, gave my young designer one last squeeze, a huge grin and a "You did very well and thank you for the dress" (I have no idea how I said that in Malay last night.), with that I was off to have some Hokkien/loh mee supper with the crazy bunch of humans I live with :)

Well, all I can say is Thursday just wasn't just like any other ordinary Thursday.


Side note: Pictures when the camera man decides to post them. Meanwhile, just picture the "makcik" thing.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Specks of glitter

Okay, this better not end up as one of my poor abandoned drafts (If it does, I shall cry since there are probably 7 drafts. Or so.) as I have been rather fickle on what to post (Actually it's because I have been doing a once over of my posts before actually posting them and I tend to jot rather.. Weird things about myself down and I just can't bring myself to post it so heh. Just so you know, the previous draft was filled with me making retarded whale noises and rambling on how I enjoy looking at blood and how much I want to prob a cadaver and human brains.) and well, reasons of suches.

What a waste of a tres magnique title as this is such a random post, but at least it's better than the rest.. Or at least I think so.

Here's a random picture of horseshoe crab roe kerabu from yesterday's lunch.
The fact that my blog looks so terribly old fashioned (I wonder if I should keep the "Do you know the cupcake girl?" title as I don't exactly have "feels" for cupcakes anymore.) is indeed saddening, I should probably beautify it in the near future. Just not now cause my fingers feel like whales.

Anyhoos, I have been spending an awful load of time on this wondrous place by the name of DeviantArt or De vain egg tart (One should visit that inspiring place in the near future as it is basically art wonderland filled with drop dead talented people!) and I came across something new, at least to me!
It's basically eye art using bits of anything the artist finds around, puts it together with some makeup and more shiny stuff, most are digitally modified to look AMAZING.

On the side note I have been rather obsessed with ogling artistic makeup, photography stuff (Some really amazing self portraits and editing skills which I would probably never obtain and all of it's awesomeness by a Spanish 16 year old who also happens to be a very successful makeup artist/photographer/model! She is my current role model like human. I sometimes wonder if I would ever reach that amount of awesomeness when I'm 16..) and hot teenage *cough* European *cough* artists. And this is why you shouldn't let your teenage daughter have excess to the internet.

Ah, De vain egg tart (Omnomnom, egg tarts.) is indeed a magical place overflowing with surprises.

My deviant is: krakenese (I have always loved how elegant kraken like creatures look with their tentacles just waving around in the ocean..) so do drop by even though you may probably have seen most of my work that is up!
And the joys of your work getting placed in an album, favorited or commented on simply gets you giddy!

*Triangle ting* BAAIIILLAAAMOOOSS! Let the frikin-dikin rhythm take you over, baaailamooooss! ... You wait little girl, on an empty stage for fate to turn the light oonn. Your life little girl, is an empty page, that men would want to write on.. Tooooo wriiitee oonnn! You are sixteen going on seventeen, baby its time to thiinkk! Better beware be canny and careful, baby you're on the briiinnkkk! Totally un-
Eh, I apologize for the short break, now back to business. (Dear krakens.. What have I been listening to and I believe I have been getting a little too distracted. om.)

I have been pretty much exploring the realms of makeup for the past few months, all along I had thought makeup was just well, the usual eyeliner, blush and lipstick and I had just only discovered how you could express yourself so much through makeup and how interesting it really was.

I guess you could say I have been fluttering around, trying out horror and macabre one day and edgy abstract or special effects or just plain gorgeous and artistic the next!

I decided to try out my first "artsy eye" yesterday and you could say I have mixed feeling about it since I kinda hated the fact that my camera couldn't capture certain micro details (Such as the length of the lashes and specks of gold on it.

Trust me, each little bit plays a bit part since the area you are working with is so small!) cause I don't have the zoom lenses and it just wouldn't focus well in different angles, ugh.
I should probably rummage through the photography section in the library again!
Nevertheless, at least I have a camera to work with!

I was meant to do a Poison Ivy "face" (I love how I can be anyone or anything with makeup, it's somewhat fun creating different faces for yourself.) yesterday as it was requested by a random fabulous human being but my fingers didn't obey my otak-otak brain, I meant brain (I apologize but sometimes all I think about is food, really. And just so you know I am in love with Muar otak-otak, that heavenly substance is well.. Heavenly!) and it decided to do a cross between mardi gras (The beauty and colors of the masks and Venetian clothing! I think I should add "Ballroom dancing in a complete mardi gras costume in this gigantic palace like place that's filled with sparkly chandeliers and a huge banquet table with oodles of food and even complete with a whole roasted pig with an apple in it's mouth." to my bucket list. Even through I would probably trip and fall in the custard pudding while dancing due to clumsiness, meh. Then again, one can dream.) and some form of ancient goddess. 
Bow before me, peasants. *Evil hag cackle*

Another thing! I didn't have any green (Unless you count that disgusting decade old, leaf green eyeshadow from my Grandmother's palette. *Shivers*) pigments so I did a bit of thinking , made my way to the cake studio and pulled out.. My moss and olive green dusting colors!

The colors were very pigmented and creamy and my eyes feel perfectly fine so I believe I have found a substitute for the time being, whoop.
Side note: Red and a tinge of brown gel food coloring makes the best fake blood ever, though the stains last for about five days so I wouldn't recommend you using that stuff on your face.

So, this has been a rather awkward post (I remember being more professional when I was 12, I guess you do not get much wiser as you grow older.) and I doubt you would enjoy it but my stomach screams for food and I must leave, at once.

Hasta la vista humans, and I would probably be back soon. Woop.

-The kraken ma'am.