Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh nien, I did.

Okay, I think I should blog since three pretty significant things have happened in just a month and therefore it's a pretty darn good excuse to start blogging again.

First off, I am now hooked on drawing eyes, thanks to the wondrous Bloohippo for that pretty unexpected jump start and it has slowly involved into this face + lace/flower art much inspired by an amazing artist on Deviant Art, Pixie Cold. I may or may not have mentioned her before in one of my previous posts which may still be drifting around in a dark an mysterious abyss called my draft bin so, heh.

I honestly hadn't picked up a pencil to sketch in a while and I am pretty glad I was doodling again since I thought I was never going to draw again because I was so bored with drawing fantasy flowers and I couldn't seem to be able to think of anything else to draw at that time.

One of the reasons why I enjoy this new-ish genre of art (Anything I haven't done is considered new, okay but I have always oggled this particular genre of art from a distance, I am just extremely happy I am able to actually create it since it is so beautiful, well to me it is.) is because I get to draw lace and I love drawing lace cause I am just never able to get stuck, it just keeps flowing and flowing.. And eyes, more like irises, they always seems interesting to draw since you can toggle around with it so much, I guess that's why I don't enjoy drawing realistic whatsits because everything is more or less set in stone. At least that is what it seems from an amateur artist's point of view.
Then again, what I enjoy doodling would most probably evolve through time.

So yeah, I am glad my artsy self is back and kicking! And my Sharpies and color pens wouldn't dry up and die an unreasonable death! Not to forget my sketchbook too.

Oh and I had also "Refound" my only surviving Copic marker in whatsitcalled pink which I bought four years ago during my Manga craze point in my life and it's flierking magical, I can't believe how badly I misused and -Coughcough- mistreated (I thought it was a flesh tone, only afterwards I discovered it was more like diseased skin toned and I just had no idea how to use it, therefore making a mess out of everything and getting very upset.) it before. Now it's probably my most prized art possession next to my silver Sharpie and just in case you are a nice person and you somehow love me, I suggest you get my some Copic markers to express your undying love to me for Christmas.   

Or a kneadable eraser. Just make sure it's German because I am a brainwashed person and all.

Um, in return I'll draw an eye for you or somefink. Mmm yeh.

Okay, next off! -Drumroll-

I have blue-turquoise-purple-pink hair now!
Side note: I like weird yellow shirts, add that to the Christmas list if you please.

I had wanted ombre, wait wait DIP DYE (Hair women nearly killed me for mixing both up but ombre with dip dyeing but ombre sounds so much awesomer to say, bah them French words.) hair for a while now and once again the rebirth of the idea was jump started by the Fabulous BlooHippo, goodness knows what I would do without her. 

I wanted only blue but apparently they only had very little of the blue dye left so I decided to go a little insane and say yes to all the "weird" colors they had in stock, expect green because I don't enjoy mossy hair.

Before arriving at Hair Now Beauty Salon @ Taman Segar, BlooHippo and I actually went shopping at Ikano, The Curve and Ikea (Because the road was too clogged with vehicals to go anywhere else, apparently.), we just ran about those three places for a few hours like people who have never been into a shopping mall and who live in trees, in villages on the outskirts of a third world country. Shopping, like normal "Bestfriends" would on a typical weekend and it was pretty amazing since we hadn't really done it before.. I think, then again I never remember anything. I shall blame it on the fact that we literally live a thousand kilometers away from each other.

And I found a party shop selling special effects stuff that I have been looking for and at half the price of what I found at Sungai Wang once and things are usually cheaper there, what a strange world I live in.
So I officially own a bottle, more like tiny tub but never you mind, of latex and blood capsules! -Awkward penguin jig dance-
S'too bad they sell overpriced Nerds there at like, rm7 so it shan't be in my most-of-favoritest shop list and I am severely disappointed by the fact that Cold Storage doesn't have pink and purple Nerds in stock anymore, I mean.. That was the only reason why I went into that overpriced supermarket in the first place, people.

This is a fairly awkward smile but it would have to do, to much of my disgust.
Anyways, this was after bleaching my hair twice and the bleach smelt AWFUL, it was suffocating and intoxicating like and it was probably the worst part of the whole first-time-dyeing-hair experience, the second place would go to.. (Lucky blondes, not needing to go through this stage in order to have awesome unicorn hair.)

Not being able to move your head, who knew it was so tough.

But I guess the outcome was pretty amazing!
And I am pretty glad I had done a bit of research, found a salon that does weird dyeing through the salon's owner's daughter's blog (Yes, I am fabulous.) and everything ended fabulously, thanks for putting up with 3 hours in a dreary salon with moi, BlooHippo and.. I have officially got my dream hair! -Flips hair and fails-
One to-do striked off the bucket list!

The haul, ohoho.
Yep, its that time of the year again! The day I have been awaiting since the Big Bad Wolf sale ended last year!
Waking up at like, 5am was pretty tough since we slept pretty late the previous night, watching half an episode of Code goose, um Code geese, eh Code Gease and pampering our faces with ill fitting (Who on earth has such a weirdly structured face?!), weirdly scented rm10 for 4 masks from SaSa, which by the way makes no difference in your skin's texture what sort ever and changing our profile pictures into pictures of us posing with random Christmassy stuff (Everyone should have a profile picture with mall Christmas decorations at this time of the year, its the law humans.) we found around some ancient place called Leisure Mall
I have failed at this sleeping early thing.

I guess leaving Port Dickson at 6am-ish was worth it since there wasn't a queue to enter the book sale, which I not so fondly recall doing a few years back.
My eyes were literally only a quarter way open and I had to use a lot of strength to keep it that way, it was a painful process but the blinding artificial light and rows of books slowly awoke moi.

The hall was slightly larger than I recall it during the rather lame and disappointing Book Excess sale, my sleepiness made it tough to find my way to the fiction side of the hall.
The moment I reached, I think everything went rather berserk, stuffing almost everything into my box.. Placing it at the book-waiting-before-buying place, forgetting about everything and everyone else and only concentrating on  finding the titles you wanted but as I was on my way to get yet another empty box, I was stopped by a women, with a mic that clearly stated NTV7 in her right hand and a rather tiny Malay man with an over sized camera.
Um, yeah. I got interviewed at like 7am or something. 
I do not recall what questions she asked or what I replied with, but I remember one thing that confused me, do you look at the interviewer or the camera? 
I recall looking at both, I hope I was cut out and not broadcasted on national tv as I would have looked zombie like and speaking gibberish, maybe randomly squealing.  

Overall, the sale was alright this year but I wished they had brought in more titles that were published this year. Sob, I guess I would have to buy them at full price. -Cries in the corner-
And I have already read half of my haul since the internet was cut off for around three days, so I was forced into reading them at top speed instead of savoring them to kind of make myself forget that I am internet deprived, like some sort of temporary drug. What have I done.

I didn't even get to complete my Alex Rider or Vampire Kisses (They didn't even have a single one of those there, tsk tsk.) collection but I guess completing the Hush Hush series makes up for it, it was in hard cover too! Woep!