Monday, August 22, 2011

How to: DIY Gumpaste rose veiner

Omsk to you and you and you! Didn't expect to be back so soon but I guess you followers must be praying hard, eh?

ANYWAYS (I hereby swear that I will use this word in every post I post this blog of mine.), I was in my caking room one fine afternoon after lunch wanting to start on some gum paste roses since my hands were rather tired from all that RI piping, even though I hadn't started piping yet that day I already was, mentally, I suppose.
Not long after gathering most of my tools I realized my "paint brush veiner" (It was an old wooden paintbrush which I turned into a veiner by using my craft knife to kinda cut very slightly all around the paintbrush handle vertically.) was missing so... I decided to make another and also decided to make it into a short tutorial since I haven't made one in some time and I missed making one (You get hooked onto it, somehow.)!

Saw some florist wires laying around on my table I cut out the day before to make the wired petals and then the idea just hit me. BLONK*

Stuff you need:

30 Gauge wire (Actually it doesn't really matter it's up to you how "big" you want the veins to be but 30 gauge seems to be the best.)
Any type of tape
A wire cutter and scissors to cut the wire and tape.

I am pretty sure every cake decorator has these right? Proves how easy (And inexpensive compared to store  bought ones!) it is to make a rose veiner!

 Step 1:
Take about 4 "strands" of wire.

Step 2;
Chop each wire into three, you should end up with this white wire-y mess.

Step 3:
Cut some tape and wrap it around the middle, make sure all the wires are at different lengths and........... You are DONE! I hope you didn't expect it to be extremely long! 

Mmm... This post seems a little too short to end so lets test the veiner, eh?

1. Lalala... Roll out some gum paste to the usual transparent-ish, chomp out some petals with a cutter.

2. Deep breath* Place your veiner on the petal, use your index finger to roll it with a tinge of pressure from one corner to the other.

3. Roll your ball tool all round the edges of the petal (My thin foam pad kinda disintegrated and not long after I realized my palm was better than the foam pad! I also like the fact that the back of my petal doesn't get that "spongy texture" which I have always hated seeing in my roses from day one! One of the reasons why I like making freehand roses better!) and WALAH! I hope you can see the veins properly, I am a lousy photographer, I think I have mentioned that before. 

4. Add a few more rounds of petals (Continue making your rose here, you may want to skip the petal making part though.) and TADAH! (Excuse mess.)

Eeee... Feeling so slippery sleepy now and I have riding tomorrow, good night me lovelay followers! Huge sleepy smile*

-Karen Cuppy Cake

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