Saturday, December 25, 2010

Year 2010

I guess it isn't too early to post about my most probably favorite year in my entire life, 2010!

Well first of all here is my current FaceBook status:  2010.Was.AWESOME! Why? I got from just THAT girl to the person I have never dreamed of becoming. Who knew it could all happen in one year?

The person that would never dream of becoming in year 2009 would be a cake artist. 
I never knew I could reach that high... But amazingly, I did.
It does feel rather awesome thinking about it now... 
In year 2009 and part of year 2010 all I wanted was just to fit in... Yeah, why did I want to? 
I guess it just felt important at that time, now I DON'T care at ALL! 
I don't find it important (At all! Well... I do have SOME very close friends that accept me the way I am and I like that fact that they like the real ME not some fake outer shell that I tried putting on a few years back which of course didn't work!) to fit in with the well, cool and boring people who are my age that are always bored ( I found the 'cool' people and me that was trying to fit in boring and I was bored when I tried being someone that I can't.)?  

I kinda like being different this days.. Somehow! I feel unique and special not awkward and different. 
I am glad I finally managed to break out of that 'mold' and find myself again this year. 
Not only did I just find myself but I also managed to find my passion and/or the 'thing' that I am supposed to be doing in life. 
Instead of just describing my self as a un-schooler (Long story!) I feel more comfortable calling my self a cake artist... It's amazing! I looked back at my cakes that I made earlier this year and compared to the one that I just finished making and delivering today!
Check out my latest cake: Tiger Lily Cake 

On my cake decorating path this year I stumbled upon other arts that I felt passionate about like paper craft, polymer clay-ing and almost every other type! 
I love art, art is beautiful... 
I managed to survive and conquer the Wilton courses 1, 2, 3 and 4, The 5 days Squire's Kitchen intensive diploma (Man! That was some CRAZY cuckoo 5 days! I would have gone mad and insane if it were 6!), 2 3 day long CupcakeKarens cupcake booths these cake-y events? (I am horrible at finding good words for sentences!) year! 

I plan to conquer more the next...  

I kinda shocked? amazed? dazzled? (One of those type of words!) myself when I see how far I have gone within a year... 

Just this afternoon I was using my laptop in my caking room and my tiger lilies were behind me. 
Every time I turned and looked at my tiger lilies, I keep thinking to myself if I really DID make them... It just didn't seem possible, but it was and it was there right in front of me. 
I shed a happy and a proud tear... It was an amazing thought. 
I guess nothing is impossible even when you have lost your self, it is possible to find your self again and this time, stronger.. 

Haha! I feel so wise all of a sudden!! Yeesh... 

Well all I wanted to say was... 

Year 2010 was a life changing year for me! 
I hope the next year would be just as awesome as this one, or I will just make it be! 


Merry Christmas and a Hair-pee new year!

~Karen Cuppy Cake

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tiger lily cake

I finally got my tiger lilies like 90% (I forgot to make a bud to go along with my half opened and 2 fully bloomed tiger lilies! Hope it dries well tonight so I can dust it tomorrow!) ready before I need to assemble my cake tomorrow...

Remember the foliage that I was making yesterday?
Well I am happy they dried 70% bone hard in Malaysian weather by 9 AM today!
I prayed REALLY hard that it would not rain that night (It is monsoon season at it has been raining at least once a day! And gum paste don't like humidity and rain! And it so happens that I live in one of those countries that humidity and rain is the highest?)!
Whew... Thank you rain god! I shall offer you some cake later today! Haha!

This tiny 5" (Diameter?) x7" (Height) cake is not going to be any normal fondant covered mini cake...
It is going to be to be covered with butter cream (NoOoo! I hate washing up after crumb coating and icing a butter cream covered cake because of the buttery grease... Bleah.) and iced like my Train Cake!
But this one is going to be Van Gogh icing style on the top AND around it!
I just finished icing it and it looks FABULOUS!
Imagine yellow, orange and red icing swirls all round the cake!
I made the icing colors like so to match the very berry orange-y tiger lilies!

And my favorite of favorite butter cream (Royal icing works as well.) border, the SNAIL trail all round the bottom of the cake!
I really have no idea why I LOVE the snail trail border so much...
Maybe because piped shells are too common and that I find snail trails (Or a bead border, which ever you like to call it! I like snail trail... Sounds grosser and more interesting, doesn't it?) neater, elegant and pretty..!

Every time I turn around and look at my caking table filled (Yeah, it is a rather small table! But it is good enough for me!) with beautiful, flawless tiger lilies, foliage and butterflies (Oh and that one bud that one stinky bud that I forgot to make yesterday... Dry quicker!!) it just make me feel SO super happy that I completed THIS much within 1 and a half years (I started caking in July last year.)!

And the fact that I am teaching my self how to make flowers like the peony (Whoops! I forgot to blog about THAT flower.) and my latest tiger lilies by looking at images on Google (I LOVE Google! I could never do cakes like these if it wasn't around!) and browsing and borrowing gardening and flower arranging books from the library!
You have NO idea how much I LOVE doing cake research!
Doing cake research is no easy task (Especially when you can't find what you are looking for!) but I just seem to enjoy it.. Somehow!

I always need to have my lap top next to me with a close up shot of the flower that I am doing because I just LOVE details...
Looking at everything from the color of the pollen on the tip of the stamen to the veins on the petal TWICE so I can replicate it EXACTLY.
Replicating nature is AWESOME... I feel like god... Somehow! Haha!!
When I did my tiger lily research I was surprised on how many types of them there were!
It was pretty hard to choose one species of it because they are all so amazingly beautiful!

Since I started making sugar (Mainly out of gum paste.) flowers I seemed to look more closely and pay more attention to the plants, leaves and flowers (More on the flower side I guess..) when ever I get out of my caking room (Which is pretty close to never because all I need to keep me occupied for the whole day, and the next, and the day after THAT is some gum paste, and ALL my tools of course and my lap top with FaceBook on! Oh... I suppose I need food too!)!        

Before I log out, there is one thing I would LOVE to say...

You made my life worth living...

Sorry that there aren't any pictures of the not really finished cake yet!
I need it to be a hopefully still a surprise (After describing the cake in this post! I hope I didn't describe it too well...) for the birthday girl!
Check back here tomorrow night for the picture of the 100% done cake!

Pictures of the cake ABOVE!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today was one of those LoOoooOoong caking days...

For the past 3 days or so I have been working (Maybe 40% out of 60% out or on FaceBook! So I guess they weren't very long and hard working days!) on a tiger lily cake (I mean the decoration, haven't reached the cake yet!)... At snails pace... I assume have been rather lazy these days!

Anyways... These are my tiger lilies!
They are on my dresser, I had to keep them away from humidity (The weather has been SO super horrible to me and my gum paste creations lately! It has been raining everyday with no end! Cries*) and my caking room doesn't have an air conditioner so I will have to keep it in my bedroom for a couple of nights until the cake is done! Sob sob..!

I just completed the 3 flowers and most of the leaves (Haven't even made them into a branch yet!) today...

And baked the Christmas order's cakes today too!

More cake-y posts tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Finally! I have got time to post pictures of this gum paste butterfly I made yesterday!

It was my first time making gum paste butterflies (Ok fine! ButterFLY!), I really REALLY wanted to make them since I got my Alan Dunn's Celebration Cakes on Thursday!
His butterflies seem to catch my eye more than the flowers! Maybe because there are SO many in that book, not to mention that he puts in nuts and vegetables in this book... Which is just plain... WEIRD! (Who would want vegetables on their CAKE?! Maybe if you are a farmer or something then it is alright... But for sprays?!)

So anyway... I had the time and cake (One with those flower-y-ish sprays on the top. I figured out that SOME butterflies (I will continue making more today! They are SUPER fun to make since they are not realistic-ish.. So I just took out all my pearl/luster dust from the drawer and plan to use them ALL today to make these butterflies really colorful! I used coral, ruby, avocado and brown for this butterfly. )  to make these yesterday after I finished making the parts (Petals etc) of the spray..

I found them 'funner' then flowers somehow... Maybe because I could paint/dust them as I wished!

Here are the end results of my very FIRST gum paste butterfly!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Port Dickson 15/12-19/12 2010

*Opens the door-Unloads luggage-Puts lap top on-Logs in to FaceBook/Skype/MSN/Blogger/CakeCentral.
*Gets flooded with FB mails, chats and notifications! (Yippee! I lurve getting flooded with them after a weekend away from my precious lap top!)
*Posts her usual 'I-am-back!' status...

It is amazing how much I miss my 'Online' life when I have been away for only the weekend without it!
I had a pretty tiring weekend in my 2 nd or soon to be 1st home in Port Dickson.
I haven't been there for quite some time already (I have been busy with cakes and stuff I suppose. Check out my previous posts.) and I missed being there every weekend a lot!

Day 1:

Ugh... I have forgotten lots of details that happened on the first day.. Noooooo! I guess YOU will just have to live with that! Haha!

We (Lots of family members... Too many (Maybe I am just too lazy!) to list out now!) departed from KL after some brunch...
I had a good 1 hour + journey to PD because I FINALLY (I didn't wait THAT long but it DID feel that long... I am sorry if I am getting you confused because I usually do get people confused... Anyway...) got my 3 new cake decora... wait... 2 caking books (Alan Dunn's brand new book! Alan Dunn's Celebration Cakes, this one I have been waiting for ages because I ordered it before the title was released! And Maisie Parrish's Fun & Original Children's Cakes and Maureen Carlson's Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls: Create a Fantasy World in Polymer Clay (I plan to use the polymer figure sculpting techniques on sugar.)!
The journey to PD zoomed by extremely quickly thanks to my 3 new books that I got from .
I am super happy and pleased with them!

One moment we reached the house and before I knew it I was at our nice calm and relaxing beach... Ahh!
And before I knew it (Again!) we were setting a couple of fishing nets in the (Rather cold that afternoon, it was a nice cloudy day but not so nice if you are in the sea because it is freezing-ish.) sea.
This time around we had a canoe!
I had an AWESOME time canoeing with Caryn!
The waves made it even more fun because it makes the canoe go up and down, and of course you get splashed all over when you go 'down' a big wave!
There was a bit of a panic-y moment when we found out we were too far off shore after being so carried away with going up and down the waves!
To make us row faster... (Don't laugh! Its going to be silly..!) We pretended we needed to get out of a shark infested part of the sea and if we don't we were going to get eaten alive and probably crash into some jagged rocks!
It worked though!

The day ended pretty well with some home cooked stew and dishes...
Yum yum!

Day 2:

I guess 'Day 2' was kinda the same like the first day...
We spent most of our time there at sea...
I felt exactly like I was in one of those Enid Blyton adventure story books but a bit more on the negative side because I had to drag my stinky brother Eu Fai like 500 meters off shore to check the nets!
And another 500 meters back...
I think I had fun dragging Eu Fai back... Kinda...
Caryn came back with me so Eu Fai held on to both our life jackets (We went pretty deep, well any depth over my height is deeeeep!) and we pulled him all the way back to shore...
Some how... I felt like a performing dolphin... I don't know why but I just did!
And the fact that no matter how much we swam we were still at the exact same spot!
It was

After that afternoon at sea I don't think I ever want to go 'netting' again!
I said THAT the last time but I still went again anyway... Oh well.

Me and Caryn dug for clams (AKA lala) once we finished rolling along the shore looking like a pair of washed up... washed up... err... just name the silly-est washed up sea creature you can think of!

It started pouring once we got home...
I had a well deserved rest (I think...) and went for a nice cycle once the rain stopped.
Unfortunately Ghost (Thats what I named my white (Not so white anymore!) colored bike!) had a rather flat tire so I had to ride Cats eye (A silver bike that has another one of my silly names.).

I love cycling after a storm or just a drizzle!
It is so relaxing...
The nice crisp sea air blowing through your hair...
The little rain droplets that fall on you when you zoom past a tall tree...
The awesome feeling like you are flying when you go through my self-discovered-extremely-windy-secret-passage-no-matter-what-time-of-the-day...
The wonderful thoughts that come in your head while you are cycling that make you grin to your self...

It is just a magically awesome-ish feeling that is pretty hard to explain...

Day 3:

We spent the whole day at the pool today since we had ENOUGH of the beach!
It started with a splash and we had a water fight for the whole 5 hours straight!
Yeah... thats what we did that day!
It was some time since I had THAT much fun in the pool...


I felt like one of my brothers!
I think 'Day 3' was discover your silly old self day!
It was fun...
And worth all the scratches, cuts, bruises that I got from acting all silly that day!
It was one of those days were you think you are the only person in the world, doing what ever you wish, anytime you wished!
I am pretty sure we got MANY stares... But who cares!
Me and Caryn did a who-could-do-the-longest-scream competition too!
After that few hours I nearly DIED of exhaustion!

I think I collapsed right away once we reached home!

When we woke up I found myself actually reading those Pokemon stuff (Like the evolving stuff and all...) with Christopher...
Pointing at the Pokemons we liked, going I trained this one to level __ last time you know!, You couldn't find it?! I found it in ___! Tsk tsk!.... 
Which was... Weird... But enjoyable!

That day was like a trip to the past!
Breath taking-ly amazing!

Day 4:

Not much of a forth day... We left after lunch.
It was a slow and rather squashy drive back to KL...
2 hours or so of watching the sky, palm trees, rubber trees, more sky, cars, small towns, more trees roll by...


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What a boooorrringggg title... I got the I-cannot-name-the-post disease again!

Today is/was one of those lazy afternoon days! I LOVE those days!
I woke up at noon so there is nothing much to say about my morning unless you want to know what I was dreaming about! Even I don't remember what I am dreaming about so you may need a dream reader machine... Ok! I was getting a bit carried away with that 'dream' chit chat!

I spent my afternoon doing research on a Xmas eve birthday cake!
I really wanted to make this cake PERFECT because.. well.. it is for one of my favorite 'persons'!
And that she loves Tiger lilies and I have always WANTED to make gum paste lilies!
And now I have the chance to make it so I have to give it my BESTEST shot!
So I just spent maybe an hour or two google-ing and looking through my Alan Dunn Sugar Craft Flower Arranging and Pattern book by Tricia Guild (I got this one from the Big Bad Wolf book sale for RM20! And it is SO awesomeee!)!
Tricia Guild Pattern: Using Pattern to Create Sophisticated, Show-stopping Interiors
Alan Dunn's Sugarcraft Flower Arranging

Went to our Petaling Jaya community library after finishing of my cake research (Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE doing it?!)...
To do some more! Haha!

The library is like a home to me! I wished I had a library like THAT at home though...!
I visit EVERY floor of it and actually KNOW what and where everything is!
Yeah, I do visit and explore it THAT much!

As usual after getting the books I need (I am SO greedy! I take almost all the books on that particular subject!) on all 3 floors of the library, it would be a pile of books that I need to go at least 2 rounds to carry them all to my private conner away from the rest of the people... 
Peace and quiet...

I had a look at LOTS of polymer clay sculpturing and 'real-life' flower arranging books today (Like I always do! But more, MUCH more this time!) and try to put them into my cake decorating ideas!
Found many interesting techniques that I am pretty sure have NEVER been taught in the sugar art schools today!
It was like finding treasure!
That people have not touched since... *Looks at the date of when the last person borrowed it
1989! Gasps*

I pretty sure it is because of all the research and books that I have read that I picked up cake decorating rather quickly!

Now that I think about it... I used (At a first glance of me lots of people my age still do.) to be called the nerd-y or geek-y one because I just LOVE books (I would never get anywhere without them!) and maybe just plain act like so.
I learnt how to ignore (At one time I actually did STOP reading just because of THAT! How SILLY of me..) those comments about me and just be... ME!
So now I can say HAHA (I am getting evil, Aren't I?) to you horrible people (That are stuck doing things that are 'cool' but NOT get anywhere in life.) and just get on with being me, myself, I, Karen Leong Jian Yi.

Now... To get my new batch of caking books! (If you are reading this, a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to you Auntie Julie for lugging them all the way from U.S to Malaysia!)  



Thank you....
For making ME feel so ultra HAPPY and JOYFUL yesterday!
It was the very FIRST time I got 159 views on my blog for a day!
Thank YOU, you and YOU for viewing my blog yesterday!

I was SO (Jeez! Just tried playing with the text and colors with my blog posting thingy and I am getting all jumbled up already! Hahaha!) super-de-duper happy yesterday that I actually started going a silly dance a twirl around my caking room!

I get pleased so easily! And its a good thing because I cant be dull or upset for long right?

I really wished that I had a new cake creation to share with all of you AWESOME people today!
But unfortunately I have none... Sob sob!

There is nothing really exciting on my 'To-Do' list today...
It is on of those lazy days lounging around in the library!


Thank you Blogger! I just discovered how fun it is to type with different fondants.. err... I mean FONTS.. Yeah fonts... (I really DID type out fondant FYI! It just comes naturally after typing 'F' 'O' and 'N' out!) and colors today!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Train cake

I thought I would have more than 17 hours of rest before I started caking again!
Oh well... Another day, another order, another CAKE!

This cake would be another one of my firsts! Wait... Almost every cake I do is a first to me before I have NEVER repeated any before!

My customer wanted a VERY chocolate-y cake! Rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting as a filling! Yum yum for all those who like chocolate! (Like mee! I was in chocolate heaven today! Thanks to the batter that insists on sticking to my mixing bowl and the scraps that I got from leveling the cake!) And a 2D train design on the top of the cake for a little boy.

Fairly simple for me... Until I thought about 'editing' it to make it more interesting!

The chocolate cake would be torted, filled and leveled, crumb coated and iced with light blue butter cream.

Somehow it just came to me that instead of a nice neat square butter cream cake I wanted one with lots of texture. Swirls, spikes etc...
Then it reminded me of Vincent Van Gogh's art work! So I went ahead to do some research on how he did them and I transferred his 'type' of art into my train cake!

The sky and hills would be Van Gogh-ish and the train, sun and smoke from the train would be made out of Royal icing.

I made the sky and hills with this method of painting.
I used 3 different colors of buttercream (Example light blue, medium-ish blue and just plain food coloring), plopped them onto the top of the cake and used a small metal spatula to swirl the together! It look SO van Gogh-y! Hoorah!

I made the sun look swirly-ish too.
I took plain yellow Royal icing and a piping bag.
Took a toothpick/cocktail stick and drew some vertical lines (Not too many! 4 would be perfect!) inside the piping bag.
Plopped the yellow Royal icing inside it and just piped it out into a spiral!
Easy peasy!
I am pretty sure you could do it directly onto the cake with butter cream...
But it will look a little messy if the colors got mixed together, so I did it separately!

I will post the picture of the cake right HERE tomorrow when the cake is done!
Please wait!

Ok! Thanks for waiting a couple of hours for my Royal icing flooded train to dry!
Here is my finished train cake!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cupcake Booth @ Shangri-La

Another day at my cupcake booth @ Shangri-La has gone by...
I am just sitting back FBing, Blogging and listening to my favorite Pop songs on YouTube.. I love these type of moments of the day :)

Well... It wasn't perfect. I still have much more to learn from PaPa about marketing out my cupcakes to customers!
I am defiantly gonna want to sign up for a booth the next time they have their Rotary district stuff because (Jeez! I didn't know it was so hard to focus on typing when a rap song comes on, hmm. Weird.) it is amazing how much I learn from that 3 days at my cupcake booth!
I hope to improve MUCH more the next time!

Nothing exciting happened on the first day, it was rather DULL actually!
There wasn't much sales, I don't know why!
It was REALLY disappointing!

You (Oh this song is catchy! I have got to sing and dance along to it! 5 minutes!) could say today was quiet innnterrresttinggg!
I stayed up till 2 AM baking this time for the booth because I made a vow to myself that I would always bake my cupcakes on the day it self!
And I had to wake up at 6 AM which is totally and utterly CRAZY!
Sigh..! But at least I made it to the end of today!
The morning went by slooooowly and really paaaaiiiinfully!
Half of the time I felt like dozing off and my head landing on the boxes of cakes/cupcakes! Haha!

PaPa called me and Caryn (She was helping me out today.) to have a look at the opening ceremony in one of the ballrooms.
I found one special performance I REALLY enjoyed!
It was the Chinese drum one.
It was a group (20-30-ish) of kids (Around my age I suppose) playing them!
Not only were they drumming REALLY well but they had AWESOME choreography!
For one moment I actually thought of try it out but then another thought overcame that one and it was: I am NEVER gonna want to do such a performance like that!
Unless... It is a cake decorating demonstration or something... Wait! Maybe I wouldn't even have the guts to do THAT!
I hate myself being like THIS! Grr
I went back to my booth after this thought and filled myself with more... Not so positive ones..

I suppose why the rest of the day went so well and I was happy was because I met this International Youth Exchange AKA IYE student from Tokyo, Japan!

PaPa invited me into his 'Conversation' and introduced Machika (Yess! Finally! I actually remembered her name!) to me and Caryn.
We 'Clicked' from that moment on.
We talked like long lost friends and like there was NO tomorrow!
It was pure AWESOME! =)

Bla bla blaaa... She talk about her life back in Tokyo and I talk about mine.. She tells me what her interests are and I SHOW her what my passion for life will be.. Bla bla blaa....

She takes out her IPod and asked me what was my favorite 'Singer'.
Me: Lady Gaga of course!
Her jaw dropped.*
Then she was like WOOOOW!*
Her: You don't look like the 'type' that 'like' listening to Lady Gaga! (Oh and she speaks with SO much expression on her face and I found out that 'Japanese' ladies speak much softer and 'girly-er' (Felt SO loud!), I felt like I was acting in an anime! Hahaa!)
Me: Yeah...

I always get judged by my 'cover', if only people would look at my pages!

More and MORE talk!
We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, eating (Not my cupcakes!), laughing, exploring Shangri-La and nodding our heads to our favorite music!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow!


More about my booth here @ Mommy's blog:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bake day

Another title that I am not really happy with but I guess it will do...
I wonder why its so hard to name a post these days!

For the past 3 days (If you count today in, I suppose you should because the day is almost over!) I have been baking crazy!
I really regret not starting earlier though...
The first 2 days I was rushing like MAD! But at least I managed to take my time baking today!
I am glad I managed to finished what ever was on my plan/goal today!
I find that if I manage to complete my goal of the day I feel VERY relived!

Hmm... I don't really think there is much to say about baking, except maybe I had to keep count of the number of cups of ingredients going into my big huge mixer with a pencil and a paper!
I must be getting old and forgetful!

Besides baking.. I found my new favorite song artist, the name's is Enrique Iglesias.
(What a weird name! I highly doubt I can pronounce it properly!)
I have heard his songs for some time but didn't know what the title of the song or the artist was.
Until I was at Wendy's a couple of days ago and saw his music video (I like it) on MTV!
I have been addicted to his songs ever since!
I think if there was a record for the person with the most times repeating the same video on YouTube I would have got it!
It is a nice change from LadyGaga I think!

I lurve listening to music when I am tired (Like today!), the more music you listen to the more energy you get!
I usually listen to music till I am all the way to the max!

Since I wasn't all THAT rushy today I danced and sang to (Drat! I need to scroll up to look for his name again! Ugh!) Enrique Iglesias's I like it for the whole day! And a bit of LadyGaga's Telephone too!
Ahh! That was FUN!! Somehow I felt like Cinderella, since she sings when she does her chores!

It was even more fun when Swathy AKA my assitant for the Cupcake booth baking and selling was over in my kitchen! 2 is always better than 1! We sang our self edited (To make them sound extra funny!) version of our favorite songs at the top of our lungs!

When our cakes were in the oven we played a game of Screaming Scrabble.
It is our #1 FAVORITE game!
It was taught to me by my Uncle and I have loved and played it ever since!
You could say we are pretty advanced in the game of Screaming Scrabble!
Our longest word in normal games would be 8 or so... 10 is our max!
Its nice seeing your 'student' beat you in it! It means you have taught them well!
This is one game I will NEVER get bored of!

Its amazing how the words flow out when you decide to blog.
I only wanted to type out a short post but see how long it became!


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Jeez... I am having trouble naming my posts this days, maybe it is because I really have NO idea or I am I am just having trouble picking out what I want to name this post with at least a hundred titles in my head!
I remember 'Post-naming' didn't use to be so hard when I used to not think twice when I chose a title.

Since I DON'T have a title just let me tell you what this post is about...
Ehem..! You can call it another one of my random thoughts that have been stuck in my head going around and repeating it self when ever I get bored.
My mind starts exploding with thoughts when ever I get bored, I think it is just my own way of keep boredom at bay!
Lately, I must have been really bored because my mind has been exploding with thoughts or am I just getting more problems as the days pass??


I was at my cousin's place, we had dinner together and me and Caryn were persuading our parents to let us have a sleep over...
We managed to succeed and we were both holding hands and jumping with joy!
Once my parents had left we went up to Christopher and Caryn's bedroom to 'Play'.
While Christopher was playing with his GameBoy we were talking about our last trip to Karak (My grandparents have a farm there.), our favorite Pokemon, Neopets and all sorts of random things!
When the lights were put off we were still yakking along about the things we had in common and we ALWAYS caught the laughing disease (When you catch it you can't stop laughing until people come and shush you up!)!
The next morning...

Wait, wait WAIT! Stoooopppppp!
It didn't go like that... That was just a good childhood memory!
Hahaha! Gotcha! Just loved how Darren Shan (One of my favorite authors) put that in his 'The saga of Darren Shan' (I think it was the 9th book... Killers of Dawn. AKA The one that Mr Crepsley died...) when Mr Crepsley was falling into a pit of sharp err spikes? and fire....
Oh wait! I am getting too carried away...
On with the story!

Well... My stay was actually... Quite the opposite...

I guess I was still happy when I found out I could stay, but not as happy as I was THEN.
We don't have much or maybe nothing at all in common anymore, unless you count FaceBooking as one of it!
So... Nothing in common = Nothing to talk about. Right? I am pretty sure it is true because we DIDN'T!
The laughing sickness/disease was hard to get too since we didn't talk much..

Anyway... What I have been thinking about for the whole day is:



Saturday, December 4, 2010

My clay day

Whew! I am soOOooOo tired..! Ugh! Was out for 10 full hours today!
Boy I missed HOME!

My day started at 11 AM today. The usual things like breakfast and daily FaceBook check doesn't count!

After dumping my brothers in Ikea's Smailand I headed to Ikano where my clay class is.
Every time I travel from Ikea to Ikano I get this few things: People exchange weird looks at me and my backpack and tool box gets heavier every single time!

When I FINALLY reach my Clay class I get that 'Oh-it-is-THAT-girl-again' look... Ugh.!
I still wonder why..
Is it because I stay for at least 5 hours or that I am really THAT bothersome?
I wish I knew!

Anyway, today I tried VERY hard putting those not-so-positive-or-also-known-as-negative-thoughts-that-I-always-have-when-I-go-to-clay-class thoughts (I guess I just think too much about what people think of me, eh? There isn't one moment when I am not flooding my head with random thoughts so it is going to be REALLY hard.. I suppose it is either random thoughts and/or that same song that is randomly chosen from my 'iBrain' playlist everyday. Today's song was Just the way you are by Bruno Mars!) today because I was REALLY excited about how this figurine project will turn out!

Well here is my finished product!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ooh... I am back to blogging, mainly because of Mommy but nevermind about that.
I guess it is time to get back and blog, I missed blogging... Somehow :)

And I could'ent name this post because I am probly going to write about a lot of random things which cant become ONE proper title so may the title be a mystry!

So... I just got back from Sunway Lagoon, AGAIN! Yawn...
I am getting really.. err... bored? with that place/going there.
We go there lots because we got that all-year-round-excess-to-all-the-parks-over-there card for my whole family...
I pretty glad its going to expire soon! I am NEVER going back there again, It NEVER changes... Much!
It would be nice if they changed the roller-coaster track at least! And add higher drops and at least 2 loop-a-dee-doos to it!
I guess it won't be worth going back there next year unless they do a MAJOR renovation!!

Enough of Sunway Lagoon!

Let me blog about OTHER things that have/about to go on...

Was it yesterday? Or was it the day before..? Oh well! Something like that!
I was at my Clay (Not pottery typ-a clay but clay that if something like gumpaste-ish!) clay @ Ikano.
I quit clay for a while and re-started again, mainly because I didnt like the people teaching there! And you could say I still don't but I feel good over there... It's the closest I have got to my cake decorating courses!
(Yes, I do miss my Wilton cake decorating courses TONS! I wish it was for... ETERNITY! I could'ent be happier if it was!)
The last course I had over there was an Orchid flower thingy and I wanted a change this time so I chose a realistic figurine course.
I enjoyed this course TONS!! I find it SoOoOO much more interesting, mainly because I get to choose what she is, what she wears, what are her accesorries etc..!
You get to let your creativety go freEeEEee! And thats the way I like doing things, MY own way!
Just for your infomation, I chose a doll wearing a kimono and her accesorry is a fan.
But only I dont really like the fan so I might not use it...
Oh well!
I lurrrrve my kimono... I guess it's because it is my favourite color, Purple :)
I should be able to complete it the next time round I suppose, I am around 90% DONE!!
The 10% would be a bit of the hair and the face...
All I have now is a blank face, which is kinda creepy... Well to me it is!
And the rest is done except some hair accesorries :)

And... Another one of my cupcake booths is coming up!
It's from the 10th-13th Dec @ Shangri-La!

I will write more about that later on...
The mosquetoes are drivign me crazzeeeee!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

ICCA Annual Cake Competition 2010-The before story

My apologies for not blogging in such a long time!
You could say I have been rather lazy haha!

Oh well...

You could say from yesterday I have entered a living heaven in a VERY unexpected way...

As you can see from my previous posts and photos on my blog and Face Book, I entered a cake competition organised by ICCA (International Center of Cake Artistry).

If you want to know I took my Wilton 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Squire's Kitchen Diploma from there and I got to know about the competition in I think August this month right after I completed my 3rd Wilton course.

And of course I spent LOTS of time planning on what to do for the competition since it would be my very FIRST one!

I spent lots of time surfing the net, library and of course my favourite caking website

Before I took my Squire's Kitchen diploma I already had tons of sketches on what I wanted!

But oh what an eye opener to SO many different techniques the 5 day diploma was!

So everything had changed again!

I found my new favourite medium to work with, Royal icing.

I LOVE string work and lace, I find them VERY beautiful!

After some time thinking through on what stringworky and/or lacey cake I wanted I began to realise how similar the string work looked like Indian jewelry...

From then on I began surfing the net and looking at ANYTHING that has got to do with Indian fashion and marriage.

So all the information I got was put into a 5 tiered Indian themed wedding cake.

I started preparing the cake 1 month (Plus lots of holidays, so maybe you could say 2 weeks of holidays in that month?) before the date of the competition.

My first and third tier was inspired by the sari's I saw online and in Swathy's house.
(To Swathy: Thank you for digging out all your Mom's and Your sari's for me to look at and draw!)

The Styrofoam cake was covered in royal purple (You would not imagine how much Wilton Violet gel color I used to dye/color the fondant!) colored fondant and the lace and string work was piped with a 1.5 or 1L Wilton tip.
The rest of the RI (Royal icing if you STILL don't know!) decorations we made by other round tips which I cant really remember what number!

The second and fourth tier was inspired by the Indian henna.
Since I was very little I have been very interested by the henna because well... I just think it is AWESOME!
You could say I had a pretty tough time thinking about which henna design to use for the cake!
Since the first and third tier was a paisley themed I decided to use it for the whole cake.
The henna tiers was the MOST fun to do because it was freestyle (Nope I didn't stencil on it first.) and freedom is FUN! Hahaha!
Even with my tilting turntable I had a tough time piping the paisley onto the cake so I piped it out as lace on a piece of parchment paper and transferred it onto the henna tier when it dried.

My fifth tier was just plain yellow string work (PME tip 00. I officially HATE plastic tips! After using a corsage pic a couple of times to prick the tip when the icing dried around it, the hole expended it quite a bit and it became the size of the Wilton 1.5 or 1L! Ugh!) all round the 8" square cake.
This was the most torturous tier of the whole cake :)
By the twentieth string I piped my right hand was already red, swollen and numb!
I had 4 inches of strings to be piped on...
I was nearly done!
Then... I invented a new PAINLESS way to do string work!
What a GREAT invention :)
Too bad it only came after I finished most of the cake!
But I am glad I don't have to suffer so much when I do string work again!

After finishing I thought to myself...
This cake looks too plain!
It needs a cake topper, BADLY!
I was in the library browsing at Colette Peter's (Her cakes are stunningly beautiful! And so are Eddie Spence's. My style is to mix and match both classy, modern and chic...!) Cakes to dream on...
I was on one of the last few pages of her look when I was this magnificent cake topper!
Not at all Indian but I was going to make it look like so...
The next few moments the was a HUGE tsunami, tornado hurricane storm going inside my head!
I pictured in my mind to change everything on it except the structure.
It was going to be this VERY gold type-a kinda mosque-y look but upside down... The dome design was going to be on the bottom and the top was going to be some lace type of things :)
It was going to be the first cake (Oh wait my first sculpted/carved cake was my brother's pirate ship one.. But I suppose they are both different types of sculptures?)
I spent the rest of the time when I was back from the library sculpting it...
It was a DISASTER!!
The top was bumpy and some parts tore!
But the bottom was fine... I am glad!
I had fun making the so called 'jewels' for the bottom part.
Eu Fai helped me make the balls and stick them into the holes I made with my ball tool.
Time to brainstorm to think on how to cover it up!

When that was done I had to figure out how to cover the gap between the top and the bottom..
So this is what I did to cover it up...

While I was thinking on what to do with the so very VERY ugly top I was on Cakecentral having a look at some forum posts...
The was this 'Sticky' which I found very useful because it had TONS of free online flower tutorials!
Then I stumbled a cross Satin Ice's (A brand of fondant) website and they had some videos on how those celebrity cakers use it...
I scrolled down the list of videos and then I saw a few of Colette Peter's videos and I decided to watch them...
I clicked on Colette Peters-Drapery.
Me thinking to myself: OMG! That's exactly what I can use to cover the ugly stuff up!
And that was what I did!
It was my first time doing drapery so I was kinda nervous :P
I think it turned out good for a first time...
I dusted it gold, added some jewels and tassels!
I think the tassels were a nice touch to it :)
For the top of the topper I poked in a flower pick and added some fondant covered wires that were dusted in gold into it.
I got the wire idea from Alan Dunn's Wedding cake bible.
And the Flower pick was visible and rather ugly so I had to come up with something to cover it up.
I decided on a fantasy lotus like flower...
There will be petals wrapped around the flower pick and then slowly opening...
It was a good idea.

So that was all the preparation I did for my wedding cake!

Hopefully I can post Day 1 tomorrow!

Oh and yes, before I forget... The bottom 2 tiers didnt turn out well and all the lace drooped and fell off so they were not used.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A few hours of fever...

Wow I haven't posted in such a LONG time!

You could say I have been busy... And lazy!

Today strangely lots of things happened so I just gotta post!

After caking for a few hours in the morning/afternoon I felt rather woozy and I had I sore throat from yesterday...

I simply HAD to rest!

I felt rather warm and decided to take my temprature...

38.1 Degrees Celsius!

Ugh! Fever!!


I had a 2 hour long nap...

I felt worst after waking up...

When I got up to sit I felt like I had a tornado inside my head!

I couldn't focus well and my upper half was burning hot and my lower half was freezing!


Mommy said to take 1 Panadol tablet to make me feel better and it worked after 1/2 and hour or so!

Thank you Panadol!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just yesterday...

Remember when we did ____ ?

That's what happened yesterday when Swathy and her cousin came over to play at my house.

Remember when we used to be so close with Johnathan, Mei Yee, Kasevi and Karthik?

We would play Ice and water, Freeze, AEIOU, Marco Polo, Hop scotch (If it was just the girls around...) and more...

Since the beginning of this year we haven't seen let a long PLAYED with J, M, K and K!

We wanted to play EVERYTHING we did last time today...

We started off with Marco polo.
One of my favourite games!

AEIOU then Our own version of hop scotch!

We played till the sky was dark...
Just like the old times :)
I had a fun time...
If only everyone was here...


Monday, September 6, 2010

A fun and messy day!

Just another day at home...

Cakin' doing nothing much...


I know this post has yet to sound like the title...

Just wait a bit will ya?!

Call YOU an impatient grumpy person :)

I just finished covering tier #3 with red fondant (Took me ages took make and LOADS of Wilton red food coloring! Oh yes I wanted to tell you this too: After 1 year and 3 months of cake decorating I just finished my very 1st err tiny container? of Wilton RED food coloring! Wow! It took me THAT long to actually finish it! FYI It is the first one I have finished!)

Here was my first try at cake decorating!
(No not baking... You could say I have been bakin' for quite some time!)
You sure you wont laugh?!

OK here...

So after covering my cake and painting it there was some left over cornflour left on my FAVOURITE 'Sugar Impressions' non-stick mat!

I wanted a bit of a rest before piping and preparing the RI (Royal icing!) for the cake...

I played around with the corn flour and Wilton red coloring+water...

I made goop!

I made it before but I just wanted to play with it AGAIN!
It is such a fun thing to play with!

I showed it to Fai and Han (They were watching TV)...

I said: Guys lookie here! I made goop! (Smiles...) Wanna have a goop WAR...?!
Boys: YEAHHH!! Woohoooooo!

I made more gloop for the war...


It is funny how serious caking became GLOOOOP war!

After our gloop war we collected the gloop from the floor (Yeah, we are rather gross people!)

Adding water when it was dry and just playing around with it...

Mommy asked us to wash the floor when we were done.

We had a water fight after that!

What a fun day...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday parties!

Gosh! I am SUPER tired out!

Everything started at 5 p.m or so yesterday...

My cousin's from Ipoh were here (Staying at our house!) in KL to celebrate their 2nd and 4th birthday!

You could say that I was pretty bored that afternoon because I completed the 2nd tier of my wedding cake and couldent start on the 3rd tier yet because I didnt have any fondant to cover it with!

I decided to make 1 mini cake each for my cousin's birthday party that will be held in Sakura restaurant the next evening (Today.).

Since they liked dogs I decided to make them a doggy birthday cake!

I was REALLY new at making dogs because I have never NEVER EVER made a single fondant/gumpaste dog before!

I thought to my self...
Hmm... It wouldent be TOO bad... I mean I can making teddies, elephants, rabbits... Why not dogs?!

So as usual I drew my cake plan out mentally...
(I only draw my cake plan out physically if it is complicated one!)

So this one was just going to be...
A nice simple doggy cake!
Nothing more nothing less...

Somethign that I could complete in a days time!

Mental plan:

Nigel: Blue cake, blue dog, blue kennal...

Katrina: Pink cake, pink dog, pink kennal...

Simple enough!

Lets start workin'!

Everything was going according to plan my timing and speed until...
I started with the legs!


The first doggy I made was the pink doggy for Katrina and I wanted it laying down on the ground and playing with a ball...

I needed to crack my head finding out how to make the doggy look as if it was holding the ball with it's paws not as though it is in walking position but holding the ball...

I do a mentally big HUGE dinosuar RAWWWWRRRRR!

Ok found a silution to that and now for the hind legs...

That I not only needed to crack my head but ALSO my brains!!

Now I not only have to do the leg which is rather simple now...
I have to make that hind leg like a drumstick mixed with a paw...

This is one COMPLICATING dog!

After lots of cutting, bending and shaping the fondant I finally got it!


I rolled out some brown gumpaste (It is the strongest 'paste' that I can use in my house becasue pastilage actually MELTS in my house! Can you believe that?! But well I am not sure what brand you use but the one I got from my Squire's kitchen diploma course does!!) to make the sides of the dog kennal.

Some blue for Nigel's roof and pink for Katrina's...

I made 2 pink and 2 blue dog food and water bowls after that...

The dog food was little round brown bolls inside the doggy bowl and the water was glucose!

After our dinner I started my baking...

The next morning= Carving the cake+crumb coating+Fondant-ing!

Before going to Sakura for the dinner birthday party we had to go for another birthday party at Melia hotel...

It was a cowboy themed party!


It was one of my Dad's Rotary friend's son's 1st (I know there are LOTS of 's LOL!) birthday...

If I tell you more about this party youwill get too bored so it is not worth mentioning...

I liked the part where me got free cow boy hats, guns and bandanas!

Dressing up me and my brothers was fun!

Ok Sakura time!

It was a rather typical family gathering...

Nothing THAT interesting but meeting up with family was fun :)

I need to get on with today's post!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Super ice!

On wednesday I visited Mamamin's studio and bought a tub (2.5 KG) of 'Super ice' at RM 50.00..

Mamamin told me that it is instant RI (Roayl icing.).
No sifting or adding merengue powder needed!
I am really NOT sure how this 'Super ice' hardens because there is 0% merengue in the powder mixture!

The no sifting part gave me a SHOCK!
I was SO used to sifting my icing sugar/powdered sugar/confectioner's sugar at least 10 times for my string work/ extension work and such...!

It would save me TONS of time making RI if this REALLY worked that well!

I will be trying this 'Super ice' (It is made in Italy!) out today because I am running low on my stringwork stiff consistansy RI!

PLEASE work!


P.S i am done with tier #2! Hooray!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My evening...

Somehow I was just thinking on what to 'name' this post...
I decided to go with 'My evening' rather than 'My evening at the playground/park' hmm...
I don't find titles very important in my blog somehow!

After caking and having early dinner Mommy decided to go to the playground...
I agreed because I needed some fresh air and I have been cooped up in the house caking and FB-ing the entire day!

Filled up our water bottles and we were ready to go!

I passed my water bottle to Eanny just for fun because he looks so cute (Well extra cute because he ALWAYS looks cute... Well unless he is grumpy or crying...) while holding it...

He walked around the porch going 'Walk walk walk! Walk walk!' and I said Person pants (That is his name of the day!) come back here! You need to wear your shoes before you go walk walk!

He did his cute little run and said 'Oose oose! Oose!' (It mean shoes FYI.) and picked up his shoes and passed it to me to wear it for him...

I said 'Chor chor (It means sit in some Chinese dialect...) Fluffy headed!'. (Another name he has... He must be a mixed up name person..)
He simply wouldn't sit on the porch! I wonder why... So I carried him on to the bench that was half way around the world to wear his stinky 'Oose' for him!

On the way out of the house Mr fluffy headed person pants spotted some loose bits of tar on the porch and said 'Cat emm emm! Cat emm emm Che che!' (Emm emm= Poop and Che che= Big sister AKA me.) I looked at it and I told him 'Eanny fluff it is TAR not cat emm emm!' and Ean replied by looking up to me with that question-y face and going 'Che che! Cat emm emm!'!
My goodness!

I held his hand and he held 3 of my fingers (He used to be able to hold only one!) and we walked to the playground...

A few doors away Puffy Fluff spotted a dog and stared with it with wide open eyes, pointed and said 'DOG!'!
I think he froze a bit...
He isn't much of a doggy person.
Ean and Han are cat people they don't like dogs much...

When we reached the playground I took the water from Eanny and then he looked at me with that frowning eye brows question-y face (Again!) and said 'Hold!'.
I passed it to him.
He was happy once more.

He ran through the basket ball/foot ball court with that floppy happy I-got-the-water bottle look!
Cute cute cute...

He finally put his err I mean MY water bottle down when Mommy told him to put it with the rest of the Kor kor's (Elder brothers=Fai and Han.) water bottles he gladly placed it right next to the rest of the water bottles and trotted of with a wide grin (Water bottle carrying job well done!) to the tunnel slide.

While I was off Eanny duty I ran to the swing! (Swings and monkey bars are some of my favorite things at playgrounds!)
I like swinging when I had a very tiring/troubled/grumpy/sad (Negative emotions/feelings.) day because when I swing I feel as though I am swinging away the negative feelings and thoughts...
The wind gushing pass your face helps as well to wake you up!
Ahh... I felt much less tired after swinging!

After a while the mosquitoes attacked and we had to run for our life the the other bigger playground...

When we reached the bigger playground I felt horrible-y hungry (And I just had my dinner!) and was not in much of a mood to play...
So it was bug Mommy for food time!


Hooray! I won! Mommy couldn't take it anymore!
We went to 'Sun Raj Curry House' for supper...

We stopped by 'Petaling store' to get some ice cream!
Yum yum yum!

We ordered fresh fried chicken all round.
I had 1 Roti canai and Mommy had her Tosai.

Me and the boys were still hungry after that so we ordered 1 Paper tosai!

I was on Eanny duty again!

We looked at some food... the elephant god in the fountain and then at the cook/chef making our Paper tosai in the kitchen!

It came not long after...

It finished in a blink of an eye!

The boys wanted another, so did I!

We ordered another...

I told the boys that what I saw through the food passing (From the kitchen to the waiters) portal was quite interesting...

The boys followed me to the food passing portal AKA a hole in the wall!

We saw Roti canai, Tosai, Chapatti and Maggi goreng being made before our Paper tosai.

Here is how the paper tosai is made:

Take A LOT of Tosai batter 9More than the normal Tosai.) out.
Pour it on that HUGE flat frying pan... Wait frying table!
Swirl it out...
Let it cook abit.
Use a scrapper and SCRAP the tosai!
Add loads of margarine and sugar!
Cut with the scrapper at the half point but not all the way, half way.
Roll it into a cone and...
Your Paper tosai!

On the way back home I stepped on a drunken (I assume so. There were tons of beer bottles around him!) taxi driver's hand (He was sitting on the floor and it was dark!)...
I was wondering WHY the floor was SO soft and then I found out I was stepping on some one's hand! Ugh!
I apologized and ran away as fast as I could!


Royal icing Henna

I started henna-ing on my 2nd tier yesterday night...
I am pretty pleased with my henna.
I guess it is a GOOD first try!

But my Wilton #1 tip keeps getting stuck and it casues some swirls to look not THAT nice... Ugh!
I am getting sick of poking and cleaning the #1 tip!

My so very very expensive Wilton tilting turntable (That I bought for the Squire's kitchen diploma!) is coming in handy because of the piping :D

I am glad I have it!

I hope to finish the henna-ing by tonight or tomorrow morning so that I can start on the 3rd tier!


To be continued

Err... I think I am going to stop the to be continued stuff about our weekend at PD because well... It was SO long ago!

It would be more like a history lesson more than a normal blog post :)

So back to the present!


My so very very long essay (I just decided to call it that.) on our trip to PD 2

OK! I had a good night's rest and now to continue the rest of my story!

We read...

Me: Princess Diaries
Swathy: Chicken soup

We were took to all the old kumpongs along the way to drop the passengers off...
So yeah... A SUPER slow VERY bumpy (Try drinking water in THAT bus! You could spill the entire bottle on your self!) ride!

I am so glad I was prepared with things to do while taking ^&*&%#%! public transport... :D

We reached the Port Dickson bus terminal when it was dark...
Takes such a LONG time to travel to Port Dickson by public transport!
It took us 6 hours from the Jalan Templar train station to the Port Dickson bus terminal!
And if I traveled by car it would take only 1 1/2 hours!
SO much time wasted!

Once Papa picked us up and took us home we quickly ran upstairs to unpacked and took out our binoculars and rushed downstairs to see if the moon and mars were together!

Not much of a sign of mars just a tiny silver dot that doesn't blink...
That thing might be mars...

Soon it got REALLY cloudy and even the big huge round moon disappeared!

Since it was such a cool and breezy night we decided to walk to the beach to look for some hermit crabs!

We quickly ran to get our torch lights, buckets and our binoculars that hasn't really come to any use yet but just but the clouds might clear up so I just brought mine along...

Which was a VERY stupid move because it weights more than a ton and the moon was the other side of the beach that was blocked by trees... Ugh!

OK back to the hermit crabby part...
The whole beach was covered with hermit crabs!
Try not stepping on 1 single hermit crab!
I probably stepped on a few hundred because no one let me have the torch light until much later...!

When we got a bucket FULL of hermit crabs we decided to have a hermit crab race to see who got to the sea the fastest!

Wow...They ran fast!

On the way back to the road I stopped by the water's edge and just stood there looking at the beautiful purple blue sky that had clouds that looked like waves while feeling the waves reaching for my toes and the wonderful breeze gently blowing at my hair...

I felt like the luckiest person in the world...
It is one very GREAT feeling to have...

After a while I closed my eyes which made me lost track of time...

Mmmm... I felt so relaxed until...

Swathy tapped my shoulder and said: Oi! What if ah... That trees (Yeah behind us were a row of VERY tall pine trees.) got Pontianak standing there and looking at you?!

Me: Hmph! Thank YOU very much for interrupting my beautiful relaxing time! And lets GO! Got Pontianak in the trees lah!

So we ran home like a bunch of crazy monkeys!

The next morning...

Swathy: Mmmfffttfffmmmmmm......
Me: For goodness sake WAKE UP before I take a pail of water and drown you!
Swathy: Whatever... You clean the bed then OK?! (Goes back to sleep...)
Me: (In a VERY annoyed voice) YOU PROMISED ME TO GO CYCLING BEFORE IT GETS HOT! AND IT IS NOW 9 OH CLOCK ALREADY! WAAAAKE UP! (Shakes Swathy like a mad person!)
Swathy: OK OK! Fine I am AWAKE!
Me: Good good! See...? Even the radio down stairs is trying to get you out of bed by playing Shakira's Waka waka! Radio goes: Zaminamina eh eh waka waka eh eh ! Zaminamina this time for Africa! (It has been one of our favourite songs since the FIFA world cup!)

To be continued again! Caking time!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My so very very long essay (I just decided to call it that.) on our trip to PD

(Sorry! i know this post is rather late... I was rather lazy, tired and busy at the same time today and yesterday!)
Well OK... Maybe there is something wrong with the title... It wasn't just a 'weekend' but 5 FULL days (Friday to Tuesday)!

The FUN started on Thursday night...

Instead of having such a HARD time as usual waking Swathy up for any type of trip I asked her to sleep over...

BFFL Sleep over time!

We got our favourite pillows and comforters and camped downstairs in the living room!

Yeah..! We got the TV!
Movie marathon time!
Swathy chose 'Enchanted' (Disney)...
Yawn... I could remember the entire movie so half way through I said...


Me: I am going to fall asleep right now if we don't watch another movie! (Yeah I am such a horrible friend!)
Swathy: Fine fine... Whatever... What do you want to watch?
(We are BOTH Taylor Lautner CRAZY fans FYI!)
Me: Why don't we watch a movie that Taylor Lautner acted in when he was OUR age? Good idea? (We call him Jacob it is shorter! Yes.. We are also Twilight crazy people... LOL!)
Swathy: Oh maai goord! Really ah?! You have a movie hat he acted in when he was young?! Foo yooh! OK lets watch it!
Me: okay..! (Rummages in the DVD album..)
Swathy: What is his charactor in the movie like? (In a VERY eager to know voice.)
Me: Could you just wait for a couple of minutes?!
Swathy: NO!
Me: Fineee... He will be some girl's crush...
Swathy: Of course lah! (Goes on blabbering on how cute he is...)

So we watched 'Cheaper by the dozen 2'...
(I wish I had got Shark boy and Larva girl... We could have a 'young' Taylor Lautner movie marathon! LOL!

It is a comedy so we both had a fun time laughing our head off!

More talking...

Swathy: Oi! Where is Taylor Lautner lah?!
Me: (Points) He is that boy there...
Swathy: Ah doi! He so ugly last time one ah?! (Tsk tsk)
Me: Where got lah?!
Swathy: Foo yooooooooo...
Me: Oh shuddup!

(Wrestles each other...)

By the time he movie ended it was 1-2 am...!

We were still not sleepy... (When can you EVER get sleepy when you have your best friend's company at a sleepover?!)

So... Time for the latest Gossip :)

At sleepovers GOOD gossip is the best good night story book!

No long after...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzz Zzz...!

WOW! That was a LONG post and it wasn't even the start on the going to PD part yet...!

Hmm continue in a new post?
Mmm... Never mind!

Waahhh! I just got squashed by a hippo in the Nile river!!

When I woke up (Yeah that was all a dream!) I found out that it was just Eanny siting on me with is soft gushy diapers... Bleah!

Lets gooo to Port Dickson!

Prob-lame-o 1: 8 people in the car...? NO WAY!

Solution: Public transport!!

I have TONS of experience traveling and it is so terrible-y boring (Yeah even with your BF. No not Boyfriend, BESTfriend!)... So I brought along... Some cash, Some water, A box of gum and sweets, Some buscuis incase we die of hunger along the way, A notebook, pens and pencils, 3 books (Harry Potter, Chicken soup for the pre-teen soul and The princess diaries... 3 Of my favourite tiles!) and guess WHAT?!
I was digging through my board games hoping to find some miniature/portable game that could fit into my backpack and I found...

Master mind...!
That guess the color code game that I havent looked at or let along PLAYED since I was what... 6..?

I took that so VERY dusty old game along and it turn out that it was a pretty good decition... Wanna know why?
Read on!

You could say I had one HEAVY backpack!

We (Me, Swathy and Mama AKA My grandma.) left for the train station (Just a few blocks down...) at 3 something...

Boarded the train in like 15 minutes time and made our way to the KL Central station to change trains to go to Seremban...

FYI I was SQUASHED to the freakin' POLE for like what... 10 stations?!
You have got to be kidding me!
As if I am not skinny enough already...!

I HATE using public transport!

At Serdang or some place very far away we finally go some seats!

Ahh! I can finally inflate my self again!

It got so horrible-y boring (When I am bored, angry, happy and whatever emotions that I have left out I get hungry... Yes I eat as much as an elephant! Haha!) I took out EVERYTHING in my backpack!

We ate some biscults and sweets while playing tic tac toe (Whcih didnt last very long because we kept tie-ing!) and mastermind (Which was a life saver! We played it till we reached Seremban!)!

And... Since the Malays were puasa-ing AKA fasting...
They looked at us err like they were going to die?
I am such a horrible human being torturing fasting people!
Thank goodness they didnt kick me and Swathy out!

When we reached Seremban I (And Swathy too... IDK about Mama!) was SO SO SO hungry! (Yeah the torturing people biscults didnt help!)

We had Mcdonald's for tea :D

I felt much better after that...
I could have fainted... Tee hee!

We took a bus to PD...

The bus was WAY too bumpy so we could not play master mind!
We read...

To be continued!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Having fun with the webcam...

Me and Swathy having fun taking LOADS of pictures with my lap top's webcam!



Pen pals...

Just a few moments ago I was checking my inbox and I was REALLY surprised to find an e-mail from a pen pal (I cant remember where she is from sorry! I need to DIG though my letters! Which I am rather lazy to do right now!) that I nor she has not writen emails or letter to each other for a VERY long time!

So yeah... Of I read that email first and push the rest to the bottom LOL!

Even though the e-mail only had a few sentenses it made me happy because it is kind of nice to have that feeling that someone you havent talked to in a long time actually WANTS to talk to you again... Hmm...

Oh yes!

and before that e-mail thingy...

I was on FB (Yes FB is the 1st thing I go on when I am online... Or maybe I just have to because it is my homepage! Tee hee...!) awhile back and I saw a notification from ANOTHER long lost pen pal of mine from England, Cheddar (They must have a lot of cheddar cheese there! LOL!)...

So I was just wondering why 2 of my long lost pen pals SUDDENLY came back!

Maybe it is pen pal reunion day...



P.S: This post is for you Jessica Anderson (Jessica, Reply to my email ASAP! Tee hee!)and Abigail Evens (Abigail, We should have a reunion game of good ol' checkers!! Haha!)!!
And to both of you...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paste paste paste...

Thanks to Mommy I have to re-write this WHOLE post again!
GRRRRRR x 100000000000000000 to you Mommy!!

Ok deep breath...
Now the post...

Just now I guess I was in a rather bored mood so I decided to have a look at my 'pastes' (As in fondant, gumpaste, pastilage etc...) drawer to have a look at what base color I wanted to cover my 2nd tier with...

I found some bits of strawberry flavored white chocolate paste (Whew! That was a LONG name!) from my Squire's kitchen Diploma course I took a few months ago...
I was bored so I took it out of its zip lock bag to play with it...

I wanted to make a simple rose with it (Without cutters.. Free hand...) but the strawberry flavored white chocolate paste (Ok! I am calling it SFWCP from now on!) was rather oily and soft!
So back went SFWCP into the cold dark paste drawer...

While digging in the paste drawer to find more interesting stuff I found...

MARZIPAN! (From my Squire's Kitchen Diploma course as well...)

You might be wondering what's so INTERESTING about marzipan right now...
Well I will tell you now...

The marzipan got MOLDY oldie!

Ooooh ahhhh!

And now I have got a NEW 'Ary'!

The marzipan mold-ary!


Tier No 1!

Yessss! I just completed the first tier and cake board for my wedding cake competition!!
I am SO glad that i can FINALLY move on!

The second tier will be a henna (The first tier was sari/Indian jewelery inspired.) inspired one :)

I cant wait to start with the second tier tomorrow!

But first...

I need more fondant to cover the caaaaaake!

I hope I can get the fondant soon or i will be slightly behind time...!



(Left: Worm-ary)
Just yesterday I found 2 REALLY tiny red earthworms (I THINK they are earth worms... i am not sure...) in the mossy part of the drain cover in our backyard!

I was REALLY happy for I like keeping pets that dont need much/any care! (Yeah...I get happy rather easily!)

I have a self-raising flour (A.K.A Wee beatle... that is what I call em'!) weevil-ary (They have been living for um a year already?) and used to have a watercress snail/slug-ary (They died when the vege rotted! Should have kept them in the fridge?), 4 fishes in the fish-ary and rice weevil-ary! (I forgot what happened to them!)
Oh yes and me and Eu Fai's 6 cactus from Cameron Highlands... Well they are kinda like pets because you still have to 'feed' them :D

So I got a new edition to my collection so alive stuff! Ha ha!!

For the new worm-ary I put it some soil (Which I had dampen a little because it looked rather dry...) and some left over carrot and cabbage from the vegetable puff(Which I hope will rot soon because Mommy said that they only eat rotten stuff...)!

Today when I went out to water the cactus, feed the fish and last of all check on my worm-ary!


The whole worm-ary place was filled (Yeah I didn't cover the container because i taught they needed fresh air!) with small tiny black ants!
And there were HOLES in the carrot! (But NOT the cabbage... Hm I wonder why! Maybe it has too much pesticide...)
Oh well once I pick the container up they ran away...
I still didn't close the container with the cover because... Umm... Oh well I just cant think of a good reason!

Oh and i could NOT spot the worms...
I wonder if they are died... Hmm...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vegetable puff

I made a batch of Pohpoh's recipe vege puff (A.K.A Chai pu) successfully today for tea time!
And it tasted original!

Here is the Vegetable puff recipe for you to try out:


2 Large eggs
2 Cups Plain flour
1/2 or 1 TSP (Depends how salty you like it..) salt
Some dashes of pepper
1/2 Cup Fried anchovies (Pounded)
1 Cup Carrots (Shredded)
3 Cups Cabbage (Chopped finely. There is no way you could shred it right?! LOL)
2 Medium sized onions (Sliced)

10 Steps to yummy vege puffs:

1-Beat eggs
2-Add pepper and salt. Beat it some more...
3-Add in flour (It should be batter-ish. Add some water if it is too dry.)
4-Add anchovies
5-Add the vegetables in bit by bit...
6-By now it should look like coleslaw :P
7-Let it rest for 10 minutes or so...
8-Give the mixture a mix and you are ready to fry!
9-Deep fry with high heat till golden brown.
10-Serve with tomato sauce or/and chili sauce or by it self or with whatever you wish!

Hope your vegetable puffs turn out as yummy as mine did!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Cameron Highlands!

Above: BOH tea plantation.
Whew! What a tiring day...!
I just (Well not just... A few hours ago but I just had the time to blog.) got back from Cameron Highlands not long ago!
It was a VERY fun trip!
I enjoyed it tons!
I will blog more later...
I am too tired :(


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cameron Highlands Tomorrow!

Wheeeheee! I cant wait to leave for Cameron highlands tomorrow A.M and meet Poh poh, Koong koong, Auntie Shannon and EnHui!

Packing today... And I REALLY need to clear up my cake stuff!

Oh yes and a cake update too...
Well my cake is almost done, I just need to pipe the border (Which is done with a tip No 2... Ugh! It is going to take ages!) and some design on the top and then I am DONE with tier No 1! Woo hoo!!

OK back to Cameron highlands stuffies...

We will be leaving at 6 A.M tomorrow! Ahh! I.. don't... think... I... can... wake... up...!!!
to wake up THAT early I would need to sleep at 8 P.M which is clearly 99.99999999% IMPOSSIBLE!!

I cant wait to feel the nice cool air on my face again!
And yes I love 'Highlands' :)

OK that's all for now!

Will be back by Monday!