Monday, October 29, 2012

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Okay, donut dough (I had this strange craving for fried dough and sugar granules this morning, at least it beats the muachee craving I had and which took half a day or so to make a batch of that sticky peanutie goodness, omnoms.) is currently being bashed around in the bread machine and I don't exactly have that urge to "study" in me at the moment therefore, I shall bring myself to blog.

October has been a fairly crazy month as compared to most unproductive months this year doing close to zilch or at least that's what I remember. I still can't believe we've reached the end of it already, seriously hasn't it just began?!

This month I decided I wanted to get the IGCSE/Olevel paper done with because I needed it to enter  an art college Which I have had my eye on for quite some time and I am pretty glad I decided to do so since well, I forgot how much I have missed so called "studying".

Yes, I am actually kinda-ish going to study for OLevels in a year and I honestly haven't actually studied since I started unschooling.
Mmm, yeh. I may have lied to a few not so random people about "Doing school books at home and learning on the internet" but I had the strangest feeling you would have preferred that as an answer as compared to "I do whatever I want to everyday and I spend half of it online".
Tis' indeed funny how I can still read and write, yohoho.

One of my first steps was to head to a tiny shoplot in a rather squishy part of PJ which getting a parking bay was like winning the lotto, called "University bookstore Malaysia" to get hold of a couple of workbooks, it was difficult picking the ones I wanted since there were literally  a few hundred different publishers and I had yet to set the subjects I wanted to take in concrete! I was basically walking about wide eyed in book wonderland!

Anyways, I ended up with three books from "CGP" that fitted the budget and well, the format was just a whole lot more interesting as compared to the random drab one at the other corner.
We even went back for the second time (I have this terrible tendency of completing books rather quickly) round to get some text books and this rather interesting modern history book by Cambridge.

Speaking about history, I have been spending an awful load of time at the "forbidden red spot section" (It's just called that cause you can't bring any of it's loveliness home, no matter how much you beg the librarians. Sob, what a cruel red spotted world this is.) in the library cause the books there are just SO much more interesting, especially the history ones ( ...And the mad science ones, psychology, art, food, ecology, language, geograp- Okay, I need to stop.) since I can now decode most of the WW2 posters and writings on artifacts from Germany and those around it that have German as one of their main languages. I am kinda glad I decided to pick German up as it plays a huge part in my history obsession, tralala.

It's amazing how that entire section is free of any humans beings, especially those loud, pesky people. Heh, I am mean.
So I just get lost in amazing books there and you just seem to forget about everything else, it's just the book(s) and your wondering mind. Mmm.
I honestly had forgotten how much I loved non-fiction.

Anyways, last month I started my blog post with random gibberish German/English sentences which I have no idea why I had even posted and I had gotten a crazy amount of blog views from Deutscheland, I wanted to die. No, really.

Not long after that embarrassing week I found this pretty amazing online community where you can blog anonymously (Or un-anonymously if you want to, but I like being invisible. Worp.) and random kind humans who happen to be fluent in the language you are blogging in would help correct your writing o' rubbishness!
I more or less blog there every odd day now and I am pretty pleased that my writing isn't 80% gibberish anymore. Dear krakens, it has improved not so dramatically!

Here's a fantastic way to "cheat": Type your sentence out in Google and if it is a valid sentence, it should appear on some random German blog or website and if it doesn't, back to the drawing board to re-form that sentence of yours!
Bah, Still can't figure out how to construct long sentences properly yet or understand without subtitles but I can read a whole lot. I do not understand myself, chee.

I've been listening to loads of German/Austrian/Swiss music recently and it appeases me that I understand 90% (And German tv but I understand less of that. Side note: German comedy has absolutely no humor in it and therefore, is very funny.)  of most songs and I actually sniffed over a song I had never thought was any good but it was so beautiful all along, sob. Then again, I probably have an overdose of feels in me so I sniff and sob just over every petty thing.

Anyways, there was a Halloween fashion show at Tropicana City Mall yesterday, it turned out to be pretty darn amazing since the stage "choreography" was freestyle and you had to do this slow creepy walk and randomly stare at people, I think I am fantastic at all that. Oho, the self flattery.

Funny how I used to get the jitterbugs before walking, now I enjoy the attention and camera flashes a whole lot more than I used to!

I didn't exactly enjoy the hair styling part since the stylists were literally going insane! The one on the left was spraying moose on and crimping my hair with well, crimping irons and the other was holding a can of hair spray and started tugging and back combing like crazy! .. I-i-it was quite painful to be honest, both physically and mentally since I was wondering how I was going to get my hair back to its -coughcough- "former glory" with all that crimping and hairspray. Hairspray and backcombing alone is bad enough already, humans!

Side note: I managed to get my hair back to normal after running my fingers through it for about an hour. And no, it was no fun.

Aside from the hair it was an overwhelmingly fun day, going in and out of the toilets and scaring random citizens walking pass but I am hungry so I shall leave you now, and hopefully blog sooner than a month.

So here, have are some pictures I got tagged in:

My ghastly model buddies.

Maleficent/Cruella de vil AKA Me with Jaslyn, my makeup artist for the day.

Since it was "freestyled" I decided to go ahead a give the backdrop a bit of a scratch, s'tu bad there weren't any of me on the runway giving the audience my glare, boo. 
And here's a random "First runway dress" picture, which looks fairly awkward. 
Bear hugs,