Sunday, February 20, 2011

Masquerade masks

 It's been a week since I last posted! I have been somewhat rather busy these few days with.. Stuff that I don't really recall but I remember them being rather important..!

Anyway back to the masquerade topic, I decided to have a fancy dress/masquerade 13th birthday party about a week ago and decided to make my own mask after hours of watching YouTube tutorials and doing research (Which makes me re-call my early caking hood days.. Sob! Happy tears*), I LOVE doing research on art (And cake decorating, see? ART!), I find it kinda fun somehow.. and well you see, I am a perfectionist (Only when I am Karen Cuppy Cake the artist, I am really the messiest person in the world.) so I do research until I am 100% sure it will turn out at least 90% of my standards!

I never really liked 'Short cuts' when I do a cake or art project because it takes away all the fun parts!
So instead of buying a plastic mask I made my own out of aluminium foil, news paper, papier mache glue AKA flour+water that is mixed into a pancake like consistency and paint! (Planning to make a 'How to" papier mache mask tutorial on my blog soon! Making a tutorial while working on your project makes it a whole lot more fun!)

I thought my mask turned out fabulous even though it was my first time making a mask from scratch!
 Like it? I LOVE it!
And of course... I was inspired by Lady Gaga and her Dance in the dark mask!
Raiding (Don't worry I paid for all the things I bought..! the craft store in PJ old town was awesome!
Twas' like heaven, to me.
It was jammed pack with so much Ribbons, lace, sequins, paint, glue etc it was difficult to move, you kinda have to walk side ways at some parts because there are too many things bulging out from the walls of that tiny shop house!
It was pretty darn hard deciding what I wanted to put on my mask besides those I HAD to get like the gold chain, black paint and findings!

My heaven turned into hell for a second because...
(Yay! I am in a plaaaay!... Ooh! It rhymes!)

Me: Um.. S'cuse me, where can I get findings?

Shop keeper: Ahhh... Miss ah, wat you toking about? Puzzled look* I don't ting we got ahh.. what ah?.. fiaandings here la.

Me: Okay... I might be spending a long time here* It is like that you know.. ring? to hold things together? (I don't explain things very well. Since I haven't used a 'finding' before in my entire life it made it harder to describe!)

S.K: You tlay to look in that drawah, maybe god.


S.K: I veli busy la, you juss tlay to fian okay?! If no have that mean no have oready.

Me: Jeez... Fine fine. Opens tiny drawers one at a time and getting very annoyed*

S.K: Pulls out a file with hundreds of different clasps, FINDINGS and other whacha-ma-callits! You see if here god oh not... (She must have noticed the smoke coming out of my ears... Hmm.)

Me: YAY!* Back to heaven...

Enjoyed my mini play about Malaysian shop keepers that don't know the names of their goods? Winks*

Everything went smoothly after that... Completed the mask in 7 hours from papier mache-ing to the final details..

Right now I am working on my second mask, Yup! I am hooked :)


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