Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A few hours of fever...

Wow I haven't posted in such a LONG time!

You could say I have been busy... And lazy!

Today strangely lots of things happened so I just gotta post!

After caking for a few hours in the morning/afternoon I felt rather woozy and I had I sore throat from yesterday...

I simply HAD to rest!

I felt rather warm and decided to take my temprature...

38.1 Degrees Celsius!

Ugh! Fever!!


I had a 2 hour long nap...

I felt worst after waking up...

When I got up to sit I felt like I had a tornado inside my head!

I couldn't focus well and my upper half was burning hot and my lower half was freezing!


Mommy said to take 1 Panadol tablet to make me feel better and it worked after 1/2 and hour or so!

Thank you Panadol!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just yesterday...

Remember when we did ____ ?

That's what happened yesterday when Swathy and her cousin came over to play at my house.

Remember when we used to be so close with Johnathan, Mei Yee, Kasevi and Karthik?

We would play Ice and water, Freeze, AEIOU, Marco Polo, Hop scotch (If it was just the girls around...) and more...

Since the beginning of this year we haven't seen let a long PLAYED with J, M, K and K!

We wanted to play EVERYTHING we did last time today...

We started off with Marco polo.
One of my favourite games!

AEIOU then Our own version of hop scotch!

We played till the sky was dark...
Just like the old times :)
I had a fun time...
If only everyone was here...


Monday, September 6, 2010

A fun and messy day!

Just another day at home...

Cakin' doing nothing much...


I know this post has yet to sound like the title...

Just wait a bit will ya?!

Call YOU an impatient grumpy person :)

I just finished covering tier #3 with red fondant (Took me ages took make and LOADS of Wilton red food coloring! Oh yes I wanted to tell you this too: After 1 year and 3 months of cake decorating I just finished my very 1st err tiny container? of Wilton RED food coloring! Wow! It took me THAT long to actually finish it! FYI It is the first one I have finished!)

Here was my first try at cake decorating!
(No not baking... You could say I have been bakin' for quite some time!)
You sure you wont laugh?!

OK here...

So after covering my cake and painting it there was some left over cornflour left on my FAVOURITE 'Sugar Impressions' non-stick mat!

I wanted a bit of a rest before piping and preparing the RI (Royal icing!) for the cake...

I played around with the corn flour and Wilton red coloring+water...

I made goop!

I made it before but I just wanted to play with it AGAIN!
It is such a fun thing to play with!

I showed it to Fai and Han (They were watching TV)...

I said: Guys lookie here! I made goop! (Smiles...) Wanna have a goop WAR...?!
Boys: YEAHHH!! Woohoooooo!

I made more gloop for the war...


It is funny how serious caking became GLOOOOP war!

After our gloop war we collected the gloop from the floor (Yeah, we are rather gross people!)

Adding water when it was dry and just playing around with it...

Mommy asked us to wash the floor when we were done.

We had a water fight after that!

What a fun day...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday parties!

Gosh! I am SUPER tired out!

Everything started at 5 p.m or so yesterday...

My cousin's from Ipoh were here (Staying at our house!) in KL to celebrate their 2nd and 4th birthday!

You could say that I was pretty bored that afternoon because I completed the 2nd tier of my wedding cake and couldent start on the 3rd tier yet because I didnt have any fondant to cover it with!

I decided to make 1 mini cake each for my cousin's birthday party that will be held in Sakura restaurant the next evening (Today.).

Since they liked dogs I decided to make them a doggy birthday cake!

I was REALLY new at making dogs because I have never NEVER EVER made a single fondant/gumpaste dog before!

I thought to my self...
Hmm... It wouldent be TOO bad... I mean I can making teddies, elephants, rabbits... Why not dogs?!

So as usual I drew my cake plan out mentally...
(I only draw my cake plan out physically if it is complicated one!)

So this one was just going to be...
A nice simple doggy cake!
Nothing more nothing less...

Somethign that I could complete in a days time!

Mental plan:

Nigel: Blue cake, blue dog, blue kennal...

Katrina: Pink cake, pink dog, pink kennal...

Simple enough!

Lets start workin'!

Everything was going according to plan my timing and speed until...
I started with the legs!


The first doggy I made was the pink doggy for Katrina and I wanted it laying down on the ground and playing with a ball...

I needed to crack my head finding out how to make the doggy look as if it was holding the ball with it's paws not as though it is in walking position but holding the ball...

I do a mentally big HUGE dinosuar RAWWWWRRRRR!

Ok found a silution to that and now for the hind legs...

That I not only needed to crack my head but ALSO my brains!!

Now I not only have to do the leg which is rather simple now...
I have to make that hind leg like a drumstick mixed with a paw...

This is one COMPLICATING dog!

After lots of cutting, bending and shaping the fondant I finally got it!


I rolled out some brown gumpaste (It is the strongest 'paste' that I can use in my house becasue pastilage actually MELTS in my house! Can you believe that?! But well I am not sure what brand you use but the one I got from my Squire's kitchen diploma course does!!) to make the sides of the dog kennal.

Some blue for Nigel's roof and pink for Katrina's...

I made 2 pink and 2 blue dog food and water bowls after that...

The dog food was little round brown bolls inside the doggy bowl and the water was glucose!

After our dinner I started my baking...

The next morning= Carving the cake+crumb coating+Fondant-ing!

Before going to Sakura for the dinner birthday party we had to go for another birthday party at Melia hotel...

It was a cowboy themed party!


It was one of my Dad's Rotary friend's son's 1st (I know there are LOTS of 's LOL!) birthday...

If I tell you more about this party youwill get too bored so it is not worth mentioning...

I liked the part where me got free cow boy hats, guns and bandanas!

Dressing up me and my brothers was fun!

Ok Sakura time!

It was a rather typical family gathering...

Nothing THAT interesting but meeting up with family was fun :)

I need to get on with today's post!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Super ice!

On wednesday I visited Mamamin's studio and bought a tub (2.5 KG) of 'Super ice' at RM 50.00..

Mamamin told me that it is instant RI (Roayl icing.).
No sifting or adding merengue powder needed!
I am really NOT sure how this 'Super ice' hardens because there is 0% merengue in the powder mixture!

The no sifting part gave me a SHOCK!
I was SO used to sifting my icing sugar/powdered sugar/confectioner's sugar at least 10 times for my string work/ extension work and such...!

It would save me TONS of time making RI if this REALLY worked that well!

I will be trying this 'Super ice' (It is made in Italy!) out today because I am running low on my stringwork stiff consistansy RI!

PLEASE work!


P.S i am done with tier #2! Hooray!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My evening...

Somehow I was just thinking on what to 'name' this post...
I decided to go with 'My evening' rather than 'My evening at the playground/park' hmm...
I don't find titles very important in my blog somehow!

After caking and having early dinner Mommy decided to go to the playground...
I agreed because I needed some fresh air and I have been cooped up in the house caking and FB-ing the entire day!

Filled up our water bottles and we were ready to go!

I passed my water bottle to Eanny just for fun because he looks so cute (Well extra cute because he ALWAYS looks cute... Well unless he is grumpy or crying...) while holding it...

He walked around the porch going 'Walk walk walk! Walk walk!' and I said Person pants (That is his name of the day!) come back here! You need to wear your shoes before you go walk walk!

He did his cute little run and said 'Oose oose! Oose!' (It mean shoes FYI.) and picked up his shoes and passed it to me to wear it for him...

I said 'Chor chor (It means sit in some Chinese dialect...) Fluffy headed!'. (Another name he has... He must be a mixed up name person..)
He simply wouldn't sit on the porch! I wonder why... So I carried him on to the bench that was half way around the world to wear his stinky 'Oose' for him!

On the way out of the house Mr fluffy headed person pants spotted some loose bits of tar on the porch and said 'Cat emm emm! Cat emm emm Che che!' (Emm emm= Poop and Che che= Big sister AKA me.) I looked at it and I told him 'Eanny fluff it is TAR not cat emm emm!' and Ean replied by looking up to me with that question-y face and going 'Che che! Cat emm emm!'!
My goodness!

I held his hand and he held 3 of my fingers (He used to be able to hold only one!) and we walked to the playground...

A few doors away Puffy Fluff spotted a dog and stared with it with wide open eyes, pointed and said 'DOG!'!
I think he froze a bit...
He isn't much of a doggy person.
Ean and Han are cat people they don't like dogs much...

When we reached the playground I took the water from Eanny and then he looked at me with that frowning eye brows question-y face (Again!) and said 'Hold!'.
I passed it to him.
He was happy once more.

He ran through the basket ball/foot ball court with that floppy happy I-got-the-water bottle look!
Cute cute cute...

He finally put his err I mean MY water bottle down when Mommy told him to put it with the rest of the Kor kor's (Elder brothers=Fai and Han.) water bottles he gladly placed it right next to the rest of the water bottles and trotted of with a wide grin (Water bottle carrying job well done!) to the tunnel slide.

While I was off Eanny duty I ran to the swing! (Swings and monkey bars are some of my favorite things at playgrounds!)
I like swinging when I had a very tiring/troubled/grumpy/sad (Negative emotions/feelings.) day because when I swing I feel as though I am swinging away the negative feelings and thoughts...
The wind gushing pass your face helps as well to wake you up!
Ahh... I felt much less tired after swinging!

After a while the mosquitoes attacked and we had to run for our life the the other bigger playground...

When we reached the bigger playground I felt horrible-y hungry (And I just had my dinner!) and was not in much of a mood to play...
So it was bug Mommy for food time!


Hooray! I won! Mommy couldn't take it anymore!
We went to 'Sun Raj Curry House' for supper...

We stopped by 'Petaling store' to get some ice cream!
Yum yum yum!

We ordered fresh fried chicken all round.
I had 1 Roti canai and Mommy had her Tosai.

Me and the boys were still hungry after that so we ordered 1 Paper tosai!

I was on Eanny duty again!

We looked at some food... the elephant god in the fountain and then at the cook/chef making our Paper tosai in the kitchen!

It came not long after...

It finished in a blink of an eye!

The boys wanted another, so did I!

We ordered another...

I told the boys that what I saw through the food passing (From the kitchen to the waiters) portal was quite interesting...

The boys followed me to the food passing portal AKA a hole in the wall!

We saw Roti canai, Tosai, Chapatti and Maggi goreng being made before our Paper tosai.

Here is how the paper tosai is made:

Take A LOT of Tosai batter 9More than the normal Tosai.) out.
Pour it on that HUGE flat frying pan... Wait frying table!
Swirl it out...
Let it cook abit.
Use a scrapper and SCRAP the tosai!
Add loads of margarine and sugar!
Cut with the scrapper at the half point but not all the way, half way.
Roll it into a cone and...
Your Paper tosai!

On the way back home I stepped on a drunken (I assume so. There were tons of beer bottles around him!) taxi driver's hand (He was sitting on the floor and it was dark!)...
I was wondering WHY the floor was SO soft and then I found out I was stepping on some one's hand! Ugh!
I apologized and ran away as fast as I could!


Royal icing Henna

I started henna-ing on my 2nd tier yesterday night...
I am pretty pleased with my henna.
I guess it is a GOOD first try!

But my Wilton #1 tip keeps getting stuck and it casues some swirls to look not THAT nice... Ugh!
I am getting sick of poking and cleaning the #1 tip!

My so very very expensive Wilton tilting turntable (That I bought for the Squire's kitchen diploma!) is coming in handy because of the piping :D

I am glad I have it!

I hope to finish the henna-ing by tonight or tomorrow morning so that I can start on the 3rd tier!


To be continued

Err... I think I am going to stop the to be continued stuff about our weekend at PD because well... It was SO long ago!

It would be more like a history lesson more than a normal blog post :)

So back to the present!


My so very very long essay (I just decided to call it that.) on our trip to PD 2

OK! I had a good night's rest and now to continue the rest of my story!

We read...

Me: Princess Diaries
Swathy: Chicken soup

We were took to all the old kumpongs along the way to drop the passengers off...
So yeah... A SUPER slow VERY bumpy (Try drinking water in THAT bus! You could spill the entire bottle on your self!) ride!

I am so glad I was prepared with things to do while taking ^&*&%#%! public transport... :D

We reached the Port Dickson bus terminal when it was dark...
Takes such a LONG time to travel to Port Dickson by public transport!
It took us 6 hours from the Jalan Templar train station to the Port Dickson bus terminal!
And if I traveled by car it would take only 1 1/2 hours!
SO much time wasted!

Once Papa picked us up and took us home we quickly ran upstairs to unpacked and took out our binoculars and rushed downstairs to see if the moon and mars were together!

Not much of a sign of mars just a tiny silver dot that doesn't blink...
That thing might be mars...

Soon it got REALLY cloudy and even the big huge round moon disappeared!

Since it was such a cool and breezy night we decided to walk to the beach to look for some hermit crabs!

We quickly ran to get our torch lights, buckets and our binoculars that hasn't really come to any use yet but just but the clouds might clear up so I just brought mine along...

Which was a VERY stupid move because it weights more than a ton and the moon was the other side of the beach that was blocked by trees... Ugh!

OK back to the hermit crabby part...
The whole beach was covered with hermit crabs!
Try not stepping on 1 single hermit crab!
I probably stepped on a few hundred because no one let me have the torch light until much later...!

When we got a bucket FULL of hermit crabs we decided to have a hermit crab race to see who got to the sea the fastest!

Wow...They ran fast!

On the way back to the road I stopped by the water's edge and just stood there looking at the beautiful purple blue sky that had clouds that looked like waves while feeling the waves reaching for my toes and the wonderful breeze gently blowing at my hair...

I felt like the luckiest person in the world...
It is one very GREAT feeling to have...

After a while I closed my eyes which made me lost track of time...

Mmmm... I felt so relaxed until...

Swathy tapped my shoulder and said: Oi! What if ah... That trees (Yeah behind us were a row of VERY tall pine trees.) got Pontianak standing there and looking at you?!

Me: Hmph! Thank YOU very much for interrupting my beautiful relaxing time! And lets GO! Got Pontianak in the trees lah!

So we ran home like a bunch of crazy monkeys!

The next morning...

Swathy: Mmmfffttfffmmmmmm......
Me: For goodness sake WAKE UP before I take a pail of water and drown you!
Swathy: Whatever... You clean the bed then OK?! (Goes back to sleep...)
Me: (In a VERY annoyed voice) YOU PROMISED ME TO GO CYCLING BEFORE IT GETS HOT! AND IT IS NOW 9 OH CLOCK ALREADY! WAAAAKE UP! (Shakes Swathy like a mad person!)
Swathy: OK OK! Fine I am AWAKE!
Me: Good good! See...? Even the radio down stairs is trying to get you out of bed by playing Shakira's Waka waka! Radio goes: Zaminamina eh eh waka waka eh eh ! Zaminamina this time for Africa! (It has been one of our favourite songs since the FIFA world cup!)

To be continued again! Caking time!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My so very very long essay (I just decided to call it that.) on our trip to PD

(Sorry! i know this post is rather late... I was rather lazy, tired and busy at the same time today and yesterday!)
Well OK... Maybe there is something wrong with the title... It wasn't just a 'weekend' but 5 FULL days (Friday to Tuesday)!

The FUN started on Thursday night...

Instead of having such a HARD time as usual waking Swathy up for any type of trip I asked her to sleep over...

BFFL Sleep over time!

We got our favourite pillows and comforters and camped downstairs in the living room!

Yeah..! We got the TV!
Movie marathon time!
Swathy chose 'Enchanted' (Disney)...
Yawn... I could remember the entire movie so half way through I said...


Me: I am going to fall asleep right now if we don't watch another movie! (Yeah I am such a horrible friend!)
Swathy: Fine fine... Whatever... What do you want to watch?
(We are BOTH Taylor Lautner CRAZY fans FYI!)
Me: Why don't we watch a movie that Taylor Lautner acted in when he was OUR age? Good idea? (We call him Jacob it is shorter! Yes.. We are also Twilight crazy people... LOL!)
Swathy: Oh maai goord! Really ah?! You have a movie hat he acted in when he was young?! Foo yooh! OK lets watch it!
Me: okay..! (Rummages in the DVD album..)
Swathy: What is his charactor in the movie like? (In a VERY eager to know voice.)
Me: Could you just wait for a couple of minutes?!
Swathy: NO!
Me: Fineee... He will be some girl's crush...
Swathy: Of course lah! (Goes on blabbering on how cute he is...)

So we watched 'Cheaper by the dozen 2'...
(I wish I had got Shark boy and Larva girl... We could have a 'young' Taylor Lautner movie marathon! LOL!

It is a comedy so we both had a fun time laughing our head off!

More talking...

Swathy: Oi! Where is Taylor Lautner lah?!
Me: (Points) He is that boy there...
Swathy: Ah doi! He so ugly last time one ah?! (Tsk tsk)
Me: Where got lah?!
Swathy: Foo yooooooooo...
Me: Oh shuddup!

(Wrestles each other...)

By the time he movie ended it was 1-2 am...!

We were still not sleepy... (When can you EVER get sleepy when you have your best friend's company at a sleepover?!)

So... Time for the latest Gossip :)

At sleepovers GOOD gossip is the best good night story book!

No long after...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzz Zzz...!

WOW! That was a LONG post and it wasn't even the start on the going to PD part yet...!

Hmm continue in a new post?
Mmm... Never mind!

Waahhh! I just got squashed by a hippo in the Nile river!!

When I woke up (Yeah that was all a dream!) I found out that it was just Eanny siting on me with is soft gushy diapers... Bleah!

Lets gooo to Port Dickson!

Prob-lame-o 1: 8 people in the car...? NO WAY!

Solution: Public transport!!

I have TONS of experience traveling and it is so terrible-y boring (Yeah even with your BF. No not Boyfriend, BESTfriend!)... So I brought along... Some cash, Some water, A box of gum and sweets, Some buscuis incase we die of hunger along the way, A notebook, pens and pencils, 3 books (Harry Potter, Chicken soup for the pre-teen soul and The princess diaries... 3 Of my favourite tiles!) and guess WHAT?!
I was digging through my board games hoping to find some miniature/portable game that could fit into my backpack and I found...

Master mind...!
That guess the color code game that I havent looked at or let along PLAYED since I was what... 6..?

I took that so VERY dusty old game along and it turn out that it was a pretty good decition... Wanna know why?
Read on!

You could say I had one HEAVY backpack!

We (Me, Swathy and Mama AKA My grandma.) left for the train station (Just a few blocks down...) at 3 something...

Boarded the train in like 15 minutes time and made our way to the KL Central station to change trains to go to Seremban...

FYI I was SQUASHED to the freakin' POLE for like what... 10 stations?!
You have got to be kidding me!
As if I am not skinny enough already...!

I HATE using public transport!

At Serdang or some place very far away we finally go some seats!

Ahh! I can finally inflate my self again!

It got so horrible-y boring (When I am bored, angry, happy and whatever emotions that I have left out I get hungry... Yes I eat as much as an elephant! Haha!) I took out EVERYTHING in my backpack!

We ate some biscults and sweets while playing tic tac toe (Whcih didnt last very long because we kept tie-ing!) and mastermind (Which was a life saver! We played it till we reached Seremban!)!

And... Since the Malays were puasa-ing AKA fasting...
They looked at us err like they were going to die?
I am such a horrible human being torturing fasting people!
Thank goodness they didnt kick me and Swathy out!

When we reached Seremban I (And Swathy too... IDK about Mama!) was SO SO SO hungry! (Yeah the torturing people biscults didnt help!)

We had Mcdonald's for tea :D

I felt much better after that...
I could have fainted... Tee hee!

We took a bus to PD...

The bus was WAY too bumpy so we could not play master mind!
We read...

To be continued!