Thursday, August 26, 2010

Having fun with the webcam...

Me and Swathy having fun taking LOADS of pictures with my lap top's webcam!



Pen pals...

Just a few moments ago I was checking my inbox and I was REALLY surprised to find an e-mail from a pen pal (I cant remember where she is from sorry! I need to DIG though my letters! Which I am rather lazy to do right now!) that I nor she has not writen emails or letter to each other for a VERY long time!

So yeah... Of I read that email first and push the rest to the bottom LOL!

Even though the e-mail only had a few sentenses it made me happy because it is kind of nice to have that feeling that someone you havent talked to in a long time actually WANTS to talk to you again... Hmm...

Oh yes!

and before that e-mail thingy...

I was on FB (Yes FB is the 1st thing I go on when I am online... Or maybe I just have to because it is my homepage! Tee hee...!) awhile back and I saw a notification from ANOTHER long lost pen pal of mine from England, Cheddar (They must have a lot of cheddar cheese there! LOL!)...

So I was just wondering why 2 of my long lost pen pals SUDDENLY came back!

Maybe it is pen pal reunion day...



P.S: This post is for you Jessica Anderson (Jessica, Reply to my email ASAP! Tee hee!)and Abigail Evens (Abigail, We should have a reunion game of good ol' checkers!! Haha!)!!
And to both of you...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paste paste paste...

Thanks to Mommy I have to re-write this WHOLE post again!
GRRRRRR x 100000000000000000 to you Mommy!!

Ok deep breath...
Now the post...

Just now I guess I was in a rather bored mood so I decided to have a look at my 'pastes' (As in fondant, gumpaste, pastilage etc...) drawer to have a look at what base color I wanted to cover my 2nd tier with...

I found some bits of strawberry flavored white chocolate paste (Whew! That was a LONG name!) from my Squire's kitchen Diploma course I took a few months ago...
I was bored so I took it out of its zip lock bag to play with it...

I wanted to make a simple rose with it (Without cutters.. Free hand...) but the strawberry flavored white chocolate paste (Ok! I am calling it SFWCP from now on!) was rather oily and soft!
So back went SFWCP into the cold dark paste drawer...

While digging in the paste drawer to find more interesting stuff I found...

MARZIPAN! (From my Squire's Kitchen Diploma course as well...)

You might be wondering what's so INTERESTING about marzipan right now...
Well I will tell you now...

The marzipan got MOLDY oldie!

Ooooh ahhhh!

And now I have got a NEW 'Ary'!

The marzipan mold-ary!


Tier No 1!

Yessss! I just completed the first tier and cake board for my wedding cake competition!!
I am SO glad that i can FINALLY move on!

The second tier will be a henna (The first tier was sari/Indian jewelery inspired.) inspired one :)

I cant wait to start with the second tier tomorrow!

But first...

I need more fondant to cover the caaaaaake!

I hope I can get the fondant soon or i will be slightly behind time...!



(Left: Worm-ary)
Just yesterday I found 2 REALLY tiny red earthworms (I THINK they are earth worms... i am not sure...) in the mossy part of the drain cover in our backyard!

I was REALLY happy for I like keeping pets that dont need much/any care! (Yeah...I get happy rather easily!)

I have a self-raising flour (A.K.A Wee beatle... that is what I call em'!) weevil-ary (They have been living for um a year already?) and used to have a watercress snail/slug-ary (They died when the vege rotted! Should have kept them in the fridge?), 4 fishes in the fish-ary and rice weevil-ary! (I forgot what happened to them!)
Oh yes and me and Eu Fai's 6 cactus from Cameron Highlands... Well they are kinda like pets because you still have to 'feed' them :D

So I got a new edition to my collection so alive stuff! Ha ha!!

For the new worm-ary I put it some soil (Which I had dampen a little because it looked rather dry...) and some left over carrot and cabbage from the vegetable puff(Which I hope will rot soon because Mommy said that they only eat rotten stuff...)!

Today when I went out to water the cactus, feed the fish and last of all check on my worm-ary!


The whole worm-ary place was filled (Yeah I didn't cover the container because i taught they needed fresh air!) with small tiny black ants!
And there were HOLES in the carrot! (But NOT the cabbage... Hm I wonder why! Maybe it has too much pesticide...)
Oh well once I pick the container up they ran away...
I still didn't close the container with the cover because... Umm... Oh well I just cant think of a good reason!

Oh and i could NOT spot the worms...
I wonder if they are died... Hmm...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vegetable puff

I made a batch of Pohpoh's recipe vege puff (A.K.A Chai pu) successfully today for tea time!
And it tasted original!

Here is the Vegetable puff recipe for you to try out:


2 Large eggs
2 Cups Plain flour
1/2 or 1 TSP (Depends how salty you like it..) salt
Some dashes of pepper
1/2 Cup Fried anchovies (Pounded)
1 Cup Carrots (Shredded)
3 Cups Cabbage (Chopped finely. There is no way you could shred it right?! LOL)
2 Medium sized onions (Sliced)

10 Steps to yummy vege puffs:

1-Beat eggs
2-Add pepper and salt. Beat it some more...
3-Add in flour (It should be batter-ish. Add some water if it is too dry.)
4-Add anchovies
5-Add the vegetables in bit by bit...
6-By now it should look like coleslaw :P
7-Let it rest for 10 minutes or so...
8-Give the mixture a mix and you are ready to fry!
9-Deep fry with high heat till golden brown.
10-Serve with tomato sauce or/and chili sauce or by it self or with whatever you wish!

Hope your vegetable puffs turn out as yummy as mine did!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Cameron Highlands!

Above: BOH tea plantation.
Whew! What a tiring day...!
I just (Well not just... A few hours ago but I just had the time to blog.) got back from Cameron Highlands not long ago!
It was a VERY fun trip!
I enjoyed it tons!
I will blog more later...
I am too tired :(


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cameron Highlands Tomorrow!

Wheeeheee! I cant wait to leave for Cameron highlands tomorrow A.M and meet Poh poh, Koong koong, Auntie Shannon and EnHui!

Packing today... And I REALLY need to clear up my cake stuff!

Oh yes and a cake update too...
Well my cake is almost done, I just need to pipe the border (Which is done with a tip No 2... Ugh! It is going to take ages!) and some design on the top and then I am DONE with tier No 1! Woo hoo!!

OK back to Cameron highlands stuffies...

We will be leaving at 6 A.M tomorrow! Ahh! I.. don't... think... I... can... wake... up...!!!
to wake up THAT early I would need to sleep at 8 P.M which is clearly 99.99999999% IMPOSSIBLE!!

I cant wait to feel the nice cool air on my face again!
And yes I love 'Highlands' :)

OK that's all for now!

Will be back by Monday!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Mid Valley...

Today after brunch Mommy decided to go to Mid Valley for clothes for our trip to Cameron Highlands this Thursday (In 3 days time! Whoots!).

I looked after Eanny in the car again...
He was in a good spotting cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes etc mood today :)

Stopped here yesterday night, was too tired.
Ok lets continue :)

The boys and I prepared some biscuits etc for the trip which also helped keep Eanny occupied... Whew!
I guess he is use to traveling now huh?

The REAL trouble in the car Begin when we reached the Mid Valley parking lot!
We went round and round x50 looking for a place to park!
There was only one level no B1 B2 B3 etc :/
Eanny was starting to get fidgety (If that is a word!)!
It was a TOUGH 15 minutes (Or longer!)!
At least we found a spot and survived :)

Went up to have lunch at the Manhattan fish market!
I had my all time FAVOURITE chocolate milkshake!
And we had fish and chips too... Duh?

We ordered a bit TOO much!
I was VERY stuffed...

Tee hee...!

We bought tickets for the Sorcerer's Apprentice show @ 6.50 PM

While waiting we went to MPH bookstore to READ!
Whoopy :)

Read some more Darren Shan books, well just 1 book no bookssss :P

It was No 4 some Vampire mountain one which I cant remember the name...

It was nicceeee as usual :)
I didnt get to finish the ending!
Or the last 20-30 pages...

Oh yes and I found the very FIRST vampire book I EVER read and they had the continueation there!!
It is called Vampire Kisses.
I wanted to stay the for the WHOLE day so BADLY!
I wished we bought the 8 something movie instead >:O

Oh well there is always next time right...?

After that:
Movie=Sorcerer's Apprentice


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Our car filled with rambutans!

My (Deep breath!) Mr fluffy headed Eu Eanny cutie pie weed baby pants!

Our cozy car...

Yesterday we started our journey to Karak at 11 pm.

We stopped by Peel road to have 'Yong tau foo' for 'brunch'!
Yum yum yum! What a treat!

After a VERY satisfying 'brunch' we headed to Gombak to visit the Orang Asli museum...

I was rather reluctant to go down because it was SO nice and cozy in our car!
We folded down the backs seats of the car to make it a 6 ft (Or so) length bed! It was SUPER fun!
We covered the whole boot up with tons of comforters and we brought pillows! Ahhh... IT was LOVELY!

OK back to the museum part...

The museum was just like any other museum...
Rather boring.
Not worth talking about...

Ok back to our coooooozay car :)

We took the old road to Karak.
It was rather windy(I HATE 'OLD' ROADS NO MATTER HOW SCENIC THEY ARE!! Getting car sick is HORRIBLE!)...
I got rather car sick so I had to sleep/rest.
I slept :D

When I woke up I was in Karak town already!

After a while we entered 'Kampung Leng-Kong' and then it was bumpy road (Nope half-way through the kampung and there wont be any more tarred roads.) time!

So once we reached my Poh poh and Koong koong's house we plucked rumbutans and do some other stuffies which I cannot really remember :P

Oh then it was the marvelous SEWING time!

Poh poh bought me and Caryn a T-shirt each to sew sequins on!
Once I started sewing I COULDN'T stop!
I got addicted and now I LOVE sewing!

(I will post a picture of my T-shirt once it is done!)

So for the rest of the day I was mainly stuck to my T-shirt... Tee hee!!

At night after we put off the generator we sat in the verandah munching on some sunflower seed and peanuts while looking at ONE firefly! LOL!
After awhile it STORMED!
So I guess that chased away the rest of the fireflies...
The storm was WONDERFUL!
It was so nice and cool after that!
Mmmmm... :)

It was a LOVELY night to sleep after that!
Without air conditioning or fan just nature's air cooling system.

The next morning after breakfast I continued sewing!

Once everyone was awake me and Poh poh made 'Chai pu'...
(Vegetable puff in some Chinese dialect. Which I cant remember what..)

After that we packed up and left for lunch in Bukit Tinggi.

Then it was Bye-bye time... :(

Back to K.L!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Tier No 1 Update!

I took down the mini string work and added the lace...
Looks better?


Decorating tier no 1...


Starting of with some simple string work.

Some err I guess you can call them mini string work or frills. Whatever you want... (I scarped this off at the end. It was rather ugly. I will be replacing it with the lace. Scroll down....)


OK here are some picture of the string work and lace I did...

I started yesterday night after the paint on the cake dried and the icing on the board hardened.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tier No 1

Caption for photo: It is actually DARK PURPLE! (Not blue!) I don't make cakes with such UGLY colors! LOL!!

Whew! I managed (Yeah, square cakes are NOT my best friends but I LOVE round ones! I wanted a bit of a challenge this time round so I chose square!) to cover a 14" (Biggest cake I have ever covered!) square cake (I am bad at covering squares... The edges always tear!!) ALMOST without tearing!!
Yes I was VERY lucky this time...
It was a perfect cake until...
I was smoothing the cracks on the edges with my palms and then I must have rolled that part a bit too THIN and half of that side came tumbling down!!
So much for my lucky covering square cake day!
I managed to patch it up!! (But on one of the corners you can see the Styrofoam dummy cake but it is OK... I will HOPEFULLY think of something to cover it up!)
I was trying to be a bit of a 'Dare-devil' (Remember the square cake?!) this time round...
I PAINTED the cake to give it a special effect! (It has this nice streaky effect. Just to tell you if you cant see it on the photo that I uploaded...)
SO far SO good!
it actually turned out pretty well...
I didn't expect it to turn out like that but it turned out OK :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately!
I have been VERY busy with my wedding cake since I decided to do something TOTALLY different than what i had planned!

Thump! Went the cake into the trash can! Yes, the 2 covered cakes went into the bin! (Well I just scrapped off the icing.. Didn't exactly dump the WHOLE cake in there..)

Well so now my wedding cake theme is...

So get READY!!

INDIA! (Or Indian which ever you prefer!)

It is gonna be SUPER fun making it!

Woohoo new cake challenge!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No post toninight...

I am too sleepy-ish-ly tired...
Stories tomorrow...


I am back home!!

Wow I am back home from our Port Dickson house and I have SO much to tell YOU!
I will post a really LONG one after my bath!


(Cant wait to start posting! I missed my blog SO much!)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Before P.D 2

(Picture above: Our lovely beach .)
Papa is having lunch and I hope I am able to blog more HOPEFULLY!

We will be meeting my Poh poh, Koong koong and my cousin Caryn there, I cant wait!

Will blog about Port Dickson when I get back home :)

Oh and about the wedding cake...
The top 2 tiers are done :)
I experienced a couple of cracks in the royal icing so I had to redo but it was OK I suppose...
Now the top 2 tiers are wrapped in cling wrap and waiting for my to do string work on them!
I cant wait to get started on the string work!
But first i would have to ice the bottom 3 tiers... Ugh!
Am getting a bit sick of icing the cakes already ha ha!!
Really excited about the string work part...
It is going to be SO fun!!

OK Port Dickson here I cooooooome~!


Before leaving for P.D

Yay! I have a VERY little time before leaving for Port Dickson...
And I am using that time for blogging :)
I am rather addicted to blogging again...
Actually I am more towards blogging then Facebook ever since i started my 'Do you know the cupcake girl?' blog.
I LOVE my blog.

Mommy is bugging me to help pack stuff in to the car. So I cant blog :(


Port Dickson!

I will be in our P.D house till Tuesday!
No posts till then!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

My 2nd polymer clay charm neckalce...

Yay! Today after what I did in my previous post I started working on my 2Nd polymer clay charm neck lace!

You might be wondering why I didn't post about the first one...
Well you see the eyes... Are not really up to my mark so I just abandoned that rabbit cupcake polymer clay charm project and started on another today :D

You could say I am VERY proud of this one... :)
It is kinda represents me ya see.

See photo above. Sorry if it isn't that clear, I took it with the web cam and cropped it! (Ok! uploaded a better one!)... And there is a smudge of glue on the cupcake cup! Ugh! I am SO messy -.-"

A tiny pink (Mind you I like pink stuff... I like other colors too but pink is a KAWAII color and I LOVE KAWAII stuff that is why I like pink. Geddit? Tee hee!)teddy bear with a REALLY cute chef's hat thing-ma-bob hugging a humongous strawberry swirled cupcake!

Whee hee I am over whelmed with KAWAII stuffies!

A BIG hip hip hooray for polymer clay! I LOVE working with you! Maybe a wee but more than gum paste/fondant because I can turn you into jewellery and I cant with gum paste/fondant but I guess I love both of you 'pastes' just the same :P

I LOVE you polymer clay!!


Wedding cake competition prep

Took my very FIRST step towards my wedding cake just now.. :)

I decided on a around 90% royal iced cake.
So today I covered 2 out of my five tiered cake with royal icing...

While I was icing my 6 inch top tier I made a HUGE mistake!
HUGE as in everything I made before could go down the drain type of HUGE!!

(Sorry I am not telling you WHAT the mistake was because it is a secret... Hush! And how I am icing the cake... Hush-er!!)

So after I finished icing the cake I stopped and was thinking on what I could do with that ^*%!$#* cake!!
Was thinking for quite some time and I was just wondering about my color theme with is Black N white...
Then I got this SUPER DE DUPER idea for my cake! (Mwa ha ha ha ha!!)
Instead of just one color per tier I could make it 2 colors per tier!


I love GOOD things that come out of mistakes :D

Hooray for mistakes?

Tee hee!


Goals for today...

Today hopefully after all the moving stuff into my new cakin' room (Which was the play/study room and maybe it 80% still is!) I would still have to to at least cover the 5 dummy cakes with royal icing and hopefully do some string work practice on my Wilton practice board... :)

And if if if if (Yeah thats ALOTTA if's) I have more time after that I will do my clay HOMEWORK -.-"

Hopefully i will be able to complete EVERYTHING!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th July 2010

4th July 2010... One of the worst titles I could ever think of haha!!
But still... Many things happened TODAY (4th July 2010) so I guess I would just name this post that!!

Ok, enough of that chit chat of 4th July 2010 :P
Now for the news report of the day!


Well today there is GOOD news and BAD news...

The good news is: Mommy has got her car so we can go anywhere and everywhere! Hooray!

The bad news is: I have to look after baby Eanny in the car :( Sob!

Today I needed to get some cakin' stuff for the ICCA wedding cake competition so we drove to ICCA Kota Damansara.

More GOOD news and BAD news stuff...

The good news? Ean was a goody good boy on the way there :) He only asked for Mommy 2 time and got easily distracted by other stuff and he fell asleep on the way there.. Yay! :D

The bad news? We got lost finding ICCA. (Yeah.. The shoplots are like a maze and I dont really remember the way out :( ) So we went at least 4 BIG rounds before finding it.. Sigh! Thank goodness eanny was sleeping or he would have made a FUSS!

Oh have I told you that I feel like I am in heaven when I go cakin' shopping?
Yeah I was in cakin' heaven today picking and choosing my stuff (I MISS ICCA tons! I wish I had my Wilton courses every day.. :( I MISS my friends and Nina.. And no I dont MISS the diploma! Too much stress! Yeah I learnt tons of stuff but I dont really wanna go through it again! Ok enough about how much I miss ICCA and stuff back to the 4th July 2010 post!) for the ICCA cake competition :)


Ikea time!

We didnt know the way there so we just followed our guts... And we got there safe and sound! Hooray for guts! :P

Had lunch and it was YENJI CLAY time!

Ugh-ish... (And Mommy if you are reading this pretend you did not see that word okie?)

I started on a new project.. The figurine doll thingy-ma-bob project.

The instructor are still the same and they still HATE (Ok fine.. DISLIKE) me... Sheesh kabab..

Made the head and hand (Yes only 1 hand.. I have to do the other as HOMEWORK...) today..

Just not so lately I got this polymer clay charms bug...
Making cutesy-putsy polymer clay food/figures/animals and sticking em' to key chains, bracelets, necklaceses etc..
So I bought 2 plain metal (One pink and the other black..) necklaces with that screw thing to attach it to the polymer clay..

Yes, you could say I was quite happy after getting this stuffies.. i couldent WAIT to get home to start!

On the way home from Ikea..
Eanny was GRUMPS!!
I am glad I am still alive...
He is HORRIBLE when he is GRUMPS >:(
He made me GRUMPS too after that car ride home!
GRR You Leong Eu Eanny!

OK enough with the Leong EU Eanny-ing :P

I started polymer clay-ing the moment i reached home!
I was WAY too excited!!

At first i wanted to do a baby doll figurine holding a cupcake..
That didn't turn out well so I start on a NEW one!!

So this one was successful :)

It was a little tan colored rabbit no taller than 3 inches holding a cute little strawberry swirled cupcake :)

Pictures of it tomorrow!

Zzzzzzzzzzzz time!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am home!

Get ready for an extra LONG post!! Please DO NOT die reading :P

Sobs...! It has been a VERY short 3D 2N holiday in Genting highlands!!

It was So nice and cool up there and it is SO scorching hot down here in KL!
One of the things I really miss is the weather ha ha!!

We went to Genting Highlands with my cousins Nigel and Katrina and their Mom and my grandma! Lots of people so it was very merry! Ha ha! Remember the more the merrier?

Mommy had already planned what to do first up there and it was to visit the strawberry and mushroom farm in Gotong Jaya!

What a LOVELY sight! Strawberries here, strawberries there, strawberries EVERYWHERE!
Once you entered the farm you would be in strawberry HEAVEN ha ha!! (I am not much of a strawberry fan so I didn't really go CRAZY over them!)
It was a self pick farm... (RM 8 for 100 grams)
We got a basket and a pair of scissors and then of we GO (Picking strawberries!)!
I had a fun time picking and choosing the reddest and the yummiest (I couldn't really tell which one was the yummiest.. But I tried :P) strawberries!

Nothing much in the mushroom farm but I still cant stop thinking about the mushroom called 'Monkey brain mushroom'!! (Looks like one though..!)

We bought lots of different types of mushrooms (Including the monkey brain one! Ugh..!) and veges (There was a sort of dry market after the mushroom farm selling toys, veges, food, clothes etc etc..) for our steam boat dinner!

Went to a nursery (It was after the dry market.. Yeah the place had more places to visit then I thought!!) and saw some lovely flowers :)

Yum yum yum!!

We stayed up in a 2 bed room apartment in Awana... I like the free (But it is most of the time occupied so you have to try your luck to get it!!) Internet kiosk and the pool (Oh and I can finally do a PROPER handstand under water!!)!

The cable cars were down for renovation!! I was REALLY disappointed :(
The cable car was one of the many things I looked forward to up in Gentings...

So we had to take the old boring bus up to the theme park/theme park hotel :(
The roads were SCARY (Shouldn't be if you were driving a car but it is SCARY on the bus!) because they were so windy and narrow!

We didn't have time to go for the outdoor theme park (AGAIN!!)...
So we just went for the indoor theme park. (Boring?)
So bumper cars a 100x it was!!
I guess it was fun not THAT bad.. But secretly I still wish I went to the outdoor theme park as well :)

We met our Poh poh (Grandma) and Koong koong (Grandpa) on the (They came down from their farm in Karak) way down to Awana..
They brought LOTS of rambutans!! My FAVOURITE!!
I had a great yummy time munching on them :)

I suppose you guys know that we went there (To Gentings. Duh?) to celebrate (My brother's) Eu Han's 4Th birthday up in Genting highlands right..?
So well after the theme park we went back to the hotel to have cake and sing 'Happy birthday' too of course!!

Went to our favourite restaurant in Gotong Jaya for the dinner after having cake :)
Had a BIG HUGE feast! I enjoyed it tons!

Home the next morning...

Hope YOU enjoyed my story on my holiday to Genting Highlands!
Thanks for reading such a LONG post!
Hope you didn't die!! Ha ha!!


My basket of strawberries... Posing with my Kucheah (Aunt) and Katrina!

Steamboat... Yummy!

My ship wreck getting torn apart!! AHH!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Genting highlands!

Hooray! We will be leaving for Genting's in a bit... Maybe after breakfast.. I am not sure :P

We will be up in genting's and will be staying in Awana hotel 3D and 2N so no posts for me for that couple of days okie?

I was so excited yesterday night until I dream of Genting's haha!!
But it was a nice dream, I hope everything I dream about happens :)

Okie zokie GTG have breakfast then leave...