Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tiger lily cake

I finally got my tiger lilies like 90% (I forgot to make a bud to go along with my half opened and 2 fully bloomed tiger lilies! Hope it dries well tonight so I can dust it tomorrow!) ready before I need to assemble my cake tomorrow...

Remember the foliage that I was making yesterday?
Well I am happy they dried 70% bone hard in Malaysian weather by 9 AM today!
I prayed REALLY hard that it would not rain that night (It is monsoon season at it has been raining at least once a day! And gum paste don't like humidity and rain! And it so happens that I live in one of those countries that humidity and rain is the highest?)!
Whew... Thank you rain god! I shall offer you some cake later today! Haha!

This tiny 5" (Diameter?) x7" (Height) cake is not going to be any normal fondant covered mini cake...
It is going to be to be covered with butter cream (NoOoo! I hate washing up after crumb coating and icing a butter cream covered cake because of the buttery grease... Bleah.) and iced like my Train Cake!
But this one is going to be Van Gogh icing style on the top AND around it!
I just finished icing it and it looks FABULOUS!
Imagine yellow, orange and red icing swirls all round the cake!
I made the icing colors like so to match the very berry orange-y tiger lilies!

And my favorite of favorite butter cream (Royal icing works as well.) border, the SNAIL trail all round the bottom of the cake!
I really have no idea why I LOVE the snail trail border so much...
Maybe because piped shells are too common and that I find snail trails (Or a bead border, which ever you like to call it! I like snail trail... Sounds grosser and more interesting, doesn't it?) neater, elegant and pretty..!

Every time I turn around and look at my caking table filled (Yeah, it is a rather small table! But it is good enough for me!) with beautiful, flawless tiger lilies, foliage and butterflies (Oh and that one bud that one stinky bud that I forgot to make yesterday... Dry quicker!!) it just make me feel SO super happy that I completed THIS much within 1 and a half years (I started caking in July last year.)!

And the fact that I am teaching my self how to make flowers like the peony (Whoops! I forgot to blog about THAT flower.) and my latest tiger lilies by looking at images on Google (I LOVE Google! I could never do cakes like these if it wasn't around!) and browsing and borrowing gardening and flower arranging books from the library!
You have NO idea how much I LOVE doing cake research!
Doing cake research is no easy task (Especially when you can't find what you are looking for!) but I just seem to enjoy it.. Somehow!

I always need to have my lap top next to me with a close up shot of the flower that I am doing because I just LOVE details...
Looking at everything from the color of the pollen on the tip of the stamen to the veins on the petal TWICE so I can replicate it EXACTLY.
Replicating nature is AWESOME... I feel like god... Somehow! Haha!!
When I did my tiger lily research I was surprised on how many types of them there were!
It was pretty hard to choose one species of it because they are all so amazingly beautiful!

Since I started making sugar (Mainly out of gum paste.) flowers I seemed to look more closely and pay more attention to the plants, leaves and flowers (More on the flower side I guess..) when ever I get out of my caking room (Which is pretty close to never because all I need to keep me occupied for the whole day, and the next, and the day after THAT is some gum paste, and ALL my tools of course and my lap top with FaceBook on! Oh... I suppose I need food too!)!        

Before I log out, there is one thing I would LOVE to say...

You made my life worth living...

Sorry that there aren't any pictures of the not really finished cake yet!
I need it to be a hopefully still a surprise (After describing the cake in this post! I hope I didn't describe it too well...) for the birthday girl!
Check back here tomorrow night for the picture of the 100% done cake!

Pictures of the cake ABOVE!!

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