Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mtv World Stage 2010

You might be wondering after I posted the title 'Mtv World Stage 2010' think that I will be going right?
But unfortunately I ain't :(

SOB! Wish I could be there to see Katy Perry, Wonder Girls, Tokio Hotel and Bunk face @ Sunway lagoon surf beach!! AHH!!
Well.. I am not such BIG HUGE fans of them so I am trying to tell myself it is 'OK' not going.. Well I think I am doing a horrible job at telling myself that! Ha ha!!

If (Only IF) Lady Gaga were there I would be 100% buying those tickets (Front seats/standing!) no matter WHAT!!
Lady Gaga come to MALAYSIA!!


Too many people!

AHH! The house is going or already is upside down!!
Wanna know why?!
My 4 and 2 year old cousins are here (They are visiting from Ipoh and are going with us to Genting's highlands..) and Arian is here too!
My brothers are going crazy maybe because of too many playmates ha ha!!
The noise level is WAY too high! Gonna get deaf soon! At least it will only or hopefully last for a couple of hours :)
Oh well!
Mommy is naggin' me to go offline because of the thunder storm ;P So ta ta until later...!


It is DONE!!

Za Ship wreck (Winks*)!


1 More day till Genting's ...

Okies.. So my brother's 4th birthday cake is done (Big HUGE whew!) and now I am really looking forward to going up to cold and misty Genting high lands!!

Cant wait to visit the theme park!!
I can hardly wait!!
AHH I am so excited!!
(Sorry about all the '!!' I am just too over excited :P)


Bits and pieces of the underwater ship wreck cake..

Stay tuned for pictures of the whole ship wreck cake!


Eu han's underwater ship wreck birthday cake 4

Yippeeee!! I am done with the underwater ship wreck! Hooo raaaaaaah :D
I am so proud of my creation and I could not do it with out Debbie Brown's book!
Thank you Debbieee!!

Well no pictures yet because I am still air drying the railings and there is tissue underneath it to support it and it will look kind of ugly in the photo so I'll take a photo of the whole cake later..

Enjoy the photos of the bits and pieces of the cake while waiting for a picture of the whole thing :P


Eu Han's underwater ship wreck birthday cake 3

Whew! Am at the half way point of finishing the ship wreck cake!
1/2 Way till finishing the cake!! Woo hoo!
Gotta keep running!


Eu Han's underwater ship wreck birthday cake 2

Stayed up till 1 am carving the cake, crumb coating it and adding timber on! It was VERY tiring but worth it once I saw the end result!
(NO worries I will post a picture of it later! Could'ent take one yesterday night because of the lighting.. My camera doesnt take good pictures at night..)

So... Today will be fun adding all my little sea creatures on and off board and my treasure chest that has over flowing loot!

Will start on the cake after dinner and hope to take pictures at every step :)


Friday, July 30, 2010

Oven mitts missing!

Notice: 2 Stripey oven mitts named Mr and Mrs rainbow stripey oven mitt MISSING!
NOO! I will have to use the kitchen cloth to take them out from the oven!

Yum yum!! Deliciously fresh hot butter cake coming right out of the oven! Sadly taken out without my favourite oven mitts :(

Searched high and low but no Mr and Mrs oven mitt to be found :/

I LOVE you oven mitts! Come back SOON!!


Eu Han's underwater ship wreck birthday cake!

Tum tee tum tee tum.. Waiting for the butter to defrost!
Cant wait to start baking cause I haven't baked for quite some time :)

Well it is going to be my FIRST sculpted cake and it is going to be a ship wreck with lots of life around and in the ship wreck! I am REALLY nervous about sculpting the cake! Hope it goes well! Wish me luck! Haha!

I have prepared all the sea creatures ahead of time such as the octopus, star fish (Which are stuck to some of the rocks/pebbles), a school of fish and some VERY cute little crabs (Currently the photo under the title and discription) :D

Ok! Butter is done defrosting! Time to start baking!

Should be able to post pictures of the finish cake by tomorrow or the day before! So stay tuned!!


A lazy day...

The title says it all!
Today is one of those VERY lazy (Speaking of lazy.. I am still not out of my Pj's yet :P) days were you want to do absulutly NOTHING (Execpt laze around of course haha!)!

Yesterday we just got back from Karak (My grandparent's farm) and then picked up my cousin Caryn and went to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating and to the movies (We watched Salt!)!

I guess I am just tired out from yesterday not lazy maybe just abit.. Well ok! Lazy too haha :P

Felt a sudden rush of snacking hunger... And there isnt anything to snack on.. UGH!

May the lazy day continue..


Project runway dream..

Yes Project runway is one of my FAVOURITE tv programs (IF you didn't know! See I told you you didn't know me THAT well! (Read my previous post) )
They show it quite late at night so I went to bed after watching it.
And guess WHAT?!

I dreamt of PROJECT RUNWAY! (Although I don't want to be a fashion designer.. I cant sew or stuff like that! But of course I can draw/plan out beautiful clothes. But I could never take the stress! I a never good at handling stress! Like NEVER EVER!!)

I made it down to the final five or something don't really remember!

I was working on a pirate, manga girl costume :) The colors on it were hot pink and black.. It would be awesome if I made it in real life ha ha!

Then after 10 hours we were called to the runway.. (The scary part) Teng teng teeeeeenggg!
OK so Heidi Klum (LOL yes she and that other old guy was there!!) told us that.. (This is so not related to project runway but this was what she said.. I cant remember what she said exactly but I will try :D)

We had to go for an organ transfer (Or something like that.. But we (As in all the contestants) had to switch livers/kidneys etc etc!!)
It was super scary!

First we had to sleep and not eat or drink anything for 1 full day, (I am not sure why!) I had trouble sleeping so I was abit scared!

At 4.30 am (I was half-way sleepin') a whole bunch of Dispicable mes (The yellow things) rushed into my room and turned all the lights on! Then they did it to all the rest of the contestants..

So we couldn't sleep..

Had that transplant the next day..

I woke up in the mids of it! I wonder if I would have died because I didn't sleep for one full day just a couple of hours! Ha ha! Am still wondering what was going to happen after that!!


So have you met the cupcake girl?

Well so have YOU met (And really known her?) the cupcake CRAZY girl?
Really YOU have?!
Ok! We will see about that!
I doubt it! :P
Check out my NEW blog to REALLY find out about me!(Winks*)