Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bear Reese

Tum tum tum tee tum too teeeeeee tum... Grin* 
I am fairly (More like VERYLY! But... I am not going to get too over excited, it spoils my calm image.) pleased with my berries (Forgot what they are called, saw them in one of Alan Dunn's books but they look lie mulberries so I shall just call them that, even though they are a little too round.. So you shall call them mulberries all because I am too lazy to walk to my cakery, flip open the book, search like crazy through the pages and tell you, aren't I evil?)

This is my very first time making berries (Now I am getting addicted to making seed pods as well! Both berries and seed pods are SUPER easy to make and they give a nice "Fun" look to a err... Bundle of flowers!), never wanted to try them before because they looked a little tough but after reading (I don't really like Alan Dunn's instructions in his books, it's somewhat hard to read. So I usually flip through unless one really catches my eye.) through the whole thing it seemed quite simple.
Roll a ball of gumpaste, stick a wire through, roll a few billion tiny balls (A simple task but rather time consuming, nearly died of boredom..), stick them on to the bigger blob of wired gum paste, cut loads of stamens up into small bits, stick them into random small blobs, once dried DUSTDUSTDUST (I LOVEEE dusting sugar flowers, I have no idea why.. It's just SUPER fun!) and GLAZE (Anyone want a tutorial on this paticular berry?).. Ooh ahh..

Speaking about the awesome word called GLAZE..
Here's a short story by Karen Cuppy Cake:

One fine afternoon a girl was making some berries and weird-can't-remember-the-name seed pods, there was something bothering her it was the fact that she couldn't complete the entire berry and seedpod because she didn't have any edible glaze to make the berries and seedpods err... SHINE!
And also that the fact that her other foliage won't look "realistic" as well. (Note* I know that girl very well and she want's to win the competition and go to UK, full stop.)
So she got her father to get a bottle of it for her and she started "painting" (She couldn't find a spray one.) her gum paste foliage the next day and when she opened the cap the smell nearly killed her because it smelt like... Note* It took her about 5 brain cracking minutes to realize what it smelt like because she hadn't smelt that smell in YEARS!

Note* Found this photo on the net, I don't own it. I was pretty surprised it even came up!
Anyways, yes THAT was what it smelt like! 
Anyone else remember playing with these? I remember blowing them when I was like, 5 or something and it smelt SOOO chemically, bleackh.
Imagine having to endure that smell for err... SOME time, it makes we somewhat faintish as well, yeesh.
AND! I have a question, I hope it is a good one. 
IS EDIBLE glaze even EDIBLE?! It smells full of chemical and the "Ingredient label" says it's made of (Runs to cakery and back*): Food grade refined bleached lacquer, whatever liqueur.. Err, I mean lacquer is, it doesn't smell good that's for sure.
Now it makes me think.
My all time favorite almond coated milk chocolate is coated with glaze.. YUCK! Let's pray it isn't the the same edible glaze that I used on my berries today because I will still be eating them no matter what, HAH.   
    But ever since I started caking I have "weaned" myself of a couple of my favorite foods, mainly those that contain VEGETABLE SHORTENING, I just find food that contain vegetable shortening.. Yucky.
I get eggstreamilee happy when I see a cupcake boutique anymore because.. Mine are the best, no really.
A couple I have been to after I started baking, their cupcakes make my teeth feel funny, like, squeaky... I wonder what's in them... 

Signing off from another one of my random cakecomp updates!
-Karen Cuppy Cake

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