Thursday, October 6, 2011


Cheewiz, haven't blogged in almost a month I think and there are TONS of pictures in my camera, spent the entire evening downloading and editing my favorites, yeesh, who knew it was so tiring?
*Mumblessmulfle Especially with this stupoid  (I don't know why, I seem addicted to the world "Polaroid", adding the "Oid" to everything, hahaha!) cough and mossie's toes hovering around me.  

Anyways (This vord never leafs my aid. Let's hope you can make some cents out of that.), long story short:

Went for a wedding (Was looking forward to it very much because.. Eh.. Well I don't get to dress up in well a dress much and of course take some pictures of the sparkly chandeliers, too bad it turned out to be a "outdoor" wedding, heh.) and it was boring-ish (As usual, I come up with the crazyest stuff when I'm bored, I'm pretty pleased with this one though..) so we went out to the "other" side of the deck and let the boys loose.
Decided to whip out my camera again and take photos of the lovely nighty Putrajaya landscape, too bad they turned out super blur, actually super good because I played with the camera a little more and discovered a different way of taking "pictures (I am not sure if you consider them pictures..).
Kinda forgot how I did but I remember my hands shaking a lot so the pictures were just whatever I was taking a photo of and some colored lines so I decided to go ahead and shake/move the camera even more and this is what I got:

My personal favorite, it reminds me of Han's favorite nickname for himself "Fire blaze"  (When he first said that Papa was like "What?! Fireplace?!". Chee, can't stop laughing my head of!), so I'll just call this beautiful work of art (Pats myself on back*) "Fire Blaze".
This was probably made by moving the camera from side to side.

Another favorite of mine, can't decide between the one up there and this one.. 
A tsunami of colors, can't think of a name of it but it's basically a rainbow tsunami! 
Love the little "Stitch marks" effect..
Made by moving the camera in circles, hahaha! 
Fai gave me that idea, I wonder how many people stared as I was taking "pictures" this way..

"China town" (I have a wild imagination, I hope the "names" make sense, I wonder if I'm the only human that sees them this way.. I hope not though.). It just reminds me of all the lanterns and colorful stuff (Basically Chinese new year stuff, I suppose.) you see all around China town, as far as the eye can see...
I think I used the "round&round" technique for this too.

"Galaxy" (Try looking more to the middle, the swirly part not the "S" stuff.). Or maybe this looks more like a "Aurora", well.. You choose! 
I'm not sure how I took this one, I thinking I was just basically throwing the camera around... 

"Ghost caterpillar" (Oh, that sounds silly.. I need to drink more creative juice. Hmm... It reminds me of something a Mom would name a piece of kabloob-random-splatter-painting artwork her child did..).
Throwing the camera around technique again me finks...

"Slinky"! I have no idea why but it just plain reminds me of that toy...
Technique: Vigorously move your camera up and down. 

-Camerarrrr Clumsy cake

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