Friday, July 30, 2010

Eu Han's underwater ship wreck birthday cake!

Tum tee tum tee tum.. Waiting for the butter to defrost!
Cant wait to start baking cause I haven't baked for quite some time :)

Well it is going to be my FIRST sculpted cake and it is going to be a ship wreck with lots of life around and in the ship wreck! I am REALLY nervous about sculpting the cake! Hope it goes well! Wish me luck! Haha!

I have prepared all the sea creatures ahead of time such as the octopus, star fish (Which are stuck to some of the rocks/pebbles), a school of fish and some VERY cute little crabs (Currently the photo under the title and discription) :D

Ok! Butter is done defrosting! Time to start baking!

Should be able to post pictures of the finish cake by tomorrow or the day before! So stay tuned!!


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