Friday, July 30, 2010

Project runway dream..

Yes Project runway is one of my FAVOURITE tv programs (IF you didn't know! See I told you you didn't know me THAT well! (Read my previous post) )
They show it quite late at night so I went to bed after watching it.
And guess WHAT?!

I dreamt of PROJECT RUNWAY! (Although I don't want to be a fashion designer.. I cant sew or stuff like that! But of course I can draw/plan out beautiful clothes. But I could never take the stress! I a never good at handling stress! Like NEVER EVER!!)

I made it down to the final five or something don't really remember!

I was working on a pirate, manga girl costume :) The colors on it were hot pink and black.. It would be awesome if I made it in real life ha ha!

Then after 10 hours we were called to the runway.. (The scary part) Teng teng teeeeeenggg!
OK so Heidi Klum (LOL yes she and that other old guy was there!!) told us that.. (This is so not related to project runway but this was what she said.. I cant remember what she said exactly but I will try :D)

We had to go for an organ transfer (Or something like that.. But we (As in all the contestants) had to switch livers/kidneys etc etc!!)
It was super scary!

First we had to sleep and not eat or drink anything for 1 full day, (I am not sure why!) I had trouble sleeping so I was abit scared!

At 4.30 am (I was half-way sleepin') a whole bunch of Dispicable mes (The yellow things) rushed into my room and turned all the lights on! Then they did it to all the rest of the contestants..

So we couldn't sleep..

Had that transplant the next day..

I woke up in the mids of it! I wonder if I would have died because I didn't sleep for one full day just a couple of hours! Ha ha! Am still wondering what was going to happen after that!!


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