Monday, January 2, 2012

Woven anklet

I kinda forgot what made me want to look up "Friendship bracelet tutorials" this morning but I just did, for an unknown reason.
That's extremely strange because.. I REAALLY don't know why I looked it up and ended up on YouTube since the picture tutorials were pretty hard to follow and I soon realized how easy making these were and how much they resembled my favorite "Orang-asli craft" (I absolutely love any "Native" craft, especially jewelry they are somehow a lot more interesting than the usual ones!) ones!

All you need is some "Cross stitch string" and the super ability to tie knots!

I spent about half an hour to forty-five minutes to complete my anklet (It was supposed to be a FRIENDSHIP bracelet but I ended up making an anklet for MYSELF, huh.. Funny how things end up!), my first few rows were VERY jumbled up (This is the somewhat second attempt I guess, I couldn't even tie that loop knot thing-ma-jig on the first one! Thank goodness I could untie it!), not sure how they got sorted but.. They did, strangely!
I thought I had lost a good meter (Of EACH color! I didn't believe the tutorial at first but I am pretty glad I did because the length was just nice after all that "weaving"!) of cross stitch thread!

Alright, enough of the chitchat..
Hmm, filling up my limbs (Neck included, I think!) with cross stitch thread is going to be SUPERB!

-Karen Cuppy Cake

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