Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have been working on this for some time already, actually ever since the day I got the sketch book (Yes, this  is my very first drawing/sketch/thang I drew in it.) from Kisa!

It has pretty much been an on and off thing, when I feel like drawing I add a couple of flowers abit at a time so yeah.. This is probably the longest I took to complete a drawing/sketch/wachamecalit!

I suppose I am pretty proud of it, I don't think I have drawn this many flowers before..
The flowers are mostly hybrids (There's something about me unable to draw flowers EXACTLY-PATHETICALLY.. And besides, you use more creative juice this way!), created in my mind (Ooh, mind.. What a mysterious word..)..

To name a few there are daisy hybrids, peony not so hybrid (It is somewhat like the one I made in Alan Dunn's flower course.), spider lily not so hybrid as well, some sort of berry hybrid, babies's breath not so hybrid, cosmos not so hybrid, rose hybrid (I am quite proud of this one, for the first time ever it does not look like some kind of cabbage..), poppy hybrid and a ginger flower hybrid.

I kinda forced myself to not go OUTSIDE for inspiration, so it was kinda like a test to see how many flowers are stuck in my head and obviously.. Not many! I think I need to spend more time smelling roses, eh?

I have no idea why but I love drawing daisies (And cosmos!), I love flowers with numerous (Ooh, big word. I don't even recall what it means but I just felt like using it, so yeah.. Plop it right there.) petals!
It was my first time drawing (And in a LOOONG time, without my inky pens since I forgot to lug them to the Comic Fiesta!) the other flowers/berries (I officially love drawing berries, they create a some what nice touch!) and excluding leaves.. 

Excuse the fact that some flowers are drawn in a lighter shade than others, I kinda lost the first pencil I was drawing with..

-Karen Cuppy Cake

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