Tuesday, June 28, 2011


No, I am not going to be enrolling in college, maybe sometime in the future but probably not (I would be more than happy to go for some cakey or artsy one though but it would be even better if I could open my own cake college by the time I am 16 or... Something like that.), I have got more important things to do.
I am not that super smart, just in case you thought I was.

Ugh, got woke up at 8 AM.
Dragging myself out of bed (I am usually like that if there is nothing really worth waking up for.) was torture this morning especially, so sleepy that I put off my haunted batty air-conditioner and dropped the remote on the floor instead of putting it in the holder, oops?

Dragged on a pair of "Leg jails", also known as jeans in your planet but they are known as "Leg jails" (I think by now you should guess that I don't really fancy jeans, eh?) in mine and my black, old, lint covered, very comfy Batman tee and my favorite chunky bracelets (A few of the many I bought with Machika, my favorite person in the whole world to shop with!) then we were ready to hit the road!

Slept once I hit the car seat (My brain is programmed to do so whenever we go on long journeys or most of the time, KL, another thing I learnt from Machika.), no point looking out the window as I have seen that highway many times before.

When I awoke (From my cushy, velvety black coffin at sundown... Mysterious music*) we were already in Subang Jaya, caught in a traffic jam, typical!
Then at Taylor's college, at no time at all, at ALL (For those of you who don't really "know" me it means, ALOT of time, almost 10 years.)!

First thought of the day: Mmm... Not a very impressive entrance, right in front (I mean RIGHT in FRONT.) of the busy shop lots.

It reminded me of my primary school in Singapore, EXACTLY like it.
Same gate plus guard house, tiny basket ball cou... Wait not even a court, it only had one hoop (There is supposed to be 2 right?) and a concrete floor (The edges were kinda chipping away and "melting" into the tar road.) without any sort of "markings", same buildings and stair cases that surrounded the car parks and "basket ball court", oh I am going to LOVE (Why do I feel so sarcastic today?) this place.
I seriously thought colleges were supposed to be of "higher" standards.

Up to one of the lecture rooms we went (Our, more like Mommy's I think. Purpose of the visit here was to find out if "Home-schoolers" or "Un-schoolers" could go to their college and what were the requirements and other blahs, I was on the edge of falling asleep (Even worst, Ean started crying so Mommy left me alone and went off to the staff lounge where the "little" kids were screaming their heads off, sob.) by the time the "Panel of school principles" or something like that were done with their speech.

After that we went to the Chemistry lab to do some experiment, which did excite me for a nano second until I found out we were just going to put a metal "nail" into hot water, pour some tap water into a Styrofoam cup and record the temperature, record the mass of the cup alone and then with water on a digital weighing scale, record it down, then drop the "nail" inside the cup and record the temperature of the water with a tall, thin glass thermometer. Sheesh, I could do that at home.

Right after we completed the experiment we were told to move on to the "campus tour" (I think that was what they called it.) even though some of us weren't even done yet, why were they so rushed for time?

I personally didn't enjoy the tour much I felt as though as I was an animal in a cage being wheeled into the library, cafeteria etc and being stared at by the students, I don't really enjoy being stared at, at least not this way and they start whispering about why "They" (As in us.) are here once you "halfway leave" the room.

All I can say is that I didn't have a very good experience today, college is just like any other school, nothing all that SPECTACULAR and let's hope Taylor's college doesn't find this post, eh? And when they do.. I have my icing bombs ready, MWAHAHAHA!    


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  1. I loved your post. You are cheers girl. I like that.