Friday, June 24, 2011


A random post about what I have been up to today and the day before, well not MUCH as in nothing that would really interest you (I think.) but it does to me and what I did was.. Lazing around, one of the things I am most well known for since I am un-schooled.

You know... Reading (The books I recently re-borrowed (I think I have read all of them, at least twice or trice or maybe fifce (If that's a word.) already but yet they remain interesting, shrugs* The authors are Ellen Schrieber, Darren Shan, Cathy Hopkins and  Jacqueline Wilson if you were wondering.) from the PJ library.), listening to more K-pop (SHINee in particular, Girl's Generation is drifting further and further away. Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong and Amigo are my listen-to-every-morning-to-wake-and-energize-me songs and Hello and the Japanese version (I just prefer it more than the Korean one, at least I understand more than "Sarang hae"! That means I love you in Korean if you are were wondering, it appears all the time in the comments so it is rather hard not being able to notice it.) , I am getting more addicted every day, sigh, blogging some of those posts I never, EVER plan to publish because they got WAY too personal, sometimes I just type too much of what I think out I suppose and finally some biology today because Mommy left me a note on the laptop (One place where I will always be, I have a rather smart-where-to-leave-note Mommy.) with Khan Academy open saying: FAI & JY Do one topic everyday! *Start Fai on algebra.

Pshhhhh* Fine. Browses website* Scrolls down the list of videos* Finds "Biology"* (I have always been found of this very subject and science if you didn't know, history as well.) Clicks* Clicks the first topic that pops up* Goes "oooh" evolution, interesting...* Clicks play*

Yeah, that's basically how I went I suppose.
The first few lines of speech weren't too boring so I kept my head phones on, with SHINee music in the background it was even better even though I had to click on the "music" tab (There were a hundred open so yeah, took some time to find out which one it came from too.) every 2 minutes because no song is complete without the music video right? Well especially not THEIRS.

Starts talking about how evolution works* I liked this example on the common flu virus: Okay, so you are down with a very bad cold/ flu (Don't worry I am not voo doo-ing you even though that's my other thing I am most well known for if you have looked in my clay toolbox but never mind if you don't! You are much better off that way not knowing anyway!) and obviously you have a rather large amount of virus that say look like a blue spot with 3 red dots and like 1 in every million may be "Abnormal", say it only has 1 dot instead of three. So since you have such a BAAAD cold and you rush the the clinic closest to you, too bad on that day it has a newbie doctor that doesn't know much so he gives you a bottle antibiotics, so you go home take that amount you are supposed to take and Vou-la! You recover the next day! But... The antibiotics or medication is only designed to kill the blue virus with 3 red spots not the one with 1 spot so now the few or one "Abnormal" one has the whole "place" to itself and it starts breeding a new flu virus that starts the new "Flu season". Goes on talking some more*

Whips out her big fat Biology book and goes to Evolution.* Reads and finishes the whole topic*

But but... I already learnt all of that from X-men!
Like Papa says, there isn't any point watching a movie if you didn't learn anything from it but I learnt this rather un-knowingly, I suppose that's how un-schooling works huh?

Very soon I covered the whole "Evolution" part of biology and DNA was next!
But since I was tired and DNA had lots of long names (I am horrible with long scientific names, expect dinosaur ones but my 4 year old self was much better, trust me!), I decided to leave that topic for tomorrow (Today.).

After that I was just lazing around (Again, I know. Told you I liked doing that a lot.) and thinking about the year so far, did I manage to became as good as Margaret Bruan? I guess not.. The year just zoomed past too quickly (It's not really a stupid excuse, it really did! If you haven't noticed...! I remember celebrating new years and my birthday not a very long time ago...) Ugh! To tell you the truth, I didn't cake and "learn" (I went for like 5 courses or maybe 6 last year! And completely zero this year! I feel as though as I am getting dumber...) as much as I did last year... I thought I would be able to do that and that and that this year.. but nope.

I thought this year would be all about caking but I guess I was pretty wrong, it was more on.. Knowing who I am more besides caking, I think I did a good job at it but I seriously think I should be working more on caking or maybe pastry next year because I am growing old WAAAY faster than I planned so I guess since this year was a "rest" year, I would have to work extra hard the next year or at least the other half of this year to make up for it!

Time for more SHINee, Sarang you awesome people who actually listen to my posts!

Parrot Gummy Bake

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