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Swathy-Machika-Blooregard 2

Yippee I actually made it to the second post! (I am usually too lazy to do so.)
Want to know Blooregard's version of her visit to Peedee? Check this out: Penguins grow on trees (Don't laugh at her post's title, I mean laugh as much as you like she will probably be killing me anytime soon so I guess a little more embarrassment won't hurt. Grin*)

Okie dokie orie pokie porky! Let's start.. Uh, I mean continue! (Again stuff didn't happen in this order, I have goldfish memory like Blooregard says.)


Machika has been obsessed (And I have been all my life! I still remember that visit to "Little India" (One of "Little me's" favorite places when we lived in Singapore. Love the Indian "Bling", as in the bangles and saris! Apart from that and the henna I love Indian food especially that particular very squishy shop that had an "upstairs", we would usually sit "upstairs" because I insisted to, (I always enjoyed being on top, like the top of a double decker bus, a bunk bed etc.) and the only thing I would order there was an ENORMOUS bhatura or 2 midium sized pooris! Loved the fact that it is an edible balloon (See! I was actually addicted to edible art since then! Funny recalling it all of a sudden. My favorite cake shop was "Polar's cakes" and I actually ENJOYED eating the edible image then, ewww! And I would persuade my mom to get me a mini edible image and butter cream chocolate cake (I actually waited to get home before scoffing it down and savoring the chocolate butter cream covered edible slowly after the chocolate cake was long gone!) every weekend since we would usually be hanging around in one of the many shopping malls we visit and maybe going to Singapore's wonderful library after that, I wish Malaysia had Singapore libraries sometimes..) and I would try to eat it before it collapsed, I don't think I ever succeeded though but it was always fun!) , Singapore  when I was 5, 6 or was it 7?  I LOVE the feeling of the cool crushed henna leaf paste being "piped" onto the back of my palm and watching the henna-ist doing her magic and seeing the usually floral design take shape within minutes! I personally can't take "long term" projects very much, I have to see almost instant results.)  with henna since our visit to Batu caves in March (Or maybe before that, am not too sure.).

I was pretty surprised when she came back in June with a plastic bag FILLED with black, brown, glittery and even henna that you could paint with but that of course spoils all the "piping" fun in it!

In minutes our wooden glass topped dining table was turned into a beauty parlor desk with henna tubes scattered (My new favorite word, I think.) all around!
Guess who did "Beautifying" (AKA "Henna-ing" with "Inai" leafs but since we were in a beauty parlor I might as well call it "beautifying".) ?!

The closest thing I ever did to beautifying (Lets see... I don't use make-up and even my strawberry flavored lip-gloss which I bought when I was 7 is still laying in pristine condition somewhere at the back of my nail polish drawer.. Oops did I just say "N-a-i-l P-o-l-i-s-h"?! (I have always loved "Nail polish-ing, I think before I was the "Cupcake girl" I was pretty much known as the "Nail polish girl". I remember those days in the dojo half of the class would be asking me what my nail polish color this week was!) Yeah... I suppose that's the only "beautifying" thing I use which it more like art than beautifying, I think. Ever since I got a bottle of "Gothic morbid black" nail polish (My parents were going to "Central" to do grocery shopping, Sharp-eyes-for-accessory shops-me spotted one and there we, as in me, Swathy and Machika stayed until my parents were done shopping, we kinda weren't finished with that shop yet when they came to drag us home. I have a feeling we should be thanking that shop keeper for "Baby-sitting" us for an hour or 2, oh yeah, I forgot we bought stuff. LOADS. I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to hear my what-I-bought list like the last post so I shall just zip up.) that had a super fine brush my nails were basically blank canvases. Note* Woah! That was one long "bracket in a bracket" post!) was probably doing an egg white facial (Trust me, even Machika though I was mad that day.) and finding a box of my grandma's eye shadow and doing my version of make-uping, a black eye, red nose and rainbow colored cheeks on Machika, she kinda did the same to me! I never though make-up was so fun!

It was my first time "Henna-ing" yet it came quite easily since I actually put the henna into a #1 piping tip and piped as though it was royal icing not mushed leafs! The only problem was I couldn't lift the "icing" of much so  the first few minutes of piping was pretty awkward but I soon got used to it, I guess.

Check out the hand and leg (Hand's mine, Leg's Machika's. Kinda did a switch mani/pedi last night, use machika's slime green and she used my glittery purple. Love the fact that both of us love "weird" neon colored nail polish!) below, those are my henna designs with probably my own twist (If you have noticed, I like piping random dots on!), like it?

I did M Kucheh's hand and ankle (She requested for a butterfly! I found it pretty challenging but it turned out pretty good I suppose!) too and Machika's other un-henna-ed hand too.
Since I haven't piped in ages my hand felt as though it was on fire and that all my finger joints had been dislocated, the same feeling I had during the SK diploma, ughs.

To those that aren't familiar with "Henna-ing" you would have to allow it to dry (That means no moving your hand or foot, at ALL!) for at least 50 minutes to an hour then wash it off, it would leave an orange or brown henna "Tattoo" on your skin and that would probably last for a week or two at most. 

Machika was pretty impressed with my "Piping" skills (Of course, who wouldn't? ...Is it that obvious that I was kidding?! I think I should brag more...), she said that it would be nice if we could open a tiny henna and accessory shop in Tokyo together one day and use the cash we earned to travel the world. Oopses! Did I already mention that in the first post?! "Thousand apologies"! (Tags Swathy! Don't you dare comment on this post, "Por favor" or "Bochana" or "Oh blimey" or you vill ve veli dead, I vill be sending "Chairman Mao's" ghost to haunt you , Mwahahaha! Use Su Li or was it Lee? accent*) 

Is it THAT obvious that we have been watching too much "Mind your language"?! Fine. The Soons passed us    their whole collection when we made a trip down to Kuala Lumpur with Swathy and Machika, we did a tour of the "Central Market" and it's art museums and... It's many tiny accessory shops!
I think we stayed up till 2AM that night watching "Mind your language"! We completed the whole series in 3-4 days!

I am pretty sure in this "post" I covered more than henna so moving on...

Signing out as Beautifying Bootie Beautee Parlor Karen.

Melacca AKA Melaka but I think I prefer it's "English" name, thank you very much.:

We visited Melacca twice, once with Swathy AND Machika and the next time without Swathy. Sob.

Melacca visit 001- We probably slept at 1 or was it 2 AM?, we were busy chit-chatting I suppose, as usual. Woke up at midday when we were supposed to leave the house at 9AM to Melecca, oops.

We left as soon as our feet touched the bottom of the stairs or was it after lunch? I told you I have gold fish memory, we took the coastal road (As usual.) down, got lost somewhere halfway but I was too sleepy to bother much.

Our first stop was the "Cheng Ho" (Ugh! Do I HAVE to explain who he is?! Wikipedia is only a click away! And as said so above I can't remember much and to make it worst my brothers are playing with their new toy, a machine gun. Or was it a riffle? Or sniper? All I remember was a eunuch, personally I think it should have been called "Eu ouch" instead. He went on 6 or was it 7 voyages in total and he went from China all the way to Africa, the order he was given was to explore west. He had a fleet of 120+ or was it 1200?! ships from a growing vegetable, water, life stock ship to humongous battle ships, it was basically a floating Chinese city, he had a crew of 24000. He was ordered by the emperor to spread peace or something like that so he was given silk and stuff like that to distribute. The emperor's favorite gift (He basically traded Chinese stuff with the stuff where he went place's stuff and brought them back for the emperor. Melacca gave him a few trunk fulls of spice, they were very valuable then.) was a GIRAFFE but it wasn't a African one though. On his 6th voyage the emperor died so his voyages stopped after some time the "new" emperor asked him to sail again and that's when he died somewhere in the Indian ocean. Sob.) museum on Jonker's street since we parked (Parking is rather hard to come by over there.) some where near it.

Tour, tour, read signboards, look at exhibits then finally it was time for the short Cheng Ho "movie", we had the whole theater hall to ourselves since we were the last customers of the day, nice. Blah blah Cheng Ho stuff then they were speaking about how he sailed the world? 70+ years before Christopher Colombus then there was a bit about him and his ship was called "Santa Maria" and at that exact moment me and Swathy screamed/screeched "SANTA MARIA" (In a Juan/Spanish accent with both hands half-way up, fingers curled in a bit, head tilled up slightly*) add a few hundred exclamation marks after that! And then of course we burst out laughing, Mommy and Papa did too! Yes, "Mind your language" again! Ahh... I so want to replay that moment again!

After the museum we went up with Poh poh ang Kong kong, my Mom's parents for lunch.
They took us to a tiny open air food court, I don't think you can call it a "Food court" since there were only 15-20 stalls and only 8 were open! That was right next to the very beautiful Portuguese (Mommy says "Malaysian Portuguese basically look like a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay. And that they have "European" surnames, I don't think I would be able to spot one just yet.. Tags Blooregard, MWAHAHA!) village that has a "Moat" around it and beautiful bridges to cross over. Another thing, one of them is haunted, someone cut of the heads of that village's "head" people and hung them from one of the bridges, nice?

A Chinese porridge shop and a rice and soup shop.
The only place on earth I would survive my whole life and not get fed up of the food.
I LURRRRVE (Remember to roll the "Arrrrrrr" a bit for me, eh?) fish porridge (With A heap of pepper, another head of sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce. What do those foodies say again? Oh right. A COMPLETE match make in heaven! Scoffs food down*) and ANY bowl of Chinese herbal and non-herbal ones as well I guess.. you throw at me!

Karen Cuppy Cake's list of favorite Chinese (Chinese or maybe just Malaysian Chinese..? people make the best soups in the world!) herbal and non-herbal soups:

  • 1st Place: Snail and slug soup AKA watercress soup (When Mommy makes it she usually finds a dozen tiny snails and slugs in the watercress which I usually put in a container with a few stalks of watercress and observe them for a week or so then dispose of them in the compost heap, I am not really sure if they lived or not.. Probably not. So that's basically the history of Snail and slug sloup. One of those soups which I actually eat everything from the vege to the meat unlike herbal soups. I don't exactly fancy eating roots and stuff like black chicken but of course the soup's scrumptious!) and herbal black chicken soup. 
Some random not that bitter herbal soups that I don't know the name of come next and  then there is old cucumber (It isn't really over ripe cucumber, it is a different sort of vegetable all together, really.) soup and ABC soup (Potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, black pepper and chicken.)

When all hope is lost AKA when those soups aren't available at home then it's time for the almighty... Canned mushroom soup!

Okie, back to the story! 
At the Rice N soup shop they also sold tiny saucers of "Steamed" stuff like egg or "Cawanmushi" like Machika calls it and steamed mince pork with salted vegetables, yummm.
Note* I am practically drooling right now.

BEST.Dinner.You.Could.Possibly,Get.On.Earth. Well next to "Yong tau foo" @ Peel rd and a nice bloody medium-rare Sizzling steak @ The Ship. (And a nice bowl of shark's fin soup with some crab meat thrown in it, if you don't mind.) Why exactly am I tempting myself again? Ughs.
"People" say I am a fussy eater, I think I just have good taste buds. (Like what I mentioned in my Ratatouille post. I am exactly like the food critic. "I don't like food, I LOVE it and if I don't love it I don't SWALLOW" I guess I have "Laid off" quite a bit this few years, sob. I am losing my inner "fussy-ness".)  

Okay back to the "Melacca" subject, I can speak about food for the whole day but just not this one.

After our very early dinner we went down to the "Around-the-moat" for a lovely evening walk.

Me-Machika-Swathy @ That-Portuguese-moat-place.

Then... We went to eat again, not very surprising if you lived in a family like mine. Weee Lurrrve (Roll that "Arrr" again for me please!) Foood!

Just a short intruding, not much point story: 
We (Me and Blooregard.) were ordered to wake up at "Oh six hundred" the next morning by Papa so we slept "early" (My early is anytime before 12 midnight. I go up to my room @ 12, Pick a book and finish reading by about 1-ish or 4 if I plan to do a speed reading series marathon. Oh, love the freedom of finally having my own room and turning the light off at will, I still wish I had that *Clapclap* off light or at least the switch beside my bed would be nice thing because walking or more like running my legs off in the dark from the switch the bed is the most terrifying thing, ever.) at 10PM, without supper.
We had the usual "Sleepover" (I don't understand why they call it that when we don't sleep more than 3 hours at a sleep over because we are too busy talking and talking and talking some more!) chit-chat once I switched the light off and made a dash to my nice safe bed and my "Invisibility from ghosts cloak" blanket, this time I think it was about K-pop since I got her addicted as well! May thy K-pop disease take over ze vorld! Evil maniac laughter*  
Blooregard said she was a little hungry then she started talking about FOOD.
She said a name of a food and i would answer if I liked it or not, my answers were usually longer though.  
For example: She asked if I like apple (Or some other fruit, I think it was Sibble berry pie, I don't really recall but all fruit pies are the same to me.) pie. My reply: Fruits don't go in PIE, it's disgusting! Only meat does! Especially beef, Mmm beef pie! I am pretty sure I went on and on and on (Sings that Abba song!) 
Not very long after I screamed: LETS GO DOWN FOR SUPPER!
Blooregard: Yes! In 26 minutes! Woo hoo!
That Blooregard is pure evil, I tell yah! Eeeeviiiilll!
End of story.

SEE?! I can't stand skipping a meal and supper is one of my most important meals of all (Brunch, lunch, Tea 1, Tea 2, Dinner, Supper 1 and supper 2)!

Melacca visit 002- Not much to say about this trip.
Went to Afamosa (The fort not the theme park thing.) for the 5th time or so, it's getting rather boring and I almost died of thirst in there since I and the rest of the crew forgot to bring our water bottles!
Shopped like mad in Jonker's walk and the tiny shops at the base of the fort, I love walking (Or more like running since there were sooo many shops and sooo little time!) and feeling a few dozen bags clang against my leg..  
Had dinner at my favorite place again then off we zoomed home!

MelaKaren signing off!  


I dedicate this entire part of the post to Miss Basil Blooregard the munchkin since she can sleep from 1AM till 8 PM a day and she can't cycle so there isn't much I can do with her except talk, do french tips for her beautiful long finger nails (I can NEVER have long nails, they are so darn uncomfortable! I have no idea how "Long finger-nailed people" stand it... And I actually mastered the art of french tipping! Woo hoo!), drag her to the beach one day and wake her to eat. Laughs*

During her first night a bat flew into my room and started crashing into my walls and going round and round like the metal ball in a pin-ball machine. Even without my glasses I could see a black shape flying on top of us, kinda scary (the scary part was probably it screeching and making weird sounds.), even for me. A few bats flew into our hall before but never into my room and how on earth did it get in?! My door was shut and so was my glass sliding door to the balcony..
After five traumatized screaming our lungs out minutes I decided to put on the light and open the door.
The bat dropped onto my rug but I dare not drag it out so... I went to call my my dad.
After a minute of violent shaking.. He didn't get up, nice.

Time for plan "B"!
Get all you important belongings and "RUUUUN"! 
This girl ran (Tag Blooregard. Vampire kisses #1, Trevor Mitchel, the woods, tee hee!)  to her grandma's empty bed (She went back with M Kucheh to Ipoh.) in perfect condition (Mine is full of crumples, pillows all over the place and my blanket on top of it all. I find it a waste of time doing it all up then messing it up again at night and the night after that and that.) room and I actually made up the bed again the next morning, I think it looked quite good and up to grandma standards.

The next most interesting thing was sending her back (I am just kidding but Blooregard is waiting very  impatiently for this post and I am feeling very sleep indeed and my gums hurt a bit from that scaling I did at the dentist today so I might as well hurry up.) home, not exactly home because then I would be sending her back to Penang! Just back to her Mom I suppose you could say.

First stop- Pudu Raya.
Dropped Papa off there to take a bus to Ipoh (This was the day that we had to wake up at "Oh six hundred", we woke up at 5.30AM but too bad my parents only woke up at 7AM...) and supposedly Blooregard as well but that kinda changed after a few phone calls.

Second stop- Library.
And.. It was closed, nice.

Third stop- Amcorp mall.
We zoomed (Spotted a tiny fashion accessory boutique called "Karen's Collection" and it had all my favorite things in it but the prices are waaay over my price range!) upstairs to "Book Xcess" and Blooregard went crazy over the books and it prices, very much predicted by psychic me. 
Spotted a Cathy Cassidy book I have always wanted to read, "Angel Cakes".
The "Guy" in the book was called Dan (Watta boring name.) and at one "Scene" he was helping his mom (Called Karen and she runs a bakery and she makes caaaakes! Seems like today is "Karen Day".) give out cupcakes in the pouring rain and he was wearing angel wings, which instantly reminded me of what SHINee wore in their "Ring Ding Dong" video so I pictured him giving out cupcakes in the pouring rain, wearing some angel wings and... Dancing the "Ring Ding Dong" dance. I couldn't help it, I started laughing my lungs out and I am pretty sure the whole store noticed but WHO CARES! Read it over and over again and therefore I laughed over and over again!

It was a nice book and it was only RM17 but after reading the back cover it said 9yr and above, so that book clearly went back on the shelve.

Now Blooregard is starting to "Woof" me so I guess my post is done! Till next time my dear followers!

Carrot Guppy Ache

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