Sunday, February 27, 2011

13 Part 2

You may be wondering why my "13" post was so short. I hate short posts, what's the point of blogging if you blog such a short "story".. Well I just don't find it worth it.

Anyways, what a FUN time (Eating, playing at the pool, yakaty yakking, eating, opening the BEST birthday presents ever (Thank you, THE A MAKARONI for that load of presents you got for me and the fun we had shopping in Times Square, AMRITA for the cupcake necklace... I LOVE IT! It is the cutest thing ever!, ZED DABALIEW/PURPLE TWIN for the purple present that was wrapped in purple wrapping paper that had a purple box that contained a purple necklace!, ADRIAN and JOYCE  For the pink mini washing machine, are you saying my clothes stink?! and MOMMY and PAPA for the TRAFFULA TREE! I hope you didn't mind me blogging about my presents or maybe you just skipped the whole part (Meanie!), but I REALLY loved every single present I received from you AWESOME people!), murdering (Oh don't ask! It was fun though!), Screaming scrabbling, playing badminton in the "Haunted" squash court that had spider webs, broken floor boards and dim lights and eating some more!

The party was FABULOUS and when I got home I was greeted by a couple of comments on my birthday cake photo on Facebook, "13" Blog post (And most surprisingly the comments and "Likes" on my photo was by my "Friends" that I was pretty sure didn't think I existed until today.. So, you secretly stalk me, eh? Hahaha!) and my "13" Birthday cake photo on CakeCentral!

It was an awesome moment I tell 'ya!
Because... People actually LISTEN to my words and well cake stuffies, it feels great that I am noticed..! Huge grin*

Well... I guess I just had one awesome early birthday!



  1. I really like your blog design and your cakes are beautiful!!

  2. You make cakes which a pro would not be able to make!