Sunday, February 13, 2011


Last night I lay tossing and turning in bed at mid night-ish being bombarded (Ah hah! I spelled it correctly with out Blogger's amazing 'Spell Check'! ) billions of random thoughts..
I was rather stuck with one 'question' my mind threw at me..

"Who was my idol and my inspiration?"
I never really thought about this question before mainly because I didn't find the need for one...

I went through all the 'cake-y' celebrities and people that I found 'Idol Worthy'.. None made it!
Not even Eddie Spence and Margaret Braun, even though their pieces of art (I can't even call them cakes!) FABULOUSO they didn't really make me who I am today.
Although I am really GREAT (Yet!)..!

Soon after that I realized that THAT person was no other than, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
Yes, it is lady Gaga.

I assume you are wondering how that (Ehem.. Excuse me for a while please Gaga. That's if you ever read my blog!) crazy women that wore a meat dress ( You have no idea how many people ask me "Why on earth do you listen to Lady Gaga?!" Not saying anymore I can't insult Lady Gaga on my blog to that extend.. To those who said those words and more to me it HURTS! And it kind of proofs you don't know talent from non, eh? ) inspires me..

There are a land of o' plenty of reasons why she inspires me but these are the main ones that I keep in mind all the time...

  • To not regret being unique, there are plenty of 'ordinary' people and only a few have the opportunity to see the gift they were born with (A.K.A Born this way! I have been listening to it over, over, over and over again ever since it came out yesterday!) so don't just dump it away in the bin just to fit in with the crowd.

  • Ignore rude comment, they aren't worth your time. They are just jealous you went further/are more unique than them. 

  • Don't restrict your self. No, the sky isn't the limit. You could always go further... 

Oh, how I enjoy being 'wise'..! 

Remember my bow tutorial? The bow was inspired by Lady Gaga's hair bow! (I love my cakes being inspired by some part of Lady Gaga's clothes!) 


P.S Here's Born This way-Lady Gaga


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