Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yay yay yay! It is complete even though I wanted to dump it in the bin at the beginning because it look SO horrible!

Oops.. I am getting way to hyper! I am talking about my latest cake topper for my birthday cake!

 I love the way it turn out SO much! It looks so.. so.. EYE CATCHING!
I was inspired by the broad way theater sign boards from some movie which I forgot the name... and of course GRAFFITI! I have always loved seeing graffiti, I think it is really really interesting type of art not vandalism... Maybe it is vandalism if you draw horrible graffiti but the good ones are really mind SCRABBLING!.. Err.. I mean BOGGLING!
 I got the idea of 'Over Piping' from David Cakin' Crazy and his gang! I found the over-piping effect SUPAH cool! it takes piping to a whole new dimension!

It took me a good 1 hour or so from the start (Making the royal icing!) to the finish!
I think I went crazy mixing colors today! You have no idea how many times I had to wash that same 2 #2 tips and change piping bags!
Oh, I did not save the earth much today with all that disposable piping bags I used today! 

Right right.. I forgot to speak about the part where I wanted to dump the thing in the bin!
I spilled YELLOW Wilton gel food coloring on the 'K'! !@#%*!
So... After stomping around my caking room for a good 5 minutes or so I decided it could be fixed since I was too lazy to roll out another piece of gum paste anyway...
I painted the 'K' yellow and the black base yellow too (Now it looks kinda brown-ish...) and since the rest of the letters were still white I went ahead to paint them random gel food colors I found in my tool box!
Above: The last time I did KCC's Graffiti!
I have loved writing and piping too (Since like.. 5 minutes ago!) in (Ehem!) Karen Cuppy Cake graffiti style ever since.. ever since.. Camp @ KKBC!
We got a challenge to write our name in the most creative (Oh! I love it when I get asked to use my creativity!) way you can think off!
So in a second my mind was going: COLORS, SWIRLS etc etc!
My 'name' turned out awesome and well I stuck to that way of writing ever since!



  1. I must say that is a SWELL piece of art! And really? You first unleashed your creativity at our camp? That's really great! I was wondering what you gals liked about our camp and I guess I got the answer here - doing CREATIVE stuff right? OK that inspires me to do more! Do let me know what you want to do at our next camp:)

    Aunty Wai Leng

  2. Totally fantastic!!!! Our hats off to you!! And happy birthday!!

  3. AWL: Yes, I found this 'graffiti-ish' way of writing at your last KKBC camp! I am SO glad you had that activity or I would have never gotten this for my cake! A HUGE THANK YOU to you!