Monday, February 7, 2011

Castle Cake

It has been ages since I posted in here! Feeling so guilty... (I usually do if I don't post for more than 3 days or so.)
Maybe I shouldn't feel guilty because I have been SUPAH busy collecting 'Ang Paos'!
A SUPAH (I seem to like the word 'SUPAH' a lot today in this post, wait.. It isn't even a 'Real' word. Oh well!) Late GONG HEI FATT CHOI/HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR To All My Followers out there!

Anyway... Back (Oh right, we weren't even there yet!) to the cake!

It was a rather last minute-ly done cake, was busy with "See above"!
But I managed to bake and decorate this rather huge castle cake for my 7 year old brother in 2 days!
I am so proud... Of MYSELF!

This was going to be my 2nd "Carved/Sculpted" cake ever! 
I felt rather nervous 'Sculpting' the cake!
I wonder when I would be able to sculpt such beautiful cakes like Debra Brown... Hmm... (Whoops! Daydreaming again!)

The Castle Cake in pictures (And some words!) :
 Above: The 'Cutted' and 'Stacked' soon to be castle.
Below: Looks like a pile of scrap cake doesn't it?! (I am pretty sure mommy fainted when I 'carved' my pretty golden brown, perfectly domed butter cake!) It is the soon to be 'hill' below the castle.

 Above: Ta-dah! See, it worked out quite well eh?!The birthday boy and me spent ages making the grass with star tips! 
Below: The steps in on!

 Above and Below: I guess I had to take a break from 'sculpt-carving'.. The knights (Took the pictures before dusting them with sparkly dust! Looks shinier now!) were inspired by Debbie Brown's. Eu Fai (The birthday boy) designed his own flag, I heard it looked like the Swedish one.. Haha! 

Below: Eu Fai and his castle.


  1. Fantastic!! Happy birthday Eu Fai!

  2. loook sp beautiful
    must have ur help ;)