Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My so very very long essay (I just decided to call it that.) on our trip to PD

(Sorry! i know this post is rather late... I was rather lazy, tired and busy at the same time today and yesterday!)
Well OK... Maybe there is something wrong with the title... It wasn't just a 'weekend' but 5 FULL days (Friday to Tuesday)!

The FUN started on Thursday night...

Instead of having such a HARD time as usual waking Swathy up for any type of trip I asked her to sleep over...

BFFL Sleep over time!

We got our favourite pillows and comforters and camped downstairs in the living room!

Yeah..! We got the TV!
Movie marathon time!
Swathy chose 'Enchanted' (Disney)...
Yawn... I could remember the entire movie so half way through I said...


Me: I am going to fall asleep right now if we don't watch another movie! (Yeah I am such a horrible friend!)
Swathy: Fine fine... Whatever... What do you want to watch?
(We are BOTH Taylor Lautner CRAZY fans FYI!)
Me: Why don't we watch a movie that Taylor Lautner acted in when he was OUR age? Good idea? (We call him Jacob it is shorter! Yes.. We are also Twilight crazy people... LOL!)
Swathy: Oh maai goord! Really ah?! You have a movie hat he acted in when he was young?! Foo yooh! OK lets watch it!
Me: okay..! (Rummages in the DVD album..)
Swathy: What is his charactor in the movie like? (In a VERY eager to know voice.)
Me: Could you just wait for a couple of minutes?!
Swathy: NO!
Me: Fineee... He will be some girl's crush...
Swathy: Of course lah! (Goes on blabbering on how cute he is...)

So we watched 'Cheaper by the dozen 2'...
(I wish I had got Shark boy and Larva girl... We could have a 'young' Taylor Lautner movie marathon! LOL!

It is a comedy so we both had a fun time laughing our head off!

More talking...

Swathy: Oi! Where is Taylor Lautner lah?!
Me: (Points) He is that boy there...
Swathy: Ah doi! He so ugly last time one ah?! (Tsk tsk)
Me: Where got lah?!
Swathy: Foo yooooooooo...
Me: Oh shuddup!

(Wrestles each other...)

By the time he movie ended it was 1-2 am...!

We were still not sleepy... (When can you EVER get sleepy when you have your best friend's company at a sleepover?!)

So... Time for the latest Gossip :)

At sleepovers GOOD gossip is the best good night story book!

No long after...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzz Zzz...!

WOW! That was a LONG post and it wasn't even the start on the going to PD part yet...!

Hmm continue in a new post?
Mmm... Never mind!

Waahhh! I just got squashed by a hippo in the Nile river!!

When I woke up (Yeah that was all a dream!) I found out that it was just Eanny siting on me with is soft gushy diapers... Bleah!

Lets gooo to Port Dickson!

Prob-lame-o 1: 8 people in the car...? NO WAY!

Solution: Public transport!!

I have TONS of experience traveling and it is so terrible-y boring (Yeah even with your BF. No not Boyfriend, BESTfriend!)... So I brought along... Some cash, Some water, A box of gum and sweets, Some buscuis incase we die of hunger along the way, A notebook, pens and pencils, 3 books (Harry Potter, Chicken soup for the pre-teen soul and The princess diaries... 3 Of my favourite tiles!) and guess WHAT?!
I was digging through my board games hoping to find some miniature/portable game that could fit into my backpack and I found...

Master mind...!
That guess the color code game that I havent looked at or let along PLAYED since I was what... 6..?

I took that so VERY dusty old game along and it turn out that it was a pretty good decition... Wanna know why?
Read on!

You could say I had one HEAVY backpack!

We (Me, Swathy and Mama AKA My grandma.) left for the train station (Just a few blocks down...) at 3 something...

Boarded the train in like 15 minutes time and made our way to the KL Central station to change trains to go to Seremban...

FYI I was SQUASHED to the freakin' POLE for like what... 10 stations?!
You have got to be kidding me!
As if I am not skinny enough already...!

I HATE using public transport!

At Serdang or some place very far away we finally go some seats!

Ahh! I can finally inflate my self again!

It got so horrible-y boring (When I am bored, angry, happy and whatever emotions that I have left out I get hungry... Yes I eat as much as an elephant! Haha!) I took out EVERYTHING in my backpack!

We ate some biscults and sweets while playing tic tac toe (Whcih didnt last very long because we kept tie-ing!) and mastermind (Which was a life saver! We played it till we reached Seremban!)!

And... Since the Malays were puasa-ing AKA fasting...
They looked at us err like they were going to die?
I am such a horrible human being torturing fasting people!
Thank goodness they didnt kick me and Swathy out!

When we reached Seremban I (And Swathy too... IDK about Mama!) was SO SO SO hungry! (Yeah the torturing people biscults didnt help!)

We had Mcdonald's for tea :D

I felt much better after that...
I could have fainted... Tee hee!

We took a bus to PD...

The bus was WAY too bumpy so we could not play master mind!
We read...

To be continued!


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