Thursday, September 2, 2010

My so very very long essay (I just decided to call it that.) on our trip to PD 2

OK! I had a good night's rest and now to continue the rest of my story!

We read...

Me: Princess Diaries
Swathy: Chicken soup

We were took to all the old kumpongs along the way to drop the passengers off...
So yeah... A SUPER slow VERY bumpy (Try drinking water in THAT bus! You could spill the entire bottle on your self!) ride!

I am so glad I was prepared with things to do while taking ^&*&%#%! public transport... :D

We reached the Port Dickson bus terminal when it was dark...
Takes such a LONG time to travel to Port Dickson by public transport!
It took us 6 hours from the Jalan Templar train station to the Port Dickson bus terminal!
And if I traveled by car it would take only 1 1/2 hours!
SO much time wasted!

Once Papa picked us up and took us home we quickly ran upstairs to unpacked and took out our binoculars and rushed downstairs to see if the moon and mars were together!

Not much of a sign of mars just a tiny silver dot that doesn't blink...
That thing might be mars...

Soon it got REALLY cloudy and even the big huge round moon disappeared!

Since it was such a cool and breezy night we decided to walk to the beach to look for some hermit crabs!

We quickly ran to get our torch lights, buckets and our binoculars that hasn't really come to any use yet but just but the clouds might clear up so I just brought mine along...

Which was a VERY stupid move because it weights more than a ton and the moon was the other side of the beach that was blocked by trees... Ugh!

OK back to the hermit crabby part...
The whole beach was covered with hermit crabs!
Try not stepping on 1 single hermit crab!
I probably stepped on a few hundred because no one let me have the torch light until much later...!

When we got a bucket FULL of hermit crabs we decided to have a hermit crab race to see who got to the sea the fastest!

Wow...They ran fast!

On the way back to the road I stopped by the water's edge and just stood there looking at the beautiful purple blue sky that had clouds that looked like waves while feeling the waves reaching for my toes and the wonderful breeze gently blowing at my hair...

I felt like the luckiest person in the world...
It is one very GREAT feeling to have...

After a while I closed my eyes which made me lost track of time...

Mmmm... I felt so relaxed until...

Swathy tapped my shoulder and said: Oi! What if ah... That trees (Yeah behind us were a row of VERY tall pine trees.) got Pontianak standing there and looking at you?!

Me: Hmph! Thank YOU very much for interrupting my beautiful relaxing time! And lets GO! Got Pontianak in the trees lah!

So we ran home like a bunch of crazy monkeys!

The next morning...

Swathy: Mmmfffttfffmmmmmm......
Me: For goodness sake WAKE UP before I take a pail of water and drown you!
Swathy: Whatever... You clean the bed then OK?! (Goes back to sleep...)
Me: (In a VERY annoyed voice) YOU PROMISED ME TO GO CYCLING BEFORE IT GETS HOT! AND IT IS NOW 9 OH CLOCK ALREADY! WAAAAKE UP! (Shakes Swathy like a mad person!)
Swathy: OK OK! Fine I am AWAKE!
Me: Good good! See...? Even the radio down stairs is trying to get you out of bed by playing Shakira's Waka waka! Radio goes: Zaminamina eh eh waka waka eh eh ! Zaminamina this time for Africa! (It has been one of our favourite songs since the FIFA world cup!)

To be continued again! Caking time!