Friday, September 3, 2010

Super ice!

On wednesday I visited Mamamin's studio and bought a tub (2.5 KG) of 'Super ice' at RM 50.00..

Mamamin told me that it is instant RI (Roayl icing.).
No sifting or adding merengue powder needed!
I am really NOT sure how this 'Super ice' hardens because there is 0% merengue in the powder mixture!

The no sifting part gave me a SHOCK!
I was SO used to sifting my icing sugar/powdered sugar/confectioner's sugar at least 10 times for my string work/ extension work and such...!

It would save me TONS of time making RI if this REALLY worked that well!

I will be trying this 'Super ice' (It is made in Italy!) out today because I am running low on my stringwork stiff consistansy RI!

PLEASE work!


P.S i am done with tier #2! Hooray!

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  1. Excuse me, is it available in the philippines?