Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A few hours of fever...

Wow I haven't posted in such a LONG time!

You could say I have been busy... And lazy!

Today strangely lots of things happened so I just gotta post!

After caking for a few hours in the morning/afternoon I felt rather woozy and I had I sore throat from yesterday...

I simply HAD to rest!

I felt rather warm and decided to take my temprature...

38.1 Degrees Celsius!

Ugh! Fever!!


I had a 2 hour long nap...

I felt worst after waking up...

When I got up to sit I felt like I had a tornado inside my head!

I couldn't focus well and my upper half was burning hot and my lower half was freezing!


Mommy said to take 1 Panadol tablet to make me feel better and it worked after 1/2 and hour or so!

Thank you Panadol!


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