Monday, September 6, 2010

A fun and messy day!

Just another day at home...

Cakin' doing nothing much...


I know this post has yet to sound like the title...

Just wait a bit will ya?!

Call YOU an impatient grumpy person :)

I just finished covering tier #3 with red fondant (Took me ages took make and LOADS of Wilton red food coloring! Oh yes I wanted to tell you this too: After 1 year and 3 months of cake decorating I just finished my very 1st err tiny container? of Wilton RED food coloring! Wow! It took me THAT long to actually finish it! FYI It is the first one I have finished!)

Here was my first try at cake decorating!
(No not baking... You could say I have been bakin' for quite some time!)
You sure you wont laugh?!

OK here...

So after covering my cake and painting it there was some left over cornflour left on my FAVOURITE 'Sugar Impressions' non-stick mat!

I wanted a bit of a rest before piping and preparing the RI (Royal icing!) for the cake...

I played around with the corn flour and Wilton red coloring+water...

I made goop!

I made it before but I just wanted to play with it AGAIN!
It is such a fun thing to play with!

I showed it to Fai and Han (They were watching TV)...

I said: Guys lookie here! I made goop! (Smiles...) Wanna have a goop WAR...?!
Boys: YEAHHH!! Woohoooooo!

I made more gloop for the war...


It is funny how serious caking became GLOOOOP war!

After our gloop war we collected the gloop from the floor (Yeah, we are rather gross people!)

Adding water when it was dry and just playing around with it...

Mommy asked us to wash the floor when we were done.

We had a water fight after that!

What a fun day...


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