Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rosey Posey

My latest cake creation!

The design of this cake is pretty much the same like my tiger lily cake.
Only different flowers this time.
Roses... I have always loved roses ever since I started my cake decorating adventure in mid 2009 (Gosh! It has been so LONG! I wish time would pass by slower...).
Roses and cakes (More on the traditional side though..) just seem to click together very well.. Mmm.

It has been a while since I made roses, the last time I made them was during my Squire's kitchen diploma (Took it like a month or 2 before the ICCA Annual Cake competition in October.)!

Since I REALLY REALLY wanted this batch (I assume this is the 5th time I made roses in my whole caking life.) of roses to look EXACTLY like the real ones, I actually READ (fine..) the FIRST half of the instructions     
in one of Alan Dunn's rose err... Page of the book?  
I find it a challenge reading his instructions sometimes, maybe because there are too many words and too few pictures? 

  I was finally able to make a perfect (Well to my standard, which has to be mistaken for real ones.) gum paste rose! 
YAHOO! (.com!)

The only part in rose making that NEVER went into my mind (Or maybe it is just the plain toughest part in rose making, for me.) was how to start off...
Making the bud...
AND I MANAGED TO FINALLY MAKE A PERFECT BUD! (On my first try! This time...)
Thank you Alan Dunn... Somehow, even though your instructions are horrible (Or maybe just boring or maybe it is just me..)! 
I guess if you look a picture of a rose and instructions 100000x a day you will be able to make it, eh? 

I took 2 days to complete this cake.
(Ehem.. 70% Of the days was spent on Cooking Mama on FaceBook! Yay! Finally! FaceBook has awesome games to play!)

Half way through the process of making the petals I realized that I DIDN'T have a rose vainer! (I know, imagine THAT!) 
So I invented my own..! 
It's top SECRET!
Plus it gives so much finer detail than store bought ones and it costs 2% off the price (Of the store bought ones.) so 'Tra la la' for me! 
The rose making went through quite 'Breeze-y-ly'!

Dusting the rose...
I ALWAYS find this part so BORING! 
Ugh... There are like a BILLION petals to dust all in the SAME way!
I dusted them with tangerine (CK) and shaded tree (Sugar art).

As for the leafs...
I created my own vainer and technique too!

I am a bit of a budget caker (Most of the time..).. I invent tools/techniques and save where I can! I am glad I don't have a huge wad of cash to spend when ever I want, where ever I want. If I did I wouldn't have created my FAVORITE tools and techniques in sugar..! Smiles*

The leafs were dusted with shaded green (Sugar art. My favorite green for leafs!) and kiko (Sugar art.) for the burnt effect you find in most rose leafs.
I am REALLY proud of my roses and foliage this time round!

The cake is just plain butter cake, iced with butter cream and a 'Border-ed' with a simple bead border.
The 'Texture' of the icing (Yes, I did it on purpose.) was inspired by the first picture you see inside Alan Dunn's The Wedding Cake Decorator's Bible: A Resource of Mix-and-Match Designs and Embellishments!

Hope you liked my latest cake!
Comments are more than welcome!


P.S Here are some pictures of my 'past' roses!

Above: My rose bud (I don't have one of my fully bloomed one unfortunately..) from The Squire's kitchen diploma. 
Below: My roses from Wilton Course 3! (My 2nd try at roses! My 1st try is just too embarrassing to upload!)


  1. how old are you? i think your skill, creativity, dedication is awesome! and i love how your parents fully support your passion!

  2. I am going to be 13 this year!
    Thank you very much for the lovely comment! It really lit up my day! :)

  3. 13?! You were born to do this! I've been baking for quite a number of years and only took it seriously (as a part-time business) a couple of years back. I confess when I look at your work I feel embarrassed at what I do! I wish I had the confidence and passion you have. You're just amazing!