Friday, April 15, 2011


As you know (If you read my Clay Doll 2 blog post.) I started a new tissue box project and decided to cover it with clay chocolate ganache, biscuits, candy and other sweet stuff.

No doubt making biscuits in all shapes and sizes as pretty F.U.N but I had a feeling that I wanted to do something on my own.
Invent my own technique, not the Yenji way.

After doing some Googling on polymer clay charms I LOVED the look of the donut and cupcakes on the web but I wanted to make mine look better, even though I pretty much have never made them before!
(I did try making a few cupcakes before but the "wrapper" didn't turn out very well so I planned to concur them this time round, and I DID!)

I decided to turn one of my donuts into a necklace!
Sweet, huh?!
Can't wait to wear it out! Smiley face*
(Too bad I ran out of my clear shiny nail polish! They need glazing badly!)

My other donuts in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate glaze.
My favorite donut is the chocolate one, the lighter color glazes didn't turn out too well...

Above and below:
My vanilla cupcakes!
All hand-mold (The donuts are too, molds and cutters spoil all the fun!) and I finally was able to make the "wrapper" paper thin! Yippeeee!
Made them a wee bit browned on the top to make them a wee bit more realistic!
I LOVE them!!


P.S Anyone interested in a polymer clay donut tutorial and how to make the glaze? Comment below if you wish to have it!

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