Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day off Cakin'

Whew! What an exhausting month April was! (And not to mention the end of March! Everything was basically lumped together!) I have never made that many cakes in a Month (And a half!) before!

It's a sign that says I should NOT be moving to Port Dickson yet!
Speaking of moving... My house is in a mess, boxes of things here and there and everywhere!
I got a chance to look at some of my caking books I haven't touched in a LONG time!
They were put away because I couldn't really understand the techniques and such THEN, everything makes more sense now! I can't wait to dig them out and read them properly once we move.

So anyways, I completed my very last order this month and it was a WEDDING CAKE, my very first! I was super dee duper excited!
Things didn't go very smoothly for me in the process of it because the bride and groom figurines were too heavy and I put them sitting on the edge of a tiny 6" cake!
Yep! You guessed it!
Half of the cakes ripped of overnight in the humid weather! I cried bitterly (I usually do that when my cakes don't turn out the way I want it to be so I shed tons of tears when I first started! I am glad it is starting to subside now!) then started to patch everything back together.
After 2 whole years I finally got a fondant covered cake with perfectly straight sides with butter cream (I heard it was much easier with ganache, will try that one day when I don't feel quite that nervous to melt chocolate!) and after the disaster my mini 2 tiered wedding cake was patched up but it looked like it was covered by a beginner!
Oh well, lesson learnt the very VERY hard way.

I am asking you to NOT laugh at my cake! Here it is... But first I shall take you on a tour to show you the pretty deco before you see the actual cake!

So there was the bride (She is a vet that's why she has the coat and "heart beat checker" on!)  and groom and their pets all dressed in pretty clothes on my messy table, I didn't have a chance to take a proper photograph of them since I was too busy patching things up on the day of the delivery!

Love the doggy! Arf arf*
I took about 5 hours (Or 6) to complete her since I had to roll every strand of fur!

My signature rainbow roses and whimsical leaves. (I got to edit them! The photo I mean..)

I am super addicted to free hand food coloring painting!
So these are their names on gum paste doggy bones!

The night before the disaster!
See? I told you I had perfectly straight sides!
Loved the monochrome board! (I learnt it from one of the Junior Master Chef contestant's plating but with royal icing instead of sauce!)

The finished cake...
(I put the figurines on top when we reached the venue! It would be crazy if they fell during delivery!)
(The brown stuff on the top tier are paw prints, my Dad couldn't figure out what they were so I am telling you now if you are figuring out what they are as well!)  

So once we reached The Amoda building (That's where my Dad goes for his Rotary meetings so that place was pretty familiar!) and loaded everything upstairs in the ballroom.. (Oh and we met the Groom's family in the elevator! They pointed at my groom figurine and asked if it was her son, I nodded and they said some pretty lovely comments. I was quite relieved that at least SOME people liked it!)

Fixing the cake together in front of that huge crowd of people in the ballroom made me pretty nervous, my hands shook like crazy!
That ALWAYS happens when all the eyes are on ME! (That exact same feeling I always have during public speaking, ughness.)
But carrying the cake up to the stage and watching the wedding paparazzi snap photos of my cake felt good!
Had the usual "You are how old again?!" comments!
Someone also asked me why I am so skinny if I bake and asked me to eat more of my own cake and another person asked me if I was from Junior Master chef! I said "Oh I WISH" in my head!

While I was collecting my (Ehem*) payment (I ALWAYS feel guilty when I collect it! Weird.), I leaned on the side table that was next to me and knocked down a glass of whiskey? or something like that on my brand new skinny khakis which then socked my purple pumps as well. hooooraaaaayyy. But I somehow managed to catch the glass with my super ninja skills!

I felt myself go red, bright red.
Omigawdness, kill me now.

I hope my second wedding cake turns out better!

What was this post about again?
Oh right, "Day off Cakin'"!

So today started of quite normally with my usual FaceBook, Email (Oh speaking about emails... I received a REALLY awesome email yesterday! At first I thought it was spam but it didn't really look like it so I opened it, it said:
I know ur cupcakes through blog.Would you mind to meet me for interview?hope to hear from you soon. If you be able to share ur baking story. Sin Chew Daily. 
That knocked me right of my chair!! I felt SUPER! Huge grin*), Cake Central...

Then my Mom reminded me that there was a baking/cake decorating sale @ City Bakers today, so off we went!

Her landlubber's loot:

I FINALLY own a clay gun!
Hip hip hooray!
I don't have to roll hair for my figurines strand by strand anymore!

The rest of my super duper crazily priced loot!
Went crazy over the jewel molds! have been looking ages for it! (And the FMM bead mold too!)
Since I started with tiered cakes I always had a bit of trouble stacking them but now I have a huge spatula to the the job! See left corner*
And gold luster dust to last me a life time!
Stocked up my "Super ice" (Instant royal icing! Just add water! Love the fact that I DON'T have to sieve and i can pipe it through a 00 tip without stuckages!) and gum paste but that's not exactly loot, right? 

We were pretty hungry after all that shopping so we went for pie and frozen yogurt after that!

I was pretty reluctant to go maybe because I am so sick of yogurt! (I used to be a yogurto addict! I could have 4-5 cups a day!)
But that all changed when I saw the CHOCOLATE yogurt and the toppings! YUMMM!

Chocolate yogurt + gummy bears + canned longan + nata de coco = The BEST yogurt ever!
Until... My gummy bears froze! It was pretty hard to chew after that...

Mommy whisked us off to Museum Negara after that!
It turned out more fun then I expected!

There was:

Wood carving.

A leaf bird which turned out to be a whole lot more complicated than I though it would be!
The demo lady did 98% of it for me! 

Funeral music!

Poison dart target practice!   



  1. Why didn't you show your fabbie glassessssss? :D I wanna see ma purple twiniee!!

  2. LOL! Erh, you can see them sometime on skype :P