Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh! I mean April! Funny how I always get those two mixed up!

A very surprisingly busy month for me, never had this many cake/cupcake orders in a month before! (It must be something telling me to stay in KL and not move to PD I assume..)
Oh! And to make this month even MORE special... I am in the mids of working on my first EVER wedding cake order! I am SO happy! And was very excited before I started.

And... I got myself addicted to Junior MasterChef since one of my friends post this: Junior Masterchef : Pierre!! ♥ ♥ ♥  as her FaceBook status!

Then it hit me!
Pierre! (My all time favorite contestant, too bad he only reached the top 4 or was it 5.. Too bad almost everyone that watches it loves him too! Wasn't very happy with the winner since he did cheat in one of the episodes, ugh. I absolutely hate cheaters since I experienced the winner of the ICCA Teen cake competition cheating. Jeez, still can't get it out of my head!) Junior Masterchef! My all time favorite show when I went to Perth for a holiday sometime last year! Watched it everyday or was it every week? 

And the episode that I first watched was a pressure test (I personally am not very good at caking under pressure    
I am not sure how they can produce and plate up the dish so beautifully in that small amount of time! I would have fainted when the clock started ticking! Especially Pierre, he is like oh today's we are cooking ____? Okay then. Starts chopping, mixing and cooking* I feel very completely useless next to all of them!) or something like that with PIES as the "thing-every-contestant-has-to-cook" and one of my favorite foods in the world are pies. (I hate fruit pies though, meat pies are AWESOME!)

I was completely in awe on how much knowledge those kids from 8-12 yrs have!

So this was my MAJOR distracting to caking since the start of April until today... When I discovered that YouTube deleted (Due to some copyright reasons ans blahblahblah!) the uploader's (MasterChef, Junior MasterChef, Hells Kitchen etc. Loved that channel!) channel!
Oh well, I did choose to stop watching since Pierre got eliminated! It was no fun watching after that because it got rather boring, yawn.

I am pretty glad I got this addiction (Speaking of addictions I got re-addicted to Cake Boss again about the same time as MasterChef! So the last week has been basically spent on Youtube watching videos!) over and done with so I could finally get back to caking!

So besides caking, we (As in my 3 brothers and Mommy.) went to the National Science Center or Pusat Sains Negara (I prefer my English version!) for an onion DNA extraction experiment thingy and we got to build a DNA err.. strand? out of 2 strips of foam and straws. (They were colored to represent 4 funny names which I cannot remember..)
We have been going there SO often since we became members of the library over there, it is starting to get a wee bit boring...

Anyways I was running low on supplies since I wasn't expecting so much this month so I decided to stop by my 2nd home, it's ICCA if you remember/read my Miri blog post and have some yummy Spaghetti carbonara and a Chocolate milkshake (2 of my favorite foods in the world! One step above pies!) before that since I didn't have much before leaving for the Science Center.   

Ahh... I always loved that feeling that I am going up the lift and then greeted by a very happy Nina (That's the shopkeeper/cashier/my friend that I talk to when ever I arrive too early for my Wilton courses because my Dad had an early appointment and help with her personal baking projects. Man, I miss those Wilton course days... i just wish I could re-experience everything over and over again! And going out with my "Auntie" course mates for lunch after the course finishes, I felt so grown up and of course VERY happy! Now all I want is to go to Never Never land so I would never grow up so that I could master EVERYTHING before I reach a certain age.) and seeing all the baking and cake decorating tools and supplies in front of me. 
Heaven. Bliss.

But today was something a bit unexpected happened.
When I rung the door bell and as usual Nina opened the door with that mega watt smile on her face and screamed "KAREN! I missed you SO much! You grew taller!" (Typical, she always says that sentence.).

I did my shopping in a jiffy, I would know where everything is with my eyes closed!
Then there was a group of students (From I am not very sure what caking class.) that just exited the "class room" and Nina said these words: This is KAREN Evereee boddeeeee! (No she did not say the "Evereeee boddeeeeee" part, I just love the way Grover says it!) The 13 year old girl who _________________ (I don't feel like bragging much today!) and then everyone turns to me and...
Shakes my hand?! (And goes "It's GREAT to meet you!")
I was like " Err... Waahht is going on?! 

What an awesome shopping experience!


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