Friday, April 1, 2011

Cupcake Tee

It was the first sewing project I EVER completed in my entire life and it turned out pretty well in the end so I guess I am pretty proud to say that I CAN OFFICIALLY SEW WITHOUT KILLING MYSELF! (Although I almost did, read on!)

3 days ago I stopped by one of my favorite places in the world, the craft shop in PJ (Petaling Jaya. I wonder how I will be able to survive without a craft shop in Port Dickson! Nooo!) old town to get some felt for a random un-planned project.

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE craft shops?
It is like wonderland to me!
All that ribbons, cloth, sequins, shiny embellishments, paint, beads, buttons in all sort of shapes and colors just makes me go all hyper and bonkers!
It is IMPOSSIBLE to choose just ONE project to work on!

I asked for some felt and the sales women pointed me to a tiny closet under the stair case, it was rather narrow and squishy and it was FILLED to the BRIM with felt in every single color you can dream off!
Again... Choosing was impossible!
I decided to choose neon colors since they were my favorite type of colors.

Mommy (She also suggested the t-shirt idea and it was a pretty good one.) said that I had to use cross stitch thread for the felt sewing to make it more visible.
The sales women showed me a huge cupboard that was filled with tiny pull-out drawers that all had different shades of colors in them!
Went with neon colors again!
And the thread I chose was first at a dark color then it went lighter down the thread, rather cool.   

Once I got home I rummaged my drawer for a plain colored t-shirt and started the project immediately (After doing some felt cupcake research. Research makes me feel more confident on what I am doing.) since I got the cupcake idea in the shop already. 

I actually wanted the icing to be purple (If you read my previous post.. I am a purplo-holic!) but it (For some reason) didn't look too good.
So I went with what most felt cupcakes I saw on Google colors was, PINK. (My third favorite color, Turquoise comes in second.)
I guess for a felt cupcake to look good it has to be pink, huh?

After cutting out the templates and the felt, I was stuck on how to sew it on.
I am NOT the best person to know when you want to learn how to sew.

After a minute or two I learnt that I had to start from underneath. (I felt fairly dumb at that point of time.)
Sewing was pretty tough and I had to use a fair amount of strength since the shirt and felt was rather thick and I kept wondering how "those women" sew so fast and quickly and without much of a glance on what they were working on!

Half way through the "icing" I decided to stuff it a bit with some old clothes/rags I found in the storeroom to give it a more interesting look, it was a pretty good decision I think because now I have an instant pillow to hug!    

Oh and the golden butterfly embellishment.. 
It was love at first sight in the craft store!
It came in a pair and it was only RM2.00!
It was a good piece of "bling" to add on to my cupcake!

I was supposed to sew on some VERY tiny black (But with a bit of light it looks rainbow-ish, another cool find.) beads on the icing, it was supposed to be sprinkles but after sewing the butterfly on my puffy icing I decided that I had better things to do with that amount of time!

Once everything was done I found a container full of bonkers eyes and decided to stick some on with a bit of SUPER GLUE!
Worst, Decision. EVER!
The grey felt around it turn ROCK hard and white-ish!
Oh, how frustrated I was!

I took the eyes out and added stripes the next day and while sewing on a strip on the "rock hard" spot, the needle just wouldn't go through!
So I used A LOT of force and it went through the cloth all right..
And my left thumb as well.
Then I felt the sharp metal needle hit something hard (Thunk*), that must have been my bone.
Who knew that THAT much blood could come out from such a small hole. (I am glad I didn't bleed on the white shirt!)

After it stopped bleeding (And I stopped rolling on the floor and doing some fake crying and real laughing. I love drama-ing a bit when I get hurt.) and the bone and flesh didn't hurt as much., I started sewing again but this time a lot more cautious!  

I would prick it on top first with another needle then go though it from the bottom.

But I completed the sewing project!


Oh, and this is me in my new Karen Cuppy Cake t-shirt before I left to Genting Highlands in it!

LOLFCC (Lots of love from cloud city.)

P.S Can't wait to get started on my felt cake tee!

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