Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snow white and Mickey

For this batch of cupcakes I decided to make the cupcakes toppers 2D and 3D in some parts, I was inspired by  some African animal themed cupcakes I saw on CakeCentral quite some time back and I finally had the chance to do them!

The cupcake toppers would be easy if you had something to copy but as for the snow white ones..
No matter how much research I did there were NO half decent cupcake toppers on the web!
I am so used to relying on things I find on the web so this made a PANIC! A little... I suppose!
My snow white forest woodland blue birdies.
Made some bunnies as well but i didn't get a chance to take a photo of them!
I didn't do it intendedly but it looks like that "See no evil, hear to evil, speak no evil" thing! Hahaha! Doncha think so? 


Snow white! 
(I wonder who designed Snow White's dress, it is the worst dress I ever saw!)
After a couple of disasters trying to copy "Snow White" from the web and the book I finally gave up and used my own creativity to make her!
That's one thing I can never be, a PHOTO COPIER!  


My first Snow White looked something like this but it wasn't plastered on to the cupcake, it looked rather snobbish and grumpy so off into the bin it went! 
Since the cupcake topper was only 1 1/2" it was pretty tedious and it was rather heart brokening to see it go into the bin, oh well!  


After all that panicking I remembered (Somehow.) that I HAD (I mean I still do but I don't read it anymore, obviously!) a Disney Snow white book, SOMEWHERE in our piles and piles of books!
Finding it wasn't all that tough I suppose... I just looked out for the golden spine and WA-LAH!
Was so glad I found it!
I would be VERY dead if I didn't have it, Thank you My little golden Walt Disney Snow White book for saving me! You may return to your very peaceful spot on the shelf.   

The "name tags".
Both are written free-hand on gum paste with a #0 paintbrush and food coloring.
It was a pretty last minute thing so I had to do it at 1.00 AM!
Yawn! I am glad I didn't fall asleep on them!
I am pretty proud of them although I might need to work on the color combination a bit but I absolutely love creating my own techniques and writing/piping on cakes because I guess penmanship has always been one of my "Strong points".
(I used to write like printed text you find in a book when I was in Primary school! I guess I was/am a perfectionist, well at certain things!) 

A few of my lucky Pluto cupcakes!

My mickey and Minnie ones!
I call this way of frosting them the "Latte way" because it looks like the layers in it!


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