Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clay doll 2

It's done, finally!
Clay has been an "On-Off" thing for me since I could come when ever I want and not come when ever I wanted, so it makes you want to go more on the "Not wanting to go" side.
So I had been "Not wanting to go" since like.. err.. Some time last year! 

And when I resumed clay I found the part of my dress I left there for about five months rather dusty and it was white so it got a rather good scrub.

I am pretty proud of this one compared to the last one (I can't find a photo of it! Okay let me describe it.. The whole "costume" is in shades of purple which was a horrible mistake because that's how it got so dull! I think there were too little layers of clay cloth on that one which made it look a little too skinny and not "royal", it looks like the servant of my current on actually! The eyes and mouth were brown and light pink so they didn't really stand out much, Now everyones saying that it looks ghostly! So I made the eyes black and red this time! Made the hair pieces and hair more 'royal" too this time.. And that should be about all I can describe!) I made that seems VERY dull compared to this one and the fact that I got to choose the colors for this doll (I insisted very hard so the tutor/teacher gave in, Yippee!)  

I think it is quite easy to guess which is my favorite part of the dress/doll..
It's the black things hanging down with the gold paintings on it and the hair pieces!
What's yours?

Oh, and my first doll was empty handed so I decided my second one needed something to hold and I saw one of the dolls in the display holding a fan and it looked quite good so I decided to go with it.

I spent about 10 hours plus another 2 more on the doll once I got home (Making the fan, doing more gold painting at the back of the dress and touching up some stuff.), I couldn't really focus on anything properly once I was done, I was drop dead tired!

I love it when I am done with a project and I have to meet Mommy and the rest down stairs, I get the parade all around Ikano (I think it is called IPC now, what a horrible name.) with my doll and my VERY extremely heavy tool box which I nearly dropped yesterday.
I could have taken the lift but I have a weird phobia of being in one alone, it's even worst if someones walks in, so I went 3 floors down with the escalator and my heavy stuff.

Then.. The hair kept falling (I re-did the whole hair do once I got home because too many pieces were missing!!) out and my hands were full and about to break so I couldn't pick them up!
I felt like Hensel leaving breadcrumbs on the floor!

So my current project is a Tissue box, hahaha!
Can't wait to see how this one turns out!


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  1. Very impressive work! Just found your blog through Cake Central. Can't wait to see more of your creations!