Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miri 2011

Woah... What a (Super dee duper) FUN day today was!

My morning started when I woke up suddenly after a really loud thunder clap went BOOOM outside my bedroom door..! It was storming.. after covering my ears with my comforter (I can't sleep with the sound of a storm and the thunder, it creeps me out but I love the sound of a mild drizzle. Yeah, I am weird.) I realized it was already 4.30AM and our leaving-the-house-time was at 5.00AM, so I decided to stay awake.
There was only one thought in my mind at that time.. How in the world are we going to load our luggage and 3 sleepy boys into the car during a freak storm?! (It wasn't really a freak storm.. Just very heavy rain but I like exaggerating.)  

That thought faded and I went back into snooze land..

After 5 minutes (It felt that short. Oh, am exaggerating again. Oops!) I felt as though I was in some hospital ward (You know... How white and bright they are.), then I realized it was just Mommy and her usual putting-on-the-light-as-a-wake-up-call.  

 Ugh, it's time to leave already?! Nooooo*
No, no, it wasn't like that. 
I am ALWAYS hyper when I wake up and it is time to leave for the airport!
Love the morning 5:00AM weather? So nice, chilly and cold. FYI I am NOT a morning person, my usual wake up time is at noon! 
So waking up "early in the morning" must be for something very special or I would just go back to snooze mode..

After driving for 45 minutes we reached LCCT! My third home!
My first is my 'real' ones in PJ and PD, my second is ICCA (My "homes" are pretty much the places I feel most comfortable.) and my third is well... AIRPORTS! 
I love airports, it usually (95%) means I am going to be transported to some distant land that has a 5 star hotel and lots of new places to explore. And of course loads of "junk" to swallow during the flight and a beautiful cotton candy like scenery!  

Nothing extraordinary happened in the airport...
Check baggage in and out, walk all about...
Oh wait, I had the WORST chicken pie in the whole world from DeleFrance and it was RM7.50!
The puff pastry was ROCK hard, it was SUPER oily and... I could make better filling with my foot!

Below: After an hour in the air I actually found SNOWFLAKES on the window! (Saw some during the flight to Perth and thought I could only find them there since it was colder.. I was wrong.)
I have always been fascinated by "snowy" stuff since I have never experienced winter before.. (Except ice cubes though... I see it daily in the freezer.) 

I spy land cap't! 
Land ho! 
The clouds were prettier live.. 

Finally! Touch down at Miri airport!
Welcome to Eastwood Golf and Country club Miri!
LOVE This place!

Oh, that's me!
First stop of the day!
Miri Public Park.

We didn't really plan on stopping because we were kinda starved to the bone hungry (We didn't have breakfast. Unless you count that yucky mucky chicken pie and KitKat I had...) but there was a SUSPENSION bridge right at the entrance and it had an amazing view and it was FREE!
So yeah, we stopped to have a look around the park.  

 Almost all the hills I saw in Miri had this layer thingy (Like Indonesian layer cake!), it was rather interesting...
Can you believe that the Miri Public Park had a WATER PLAY area and a suspension bridge that was longer than Sunway Lagoon's?! 
Oh, did I mention it was FREE?
Lucky Miri residence...

 Part of the suspension bridge.
Yes, it is THAT long!
(We happen to find the YUMMIEST Bak kut teh in Miri town! Lunch was GREAT! Looking forward to go there again...)
Next stop: Crocodile farm!

It was around noon-ish and I felt rather worn out from all that un-packing into the resort and moving around Miri.
The fact that we were stopping by at the crocodile farm didn't interest me much at that point..
In 10 minutes everything changed when...

Never had that much fun feeding an animal before.. Although I didn't really enjoy the part when the jumped up and MISSED, they splashed stagnant-dead-chicken-crocodile-water on me!
It was thrilling yet fun feeding a croc! 

Above and below:
Some shots of the lucky ones that got fed..!
(These were the bigger ones, around 15 ft in length. We used a flying fox like
 thing with a reel to feed them a whole chicken (Dead of course but it would have been a lot more fun to watch it if it was alive.. Just saying!) and we used bamboo poles with a wire and a chopped up part of a chicken for the 8-10 ft ones.)

A video of Papa feeding the smaller crocs with the bamboo rod. (Excuse my screaming, I was VERY excited.) 

Ahh... I never enjoyed myself THAT much in a mini zoo before!

After a long day exploring Miri we decided to relax by the jetty and beach to end the day...
The waves at this beach was scarily HUGE and choppy! Maybe I am too used to the ones in Port Dickson!
There were actually people SURFING (Imagine... In Malaysia!)!

Walking by shore, beside the the swaying trees, salty sea wind blowing in you hair, hearing the waves crash on to shore, watching the beautiful sun set...
The perfect way to end our day in Miri.

Stay tuned for Day 2 in Mulu! (Hopefully I would have time to do so!)

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