Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Skype pop sound*

It was my purple (We are purploh-holics.) twin, Zed Dabaliew.

We were talking about what we were going to do in university again (Actually there has only been 2 times.)..
Fashion designing (Crazy fashion designing I mean. Like Gaga styled clothing.), design and  arts was what she wanted to do and mine was THAT + Culinary arts, we have both always wanted to do those things ever since I knew her, I am pretty sure.

After the drawing I completed yesterday I decided that the type of "art" (And fashion. Well I have always loved sewing and designing clothes since I was able to cut out paper dolls and I just got back from the craft store again! Now I have a ton of felt, thread, embellishments and more sequins for my next clothing art project!) I wanted to pursue in was more on the modern/abstract art side.

I find traditional arts are a bit too boring for me since I like well... NEON colored things more than anything else in the world.
She found it the same too! Smiley face*  

Then we were talking about continuing our studies further in Paris (Or something like that but I like the sound of Paris though..) then opening up our own boutiques in Paris, London, New York and Milan. (And my cake boutique would be next to the fashion one of course.) called ZaZa.

And we would only be making clothings (And CAKES!) for filthy rich people..

Sigh, I love people who dream as big as me and try to make it their reality.
Oh and I hate the opposite.


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  1. JY! I feel so happy reading this! Thank youuu! :) <3 CAN'T W8 2 GO TO COLLEGE WITH YAAAA!! Muax!!