Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Meet Helga, my shadow puppet that I made during the Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones preview out of A4 size card stock and that Christmas tree fluffy plastic garland thing!

I/We got the chance to perform in the VERY empty hall of mine (We are currently in the mids of shifting to our place in Port Dickson (I can't wait to start un-packing things into my new cakery! Woot woot!*), Sunday would be my last day here in PJ! So my hall is furniture less at the moment, PERFECT for a shadow puppet show!)) with my brother, Fai  and our shadow puppets!

Helga feeling rather bored, she's picking her nose. I made her it her own booger, I am sucha horrible puppet master!
(Like her warty nose, very tangled hair and fangs?!)


Helga's scolding/shouting pose she has with my brother's most of the time... 

Above and below:
Meet the puppet masters!

I can't wait for another puppet workshop we are having tomorrow with Mr Bunk! Thanks for organizing another one, Mommy!


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