Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Port Dickson

Sorry about not being to post in ages, we have officially moved a 100 + KM away from Petaling Jaya to Port Dickson!
And... It's pretty messy and busy here so I don't really have much time for blogging, let alone resting!

My cakery is about 90% done, Papa says that he needs to place a few more tiles up on the wall although I can't really see any empty cement spots... All my caking things are scattered around the room in boxes and the room ALREADY smells of cake and sugar, for some reason which I am not exactly sure of...
I CAN'T wait to start putting all my things into it's proper place in there and of course take a couple of pictures for you awesome followers to look at! And... I have a SURPRISE too! (Once the cakery is a 100% complete.) Am VERY excited about the "surprise", I hope you are too! Winky face*

Oh yes, I am also helping Papa with his woodworking! I love woodworking it's FUN and it's also art right?
Varnishing our new/old (We had them for a while but we never actually USED them in our PJ house.) benches and chairs. I have ALWAYS loved painting (Walls and wood but I suppose painting on paper is fine too but not as fun!), carpentry and watching the workers build our Port Dickson house... I just find it... Interesting.

I need to keep this post short so that's basically all the interesting points, the rest are shifting furniture and blarh!

Tioman (For a week.) in TWO days! Stay tuned to THAT blog post!



  1. hi..it was b great tat u hv ur own cakery...congrats... i saw u write on me...
    felt so shy..i give u the worse impression.. eventhough i not read ur all details b4 interview..i tot u will enjoy to sharing wic i duno.. ha..i have do research after interview...to know more n more about u . anyway i wish that the feature can give u a surprise. i'm not just "cincai" do the interview.

    ur interviewer

  2. where ur cakery is located?

  3. It is located at Taman Peranginan Mutiara.