Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stick, Stones, Broken Bones

Me: You know what?

YOU/ Person reading my blog at the moment: Just TELL me already I am NOT saying "What" because you want me to say "What"!

Me: You just said what TWICE ,Dearie. I am pretty sure you can say it again. Annoying smiley face*

YOU/Person reading my blog at the moment: Jeez, oh fine.. WHAT?!

Me: I think... I just came back from the greatest show on Earth or Mars or Neptune or Jupiter or Saturn or even Pluto! Oh... Is it not considered anymore? My apologies!

Ehem. How did you like my little play? On the one I went to today wasn't as annoying and boring as this it was SO hilarious I was totally out of breath from laughing my head off by the time the 1 hour shadow puppet show ended!

I REALLY wished it was like a couple of hours longer because that 1 hour felt like 20 minutes! It was over in no time! But if it was a couple of hours + I would probably be dead since no air could enter my lungs from all that laughing! EVERY single scene was pure AWESOMENESS! Simple yet AWESOME it made the whole theater of audience laugh their head off and "Hooting"!

HOLD IT! You know what? (Haha! I am asking that question again! Whoops!) I am in the NEWSPAPERS  (Whoops no "s' but I think it sounds better like this.) because we went for the preview of the play/show a couple of days ago and we got to make our OWN shadow puppets out of cardboard/card stock and plasticy fluffy Christmas garlands for the hair AND go on stage to make our very own shadow puppet show (I made a female witch/vampire named Helga that had a SUPER warty nose, some messy fringe and a long pony tail and of course, FANGS! I did bite my brother's puppet's neck quite a lot, his looks like some Roman king because of the garland that looked like that leafy crown they have! We also found some pencils on the floor and pretended they were magic wands, we made our puppets cry out a couple of Happy Potter spells at each other and pretend to faint/die! Hahaha! *I did a quick scan of what I wrote and found out I wrote "Happy" instead of "Harry", did you notice? Tongue sticking out smiley*), I had an AWESOME time there and it managed to convince us to go for the actual show! Again! Smiley face*

Check it out: HERE
It should be pretty easy to spot me, I am the odd one out in the row of little kids on stage! Hahaha!

Mr Bunk AKA Jeff Achtam Helping me start off with my (My Mulu bracelets made a nice necklace for my witpire!) hand puppet! The bottom part of your thumb is the bottom jaw, awesome right? Gosh! I wish I was THAT creative!

Mr Bunk performing Micheal Jackson's "Moon walk" during the preview, it was one of the 3 he demonstrated but this was the one I loved the most because he made it do lotsa crazy things! 

So anyways we had 3 extra tickets (We bought a package thingy-ma-jig.) so my Mom told me that I could invite 2 of my friends since my brother, Fai asked his bestest friend in the whole wide world Arian to come already.
I invited Zed Dabaliewee and Swathy without expecting them to be able to come but they DID in the end! I was super surprised and of course SUPER happy!

I haven't seen ZW in a REALLY long time and I was pretty excited that I could FINALLY meet up with her again! She came early to my place and we played our "traditional" game of Screaming Scrabble, a game that uses the scrabble tiles without the board that was taught to me by my Uncle! It is pretty much my FAVORITE board game in the world!
Want me to teach you how to play it? Just don't cry if I win okay? Tee hee!
We did tweak it a little since we have been playing it for AGES to make it more interesting, as in more difficult  of course!

Pretty soon it was time to leave for the PJLA theater in Jaya 1, we had Wendy's (I personally love that particular Wendy's because it's only channel on their TV is MTV!) for dinner since it was just opposite it!

While we were waiting for the food I decided to give Swathy a ring to remind her about the show and it turns out she was out photocopying some stuff?! Gave a her a bit of a "talk" and she came anyway, late but she came so I am pretty contented. Smiley face*

It turned out we were 5 minutes early for the show in the end! Woo hoo!
Since both Zed Dabaliewee and Swathy has never seen a shadow puppet show in their entire life they were pretty darn jumpy excited! And so was I of course! I have never seen one before let alone go for a play! Unless you count the preview!

Then all of a sudden "PLOOPF" the lights went off and we were sitting there 3 rows away from the stage in COMPLETE TOTAL darkness... Ooowh.
Swathy did a "Whoooooooo oooowh" in my ear, I let my fingers go slowly down ZW's spine! What fun we had scaring our selfs!
After a couple of minutes in the rather noisy darkness, everyone started wondering what happened to the lights! A single spot light came on and in came Mr Bunk wearing a funny looking shirt with a vest on top, too short rather high up pants and a woolish hat (He wore quite ordinary clothes during the preview!) from the entrance at the back!
All eyes were on him and he was checking on all of us and then he went into the row behind us and... Took of f on of the audience's shoes! Those black type of shoes you wear with a tuxedo. Which left the whole crowd VERY curious on what he was going to use it for!

He then asked the owner of the shoe if it was "Expensive"! How...Very kind and the he did some of his puppetery magic on it.... He used some masking tape (I noticed he absolutely LOVES them!) and added a stick? or something straight at the heel then he took a rainbow clown wig from a line of costumes behind him and a balloon, he started blowing the balloon the the wig it was starting to look like a head then he threw a roll of masking tape to one of the young audience in the front row and asked him to tear a few strips for him, he began to stick them to the balloon in a very interesting way that it stuck out, once he was done with that he told him that he could keep the roll of masking tape as an souvenir! And then proceeded to cut it into a pair of glasses, a nose and mustache! (I am not too sure if the rest of the audience could see it but I could since I went for the preview! I could see taht Swathy and ZW looked pretty blur? on what he was doing!) Then some "movie" music came on and the balloon clown with glasses was watching TV on the screen, he made it laughing during the funny parts and act really scared during the horror/gory parts and made it eat popcorn and guess what the shoe was?! A drink! Genius! (The shoe got passed back to the owner after that!)

After that there was 'Kung foo" fighting, Chess playing, dancing with a air guitar and horse back racing! Every single act was SO clever (And funny, DUH! We would clap as loudly as possible and "Woot" after every scene! I have NEVER done that before! Because I have never watched anything this amusing and clever! You should see what he uses to create the scenes and puppets with and the way he handles them! He was lying down on his back during the "Chess playing scene" because he was using his hands to control a husband and wife puppet's heads, his FEET to control their hands and to move the chess pieces and his mouth to control their TONGUE! And to speak of course...)!

I have 5 words for you, JEFF ACHTAM.IS.A.PURE.GENIUS.
It's a MUST watch if you have a chance to! (Before he flies back to Canada! Hurry people!!)


P.S Zed Dabaliewee and Swathy if you are reading this... Guy in the white shirt! Hahaha! Huge grin*

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