Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I know! I know! I am a few years late of posting this post! Haha!

I found this on one on my "Follower's" blog a couple of minutes ago and I was just thinking about how I LOVE food as well, I mean we all can't live without food but I don't eat just to be full/contented (Most of the time.). I eat to be HAPPY it doesn't really matter if it filled my tummy up because no matter what I eat I go hungry in the next 5 minutes!

So anyways Ratatouille (I had to Google on how to spell it!) has always been one of my favorite Disney movies, because it's food related?
Nah not really... I love the "Anyone can cook" part because in my brain it's translated to "Anyone can cake" in my mind and how far he went for his passion of cooking! (That's how far I plan to go with mine, hopefully I become as successful as a rat in the future!)   

Or I might just become a critic... Testing out all the best food in the world, yum yum yum! What a nice daydream*


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