Monday, May 9, 2011

Onyx Ophelia Moonbeam

I had a request for an interview for a Chinese (WHYWHYWHY?! Not English?!) newspaper, the one I mentioned on my previous post I think.
I didn't get her "Green Light" for the interview email until 2 days before the day they were coming to my house for it!
I had already planned to make a mock wedding-ish cake and some chic KCC styled cupcakes for it but since I didn't get the reply I didn't start preparing for them until 2 days before which was pretty RUSHY but I decided to do it anyway..

Pretty proud of myself this time round because I managed to make 3 full bloomed English roses + The royal icing FISHNET + A freehand gemstone + Play with my lace cutters that were rotting in a corner since the Diploma.. + Foliage, try out the 'billowing" (No, I did not misspell it!) that was trending on Cakecentral (Because they couldn't figure out how to do it! I don't really want to brag but I kinda did the the step-by-step how to make it in my head and got it in a minute! Anyone want a tutorial?) a couple of weeks ago and other cloth like techniques that I have ALWAYS wanted to do and all this in my favorite colors (Which not many people like because there is the awesome color BLACK in monochrome, crazy old fashioned people thinking black is bad when it is actually the color that makes every POP!), Monochrome + P!NK! Smiley face*

I am SUPER glad I managed to squeeze all this into 2 very full caking days and make it turn out perfecter than I want it to. Another smiley face?*

I guess you could say this cake was inspired by (Don't laugh! Mommy was the one that borrowed it!) The Revealing Story of Underwear (Young Reading Series 2 Gift Books) so this is pretty much like a dress-ish cake and I want to try billowing so this was the perfect cake to make! 
It said in the book that some rebellious (I guess it is supposed to be a very "Hush hush" matter wearing underwear?) women during the Victorian age or something like that.. (I have a horrible memory I think.) Purpose made their underwear (This long white frilly pant.) show from the bottom (Can you spot the white lace underneath the black err... waterfall of gum paste?) of their dresses so therefore my Onyx is a rebellious cake! 

As for the cake topper I made the same pink roses like I did for the Rosey Posey Cake.. Only I COMPLETELY forgot to curl the last few layers of petals back. By the time I realized it all the wired petals were already hardened! But I guess they still look alright!

After placing everything on the cake I thought the top tier (The one with the roses, DUH.) was pretty plain looking so I added some colorful hand painted (Getting quite addicted to painting on gum paste/fondant, it's super FUN!)  patchwork cutter butterflies to cheer it up!
I think it looks MUCH better and no so empty!
Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely HATE making the big butterfly because the wing are too big for it's body so it always septate/breaks?! Oh well... I used royal icing to piece it back as usual cause I can never make a PERFECT one! Soby sob soblah!

And of course I mixed a little Vampire-y Goth-y-ness into this cake, check out the black lace work and that ruby onyx gem stone, LOVIT!
I piped the "Fish net" (Tweaked the original design a bit, it has um.. stuff hanging down now? I wanted to pipe a tassel of some sort but it didn't really go very well so I just left it the way it was.)  at 7 in the morning when my eyes were barely open because I didn't want the humidity to collapse it if i piped it the day before!
I am glad it turned out pretty and even. Yet another smiley face*

Ooh! The cupcakes are out of the oven! Time to gooo... Can't wait for the interview! Stay tuned!

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  1. wooohooo Karen! If I had made these I would have been jumping up and down in the air with joy!! YOU ARE THE BEST CAKE MAKER EVERRR!!! I want your cakes!! I need them!!! :OOOOO