Monday, May 9, 2011

Interview w/ SinChew Daily

Yippee! Feeling SUPER hairpee and hyper right now!
The interview and photo shoot ended about 15 minutes ago, I feel so proud of myself. (For achieving a solo interview and making Onyx Ophelia Moonbeam (I just uploaded her on CakeCentral and there are 35 views and 1 Fav already! She's gonna be on the most favs in no time!) in 2 days! Oh and waking up at 7 AM, I haven't done THAT in a while...)
Singing Billionaire repeatedly in my head right now because I feel that I will be smiling next to Oprah and the Queen VERY soon, you just wait and see!

Mommy took a photo of me with Onyx Ophelia Moonbeam after the reporter and photographer left:
(It's been some time since I actually had a "real smile" and this is a real one. proud proud proud!)

Cupcake Tee! (And necklace! Try spotting it!) (And turquoise finger nails!)

Let's continue from my previous post where I stopped to take the cupcakes out of the oven...

These are the cupcakes with uber chic cupcake liners (I am pretty sure they were meant for muffins but... err... never mind!) I bought from the City bakers sale:

I had a couple of them for my breakfast! I was starved... To the BONE!
Only iced them when photographer arrived, she was late.
It was just a simple white and light pink "poo" ( I couldn't find my large star swirling tip so I had to use the round 2D tip, bleh.) swirl with my signature miniaturized rainbow rose on top, I am pretty sure you can imagine them!

Mommy took such blur photos of the interview so they are not going to be up!
Just imagine me with 2 ladies chatting and being surrounded by Onyx Ophelia Moonbeam and some cupcakes or in other words a tea party (With rather strange questions being asked!)!

So anyways the interviewer entered my very empty (Half of my room is already in my brand new caking studio in Port Dickson!) caking room and saw Onyx and the un-decorated cupcakes, she.. Wasn't impressed.
So NOT the emotion I was expecting, my heart sank... Deep, Deep down... Trallalaa

The first question she asked me was how old I was, I said 13 with a huge DUH in my head.
She should have done more research on my blog because she looked rather shocked, I know I don't look 13!

Then I talked about the deco.. Blah blah, string work, blah, billowing, blah blah blah hand painted butterflies.. Then we got to the flower.

Her: You MADE the cake?!!
Me: Annoyed face* Yessssh... (Another huge DUH.)
Her: And the decorations?
Me: Nods* (Why would a cake that isn't mine be in MY cakery?!) Yes, everything including the roses.
Her: Touches the rose* I thought it was FAKE!!
Me: (She REALLY didn't do any research on my blog about my sugar stuffies..!) No, it's made from gum paste.
Her: Wazzat?!
Me: Explains* (Question to readers: Aren't interviewers supposed to do some research about the person's interests and stuff they use before the interview? At least some basic things? Curious face*)

It was scary... Having someone so blur interview you, blinks*

She had plenty of questions about me home schooling as well, most of them were asked before by "other" people around me.

Ugh, I just wished I was interviewed by someone who would just do a bit of research to at least know what fondant is!



  1. Congrats on the interview! And the very well done cake! Most of all, I want to add to the bit about the research thing the interviewer should have done before doing the job...Malaysia Boleh!! Hahahah! Sorry for being sarcastic...but its so funny lah...can't help it...

  2. Hahaha! Thanks Nurainie! I am glad my blog post made you chuckle! (I am pretty sure every who read this would as well!)

  3. I'm so sorry, give u worse impression. anyway, thanks for the good lesson for me

    ur interviewer