Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fish net

I know, I know! It has been ages since I posted!
Well I actually have a half done Twitter bird origami tutorial I "filmed" (I mean "pictured" in PD.) but I got rather sick of posting the instructions since it was SUPER long AND no one commented on it so I am guessing you guys don't like origami, huh?

So anyways..

Like my fishnet (You know.. as in those tights/stocking thingies.) royal icing piping?!
I am working on a Polar Express train cake and the train is well.. On a icy mountain and the snow/ice is RI!
And.. I had extras!

Instead of dumping them away in the bin I decided to practice a bit of string work (Not sure if this is considered string work or not..) today and I have ALWAYS wanted to try out this technique (Nope, sadly it isn't an original Karen Cuppy Cake creation, it is a David Cakin' Crazy one! Man, I love the cakin" crazy team! They are pure awesomeness!) and it has been AGES since I last did so called "String work"!

The last string work and actually the first (I just realized!) string work cake was "India's Lace"!
The cake (Or master piece, starts laughing*) I made for the ICCA cake competition last year!
I am glad I didn't loose my RI piping touch!
I guess it is like riding a bicycle, you can never forgot it! (After you torture your hand piping with a #00 tip for 1000000000 hours on a cake I bet you won't forget!)

The fishnet is 13" long and it is piped with a #1 tip.


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