Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something orange

Was just feeling rather bored/lazy/tired this afternoon and I had just eaten an orange and there was the peel left over so...

I was just thinking about the wooden carvings (More on the wooden decorative masks and shields.) I saw in the craft shops in Miri/Mulu and decided to carve the orange peel just for the fun of it.

My only tool was my one and only craft knife, love that thingy-ma-jig it's so handy.

For some reason it turned out to be an alien like mask thing... I was pretty proud of it and it was fun playing around with the knife and peel (Even though there are a few holes in my fingers now, thanks to my clumsy-ness.)!

Maybe, I would just take up wood carving one of these days, sounds petty fun and enjoyable as a hobby to me!

Now the orange peel body-less alien is made some sort of wondering spirit and boat (Don't laugh, they have a WILD imagination.) by my brothers, it's nice to know that I am not the only one who likes it!


P.S I have a feeling that I haven't blogged about Mulu yet so I guess I would just do it right now... 

10 seconds later* Or maybe not... The laziness it taking over my body, bit by bit. NOOO!

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