Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skritchy Sketchy

It all started yesterday at noon when Mommy decided that in between what-ever-time-you-woke-up-6PM was no laptop-ing or Teevee time, YIKES!

And... Eu Fai (That's my 7 yr old brother, if you are a newbie to my blog.) got me re-addicted (I was a crazy neopet addict until.. I got occupied with cake decorating. It was either cake decorating that stopped me from playing or that my billionth account got frozen because I hacked too many times, hmm I wonder.) to Neopets again! Starts crying*

So yeah, not checking my FaceBook and my Neopets account for 30 minutes was PRETTY tough.

It was once of those rest-doing-nothing days and I was pretty much going insane and while restlessly walking up and down the room I found my sketch books a box of colorful ink pens piled on top!

It wasn't very hard think about what I wanted to draw, I always draw things that is well, ME.
Well let's see I like things CHIC, colorful and with a glimpse of black everything pops, a touch of goth, swirly and it HAS to be UNIQUE and when you add them all up together you get my style!

I started of by drawing some lines with a light yellow pen to give the plain blanko paper a bit of color at the same time not too much, just enough to make the background of what ever I was going to draw more interesting than a piece of white paper and also it had the graffiti/techo look which I wanted.
And I stopped half way because I was getting rather sick of drawing lines with a rather crooked ruler!

I decided to split the paper into 2 parts after that because I only intended to use one half actually, the graffiti name writing thing came up when I was half way through the fantasy flowers. (Love them fantasy flowers! You can just let your imagination go loose with them!)

I am not too sure what the divider looks like to you, it was supposed to be lace (Gothic lace actually, inspired by Raven Madison but black made the lace look very un-delicate so it turn into white-old-grandma-lace, hooray.) and it was VERY time consuming!
The lace alone look a little plain so I added some interesting looking circle/ball thingies. (Have you ever seen those "Me" tees? Like there are say black teddy bears all over the shirt and there is one very bright colored teddy that has a me in it. Basically something that stands out from the crowd. I was inspired by that t-shirt. The red heart ball is the "Me" in my drawing. Check out the random balls at the upper left side of the A4 size paper as well.), I think they did a good job of brightening up the lace!
And the only tool I wanted to use for this master piece (Coughs*) was a ruler so perfect circle balls were pretty hard to draw. Blinks*

After drawing the fantasy flowers (Inspired by some felt flowers and folk art, I LOVE being Innnssspppaaaayyyyeeerrrddd!) and monochrome vines and some crazy lookin' leaves.. I realized I improved quite a lot since the first time I did my lollipop (That't what I call my drawings with the swirly vines for a reason you shall never find out. Evil laughter*) land drawing, soo.. proud.

It took a total of 4 hours or so to complete and I the boredom disappeared, hooray!


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