Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sand Castles

This post has been slightly delayed since I haven't been in the mood for blogging much lately since I got hooked to making origami cranes! (My caking table is currently over flowing with them! They... Are... SO... Super... Addictive! Plus Machika, the Japanese youth exchange student we were hosting, remember? Said that if you make a THOUSAND you will get to make a wish that will come true. So gonna try to make a thousand to see how true it is! Oh and I am running out of pretty very square origami paper, buy me more?)

Oh right, sand castles!
We spent out (Last) weekend in our soon-to-be-home in Port Dickson as usual with Machika and yeah, I had a pretty good (More to the awesome side.) weekend since.. I found a new art project that I could work on for like only 4 hours a day!

I have never really ENJOYED the beach much.. It's relaxing and... boring sometimes since I do NOT like swimming in sea water (Unless there are visitors then I do not mind.) and getting anymore then my feet sandy.
So last week when we visited the beach with Machika the tide went down pretty low and it un-covered a MUDDY bank (Just imagine a sand bank that is well mud not sand.) that was FILLED with tiny holes dug up by miniature crabs. (I love running over them since they roll the mud/sand they dig out of their tunnels into little balls, it makes the texture of the ground really nice to run on, I am so evil.)

Then I remembered the sand castle book I was reading...

I was reading a random book I found on one of our book shelves in P.D about 5 months ago (I like remembering un-important random things.) and it happened to be about "How to build sand castles" (I love "How to" books, especially if it is about something random and I happen to like it!), I was pretty hooked (Wait, dazzled!) on how they could make BEAUTIFUL sculptures out of sand!  

And... The way they described the mud/sand thingy they used to make their sand castles was EXACTLY the same as the mud/sand I found on my beach!
I felt VERY hyper.

The only thing/technique I REALLY remembered  (Because my mind was blown away by that technique.) was "How to make an ARCH".
So, yeah. I tried and succeeded in... And hour!
It collapsed many, many, many times! (Even when it was ALMOST perfect! As in done smoothing and shaping! Loved the fact that our only tools were our hands and that the people in the book used a couple of tools, LOL! I get pleased too easily.)
(Oops! The photo of my first arch was in Machika's camera! Nooo! I was SO proud of it!)

Anyways, we were only at the beach when the low tide was well.. Half way through and it came up REAL quick, well to me it did! 1 Hour building that arch felt like 10 minutes!! And I could actually see the tide coming up SUPER fast, it was scary!
So we actually waited for the tide to go down the next day since we wanted to spend a longer time on our castles!

Machika and me with her sand castle, castle and my Nessie!

I have never really enjoyed making (I hate getting anymore than my feet sandy, remember?) sand castles as much as I enjoyed making Nessie!
I was pretty much in a rush to finish her because the tide was coming up! Please excuse the rough detailing! Can't wait for my next chance to make another sand sculpture!
Can't wait to move to Port Dickson to do more sand sculpturing!
I may be a good sand artist as well, who know?!

A part of Nessie before she was completed or an arch!
I just love the sand and sky as the background! 


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