Friday, March 18, 2011

Something orange 2

Am playing with my food again!
And is starting to LOVE eating oranges! Just for the peel!

Wanted to make something that look EXACTLY/Egg Zac Lee (I remember once I actually forgot how to spell "Exactly" because I was so used to writing/typing in my own "Language"!) like the the wooden wall decoration mask thingy I saw in a craft shop in Miri town!

I think I succeeded! Except for the painting part (And the fact that it is only 4 inches in length and the one in Miri was.. 1 meter tall!.. Or maybe taller.)! (The mask I saw was black and it was covered with rainbow colored polka dots that had an interesting pattern. Love that mask SO much! Too bad it was like a thousand or something, would have loved to hang it in my room!)    

Couldn't make anymore today because Fai (That's my 7 year old brother.) took the rest of the peel to carve them into a castle, a grumpy face and a skull.
I have to admit they look pretty good! I am VERY impressed.. And embarrassed because there is no way I could carve something like that (Out of orange peel!) when I was 7. 
And he did mention he wanted to decorate cakes with me in my bakery next time, so I guess I will hire him for cake carving since I am completely useless in that!

Can't wait to take up wood carving!


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  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!! It looks so whacky!!!